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plastic taste // P
« on: July 27, 2019, 02:41:42 AM »
name Winter Voss
age 19
gender male
pronouns he/him
sexuality probably gay
occupation baker
hometown  ??
― faceclaim:luke newberry
― aquarius

― mute
― almost drowned when he was a kid, and when someone tried to get him out he his his head on the side of the pool and he hasn't been able to talk since
― he can laugh but it sounds weird
― he can also make little noises
― has a huge fear of water now
― hes a bean tho
― really sweet and excitable
― his parents died when he was 16
― he does have an older sister, georgia, though
― shes very protective of him
― he loves her kid, kane. they're very close.
― super clumsy
― hes always wearing band-aids
― he also has a gap between his 2 front teeth
― hes rly embarrassed by it
― tho he smiles with his teeth bc he doesn't want to feel ashamed of his body
―exclusively listens to cavetown and dodie clark
made by zenith

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Re: plastic taste // P
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2019, 03:01:21 AM »
name akira akimoto
nickname(s) aki, bun
alias akira akimoto, aki

d.o.b 21st of february
age 20 years old
zodiac pisces

sex demi-male, masculine pronouns
orientation unidentified, curious

— born in toulouse, france
— a cute bubbly baby
— a tad emotional, empathetic
— optimistic to the very end
— loves animals, would love to have so many pets
— stops everyone that has a dog while he's on his way to class to ask if he can pet them
— loves soft things
— probably has a cutesy room and a giant teddy bear that is bigger than he is that he latches himself to and falls asleep on
— fairy lights!
— uwu [texts with those faces, as well as x3]
— spoiled little boy
— parents are loaded
— traveled to lots of places and has pins as souvenirs to prove it
— cutesy way of dressing, nearly every shirt/sweater is oversized
— jumps into puddles
— did little model gigs as a kid
— possibly a clothed model for art classes
— "get my good side!"
— scrunches his face a lot
— eats like a bunny rabbit! if that makes sense
— loves carrots and sweet potatoes

extra an actual baby, faceclaim is Kenta Takada

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Re: plastic taste // P
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2019, 01:10:43 AM »
winter                                              19   ♂️
Too early, too early...

A small blonde twisted and turned in his bed, pulling the brightly coloured blanket over his head as his sister opened the curtains and began yelling. "Up and at 'em, Winter!" How could she be so energetic when it was...what time even was it? He poked his hand out of the covers and patted down his bedside table, searching for his phone. When he found it and pulled it underneath the fluffy blanket to check the time, he was basically blinded by the light. 7 AM....still to early. Though, he knew he had the stuff to do. So he sat up, stretching with a strained groaning noise. "Who, bro, your hair. What do you do in your sleep?" Georgia teased, stifling a laugh as Winter shooed her away.

He almost fell back down and went back to bed for an hour. But, instead, he stood on his feet and stared in the mirror. His eye bags and, yes, his hair that looked like he was just in a tornado, both were clues to just how late he was up. He had been trying to do his math homework. Too bad he was always terrible at math. So, of course, he texted Aki and asked for help. Luckily his friend was kind.

The boy stood on wobbly legs, making his way over to his dresser to grab the clothes he laid out the night before. An oversized yellow hoodie and some patchwork blue jeans his sister got for him. He changed quickly, pulling on some rainbow socks before he turned to comb his hair while looking in the mirror. He touched his bright pink bandage before deciding he didn't need to change it yet. He grabbed his bag, shoving his homework into it and beginning to head out. Then he remembered that food was a good thing to have, and he plopped himself down on a chair.

"Here. Eat and then head out." Georgia appeared out of nowhere with a piece of toast and some honey milk. A true hero. Winter ate fast, shovelling the food into his mouth and chugging the milk. "Don't forget your keys." She called as Winter began to leave the house. He waved at her before grabbing his lanyard with his keys and some cute keychains on it and leaving their house.

It was a short walk to Akis. Ever since they were little they'd lived near each other. He texted his friend when he was close, just to be sure he was up. Winter was pretty sure he would be but better safe than sorry. When he arrived and gave a few quick knocks to the door, he was practically bouncing on his feet with excitement.

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Re: plastic taste // P
« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2020, 06:46:22 PM »
what's your color?
Clumsy steps were taken as a figure slowly spun around the room, a large plushie held in the arms of the person. Their eyes were half closed as they lazily focused on their dance partner as their steps took to the rhythm of a song that played quietly in the background. The radio turned on as their phone was hooked to it, the song transitioning to another. The steps picking in speed as they shuffled towards their bed and jumped onto the mattress with a stifled grunt.
The night prior had been rough. Having stayed most of the night awake due to an odd nightmare that tormented his mind, making it difficult to even close his eyes for more than a few seconds. So of course, the boy stayed up slowly dancing around his room, humming to the songs that played, and debating whether he should ask his sister to allow him to sleep in her bed, cuddled up to her and his favorite plushie. A soft bunny with long floppy ears and a white fluffy tail. It had been dressed in a soft dress that had a matching hat that was somewhere in the drawers in his room. It had been a gift from his late grandmother, whom he had been extremely close to.
His eyesight grew blurry and fuzzy as his eyelids grew heavy but before his blinking could turn any slower and just keep his eyes shut, his alarm sounded. The usually welcomed bird song alarm was irritable this morning, as he threw himself off the bed with a grumbling "It's almost time to get ready. C'mon Momoko." Giving the bunny a tight hug and gentle kiss on its forehead, he took it to his desk to silence the phone before moving to the closet to choose an outfit for the day.
At the moment, he was having a hard time focusing on anything, his mind trailing to a faceless figure with large wings that haunted his dreams, but then trailing to the comfiness of the bed. How the blankets would weigh him down enough to make him sleepy and the pillow being as soft as can be, giving his head a place to rest for the hours to come. But he shook his head, "A shower should wake me up. I can make some tea after, or just ask for a cup of coffee instead" he yawned, turning and lifting the plushie to eye level.
 "What should I do, Momoko?" he asked "You should just not go to class today and just sleep! Get some sleepy medicine to help you! Or just show up to your evening classes and not your morning ones!" Shaking his head with a giggle, he bursted laughing at the voice he would do for the bunny "No, no. I should go to class, but it is tempting, don't get me wrong, Momoko."
Choosing himself a cozy outfit for the day, he got ready for a shower. Leaving the plushie next to the others on his bed, he shuffled out of his room with a towel.
A vibrating guitar pluck notified him of a text message when he entered the room, looking a bit chipper as he approached his phone and recognized the name of his closest best friend. An excited smile spreading on his lips as he chuckled, his dear friend would need some help before they headed to their respective classes.
Just as he had finished getting ready, he heard a muffled knock at the door and his sister calling to him as the door was opened. That must be Winter. he thought, growing excited as he skipped out the door and towards the kitchen, where the entrance was located.