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Five days. He had been here for a whole five days.

So far, this place was as picture-perfect as any beach town could get. Hot summer heat, warm sands leading down into cool waters, clear blue skies that stretched across the horizon and beyond. Ronnie had never seen anyplace quite like this. He had been born and raised in a "nowhere-town", where not even the roaming bandits cared to venture. Where he had grown up, the resources were little and scarce, as was the community that inhabited the abandoned streets. All there was were rotting buildings, dead grass, and trees for miles around. It was hidden and peaceful for the most part, but at the same time, it was all rather... plain.

Not that Ronnie had exactly left his birthplace in search of a more scenic view. He had to get away, and find somewhere else. Anywhere but there. With them. Had he stayed there for any longer, he probably would have gone mad in the head.

He had to admit, though — he gave himself major props for stumbling upon this place... even if a ragtag group of edgelords already inhabited the joint. Ronnie had never encountered any of the major survivalist groups before, since he had been so sheltered for his whole life. In a way? These guys were similar to that of the old "gang" he associated himself with in the old days ( except this was much more structured ). He wasn't too sure if he liked them or not — hell, who was he kidding? He didn't like anybody. However, only the test of time would tell if he could come to tolerate the "Badlands". Perhaps, if they proved themselves worthy of it, he could offer his services.

Maybe it would feel nice to belong to something for once.

After all, there was more resources here than he could've gotten his hands on back at home. This was the start of his new life, away from the bad memories and the people he oh-so hated with his whole damn soul.

Ronnie had been leaned up against the side of a building, taking in the shade it provided. He hadn't remained relaxed for long, however, as it appeared that he was out of cigarettes. "God... dammit," He cursed in a low tone of voice, his brows furrowing as he glared down at the sad, emptied pack of Camels. He had been sure that he had an extra pack on hand, but he was proved wrong. That was just fucking great. Now he was in a bad mood, which never was a good thing.
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She was unphased at seeing a stranger in the Badlands. Since the arrival of her brothers she was sure nothing would surprise her anymore. Noticing the empty pack of camels, she dug around her pocket and pulled out an almost empty pack and tossed it to him. Cat would kill her if they found out she still had those on her anyways, they were being more protective than Zeph. "Keep 'em. Can't have 'em anyways" she shrugged "Need a light?"

He gave off this very moody 'dont tell me what to do' vibe, one that Cat also gave off. Lovely. If he was part of the group, she had certainly never met him, which wasn't surprising seeing as she had been basically mothering her brothers since they got here. Not that she didn't have enough to worry about already. "Name's Paige, don't think we've met." She introduced, not really caring if he replied to her or not or if he wanted to know. Atlas wasn't with her, she decided he'd do best keeping her brothers from being idiots, that damn dog wasn't afraid to bite anyone to get them to listen.
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A stranger in the Badlands wasn't an unwelcome sight. Salem knew plenty of wanderers who'd made their ways through or around the Badlands, and he wasn't so egotistical as to think he knew everybody who lived here. He probably should've told Cat about some of those wanderers but hey, no harm no foul right?

Paige was talking to them, and it was sort of a surprise to see her without her brothers nipping at her heels. Some of them seemed cute, but he'd quickly realized the siblings were too tightly knit for him to want to mess with them; he'd be fine without a bunch of grown men busting down his door and beating him to high heavens because they were protective of each other.

He should probably just continue on his way, considering he had no reason to butt into their conversation and it looked like they were exchanging cigarettes or something; his lungs were shit enough without regularly pumping toxic smoke into them, so he really had no business here.

But then again, new potential friend. "Perfect day for hanging around outside, huh?" Salem commented, making his way over. It was a terrible opener, but it was already said so he wasn't going to burden himself with the internal humiliation after the fact. "Where'd you even get those, Paige?"
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C  A  T  A  L  Y  S  T
//tw for mentions of slaves/slave labor
On the surface, the Badlands did look pretty good. Broken or boarded up windows were few and far between, the streets were kept clear of trash or rubble or weeds, and though paint was peeling in some places, the Badlands was far better off than many other places. Granted, most other places didn't use slave labor; but it was a good thing to keep the worms occupied and keep the Badlands clean.

You'd think someone that had once been used for the very same - if not worse - labor would turn a new leaf with the Worms, maybe abolish the rank. You'd probably think a lot of things about Cat, but you'd be wrong. Though their family had softened them considerably, there was an edge that would never be dulled, not so long as they were here, in this place, in this position. Once upon a time they'd used fear and harsh punishment to control the masses, now it wasn't necessary but not for a second would they have anyone think that it couldn't go right back to that.

A group had formed around the new guy; not a huge group, but the makings of one. "Are you guys taking the time to introduce yourself to the new guy or are things so drab around here that a guy running out of smokes is cause for occasion?" The question had a bit of a sarcastic tone, since they knew that people around here were... bored. Cat didn't know how to be entertaining, not like they seemingly wanted. Most of their life had been spent alone, and the only other time they'd really been in a group, it was Derick that made everything happen.

Their piercing blue gaze slid over to Ronnie. "How've you been settling in? I see Paige is keeping you in nicotine."

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— guess a guy running out of cigarettes was enough for a crowd to form. god, if only people ran over to him whenever he ran out of a pack of smokes. it would make the world a hell of a nicer place; probably make addy a bit of a nicer person, too. instead he was simply wandering around the badlands territory, hands in his pockets - and obviously taking notice of the growing group that had started to form around this new guy and his pack of smokes. camel. not bad of a choice, he guessed, especially in a world where you sort of had to take what you could get.

wandering closer, he decided that he might as well take the time to introduce himself. “well, i’m addy.” and he already knew this guy’s name- mainly because it was what his own mom had gone by. fucking weird to be thinking about having to start saying that name again. maybe he could call him something else. dumbass- not original enough, but that’d at least do, for now. he glanced around at the others and, seeing as catalyst had already started to ask him questions, decided to go for a simple, ”what’s your story, anyway?” blunt and too personal. probably the only way addy really socialized (if you could even call it that).