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Forgotten Echoes - a warrior cats RP
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In the old territories, life was easy. Prey came rich and full, and the clans lived happily. This was until a horrendous plague raked the territory, cruel and unforgiving. It drove the clan cats away from the home they knew and trusted, into the territory of the unknown. They did all they could to escape StarClan's curse. After a few moons of travel, they had found a safe haven, a land beyond the hills and peaks. This land was where the newly reformed ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan could be safe from the echoes of their past. But what would they do, if their past would not be the one that they would be faced with? Join them on their journey of ancient legends, gods, and an old evil they had thought to have defeated long ago.

friendly staff | liquid-time | high ranks available | 150 word count minimum