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「GOT A BIT OF DRAMA」— opinions
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Spoiler: meanings • show
jealous- character is jealous of yours
lusts- character lusts for yours, in primal way
dislike- character has dislike for yours, slight or large
distrusts - character does not trust yours
intimidated- character finds yours intimidating/scary
wants to avoid- character wants nothing to do with yours
arch nemesis- character absolutely despises yours
would strangle- character wants to kill yours/at least get rid of them

stranger- character and yours hardly know each other
acquaintance- character recognizes name of yours, not much else
impartial towards- character couldn't care less about yours
respects- character respects yours
wants to know more- character wishes to know more about yours

tolerates- character doesn't mind the company of yours; gets along with
admires- character admires yours
trusts- character trusts all of their secrets with yours
protective- character is protective of yours; will defend them
friend- character and yours are friends
best friend- your character is the top notch friend
  family- close; character sees yours as family, biological or not
crush- character has a crush on yours
loves- character is in love with yours
adores- character finds yours adorable and sweet
okie dokie, we're bringing it back; same code, same idea. some opinions may be similar due to mord's lack of interactions, but with plots & time, they'll definitely become more and more tailored to each character. all of these are meant to be windows into his psyche, so some stuff may never be shown or expressed in the rp, or may be completely 100% honest. that being said, anything written here is strictly ic, regardless. hmu with your babes, and ill get right to it! my inbox, & discord are always open for plotting & chatting as well, if you wanna get down & dirty with the details c:

catalyst, ,
"ah, our fearless leader. what can I say? they've managed to keep things together for as long as I've been here. all I can ask for is that they keep future casualties to a minimum- I still haven't gotten the stains out of my floor- but I guess the name speaks for itself."
ooc opinion

molly, ,
" ic opinion "
ooc opinion

austin, hearts,
" ic opinion "
ooc opinion

addy, hearts,
" ic opinion "
ooc opinion "

paige, hearts,
" ic opinion "
" ooc opinion "

name, hearts,
" ic opinion "
" ooc opinion "
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Re: 「GOT A BIT OF DRAMA」— opinions
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Chucking Addy in there

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Re: 「GOT A BIT OF DRAMA」— opinions
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*drop kicks Paige*