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plastic taste // P
« on: July 27, 2019, 02:41:42 AM »
name Winter Voss
age 19
gender male
pronouns he/him
sexuality probably gay
occupation baker
hometown  ??
― faceclaim:luke newberry
― aquarius

― mute
― almost drowned when he was a kid, and when someone tried to get him out he his his head on the side of the pool and he hasn't been able to talk since
― he can laugh but it sounds weird
― he can also make little noises
― has a huge fear of water now
― hes a bean tho
― really sweet and excitable
― his parents died when he was 16
― he does have an older sister, georgia, though
― shes very protective of him
― he loves her kid, kane. they're very close.
― super clumsy
― hes always wearing band-aids
― he also has a gap between his 2 front teeth
― hes rly embarrassed by it
― tho he smiles with his teeth bc he doesn't want to feel ashamed of his body
―exclusively listens to cavetown and dodie clark
made by zenith

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Re: plastic taste // P
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2019, 03:01:21 AM »
name akira akimoto
nickname(s) aki, bun
alias akira akimoto, aki

d.o.b 21st of february
age 20 years old
zodiac pisces

sex demi-male, masculine pronouns
orientation unidentified, curious

— born in toulouse, france
— a cute bubbly baby
— a tad emotional, empathetic
— optimistic to the very end
— loves animals, would love to have so many pets
— stops everyone that has a dog while he's on his way to class to ask if he can pet them
— loves soft things
— probably has a cutesy room and a giant teddy bear that is bigger than he is that he latches himself to and falls asleep on
— fairy lights!
— uwu [texts with those faces, as well as x3]
— spoiled little boy
— parents are loaded
— traveled to lots of places and has pins as souvenirs to prove it
— cutesy way of dressing, nearly every shirt/sweater is oversized
— jumps into puddles
— did little model gigs as a kid
— possibly a clothed model for art classes
— "get my good side!"
— scrunches his face a lot
— eats like a bunny rabbit! if that makes sense
— loves carrots and sweet potatoes

extra an actual baby, faceclaim is Kenta Takada