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New discord server!
« on: August 11, 2019, 08:37:42 PM »
Heyo potatoes!

First off I wanna apologize for how long the maintenance mode took yesterday/today. Turns out updating the site to be faster and to get the thing that prevents the random symbol glitch _really_ isn’t a quick and easy process and it messes up all of the files. And since I was the one doing it, and I didn’t know wtf I was doing in the first place, it,,,, took a hot minute. So yeah, sorry about that nerds. :,^00c Hope y’all don’t care


The staff team has come up with an idea that could count as an apology of sorts, however it’s been in the works since before the Dark Weekend of BB. What is it, you may ask? Well, you can probs tell in the title, buuut—

Bearbones now has an official discord, which you can find here!

In order to fully access it, you’re going to have to post an introduction. Not only is this for security reasons, but also due to the history of our last official server, we have to be careful.

Once again, sorry about the crap that happened this weekend, but hopefully this discord will be good! :^D The staff team and I are going to be using it for quick announcements, such as future maintenance mode stuff.

Don’t worry, though; this server is completely optional, and we still heavily encourage the use of plotting boards and the general board. Any announcements will also be posted in the announcement board, so you won’t ever be missing those by choosing to not join.

Have a good night y’all! <3
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