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He crosses "companionship" off the list of reasons this mountaintop might be a viable home. Though Zero has yet to receive a knife between his ribs, the majority of creatures on this mountaintop seemed at best slightly frosty. He had come across a small army of domesticated fowl that did not seem pleased with his trespasses, a few felines that did little more than leave as soon as they caught sight of him, and a few wary canines that did not even get close to him. This unfriendliness is not a solely animalistic feature — the humans are a frosty bunch, which suits him just fine. Pleasantries, while a part of his programming, were not necessarily a skill that he had honed. Frostiness was a part of him, and ironically enough it is what makes his stay here as pleasant as it is. If not to anyone else, at least to him. Perhaps this was not an awful assignment as he had once thought it to be.

There's still a strange awkwardness to Zero, unused to this setting. He sits in the lodge's common room with his legs crossed on the couch, arctic eyes tracking everything that crosses his line of sight. Animals, people. A few of both categories offer him strange, concerned glances, but inevitably they hurry on their way.

Until there was a cat. He thinks it's a cat.

It might not be a cat.

Zero's head tilts curiously as he stares at the snagletoothed creature with scruffy, half-shaved fur, glaring at him as if he had done something wrong. It was irrational to put words into an animal's mind or mouth, but something about its eyes speak to him. He leans forward off the couch and it hisses, almost spitting. Displeased? He leans back again. "I was told to avoid escalating the situation, you know," he tells the cat with a slow blink of his eyes. "But I cannot negotiate with someone who has a bad attitude." The answering yowl seems moderately calmer, at least. He can't help but smile.




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zero had piqued harrison’s curiosity. not that that was a rare and unique thing to do, but it was still something that didn’t happen all too often. harris had been wanting to know so much about the newcomer, questions burning to ask but never getting voiced. they wouldn’t be voiced for a while, either - because while he very well could ask the questions, he had yet to truly figure out if zero would mind answering all the questions. that, and the day had been full of searching for ellie, unable to find her…

it made his heart heavy.

when he’d walked into the living room and saw zero and a cat, zero making conversation with the annoyed pet.. it was enough for his dark day to end on a slightly better note than it started off. it was… sweet, almost, seeing the rather odd man interact with a cat who was similarly odd in its own ways.

crossing his arms over his chest, he settled for a seat nearby the two, deciding he’d observe for a bit longer. “i bet she’ll warm up to you eventually,” he offered, ever the optimist.

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Curiosity for Zero had been an unintended side effect. He was supposed to integrate into society, to learn and grow, but he was not supposed to question and push. There were boundaries that he was supposed to obey. He could follow the line of them but never test them, could press himself close as long as he did not so much as think about stepping over. So far, he had not even considered it. Perhaps he had been sent out into the world to test his own resolve. WN100 had never once failed his missions and he won't start now; the thought of disappointment on its own is enough to keep him in line. Perhaps he was not as...socially aware as some of the others were. Perhaps he was not truly meant for this sort of assignment. His awkwardness could very well be a curse, but at least some seemed to find crooked smiles and stiff handshakes endearing.

He looks up at Harrison as he enters the room, offering one of the aforementioned smiles before returning a flat, analytical gaze to the cat. She also hissed at the other's presence — at least there was no particular hatred for him alone. Would it not be more logical for her to simply leave if she did not appreciate their presences? They were the larger of the creatures in this room, it was irrational to believe that she could move them instead. Still, there was something commanding about that gaze. "I am uncertain if she would warm up to anyone," Zero admits with a sharp, analytical tilt of his head. "That is not to say I have not warmed up to her." She meows again and he meows back, the sound an uncannily similar echo. "We did not have cats back at the precinct."


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      Edmund was rarely inspired by curiosity. The impassive lack of expression and uninterested outlook on life, it was quite clear that Ed wasn't as eager as others were to learn about the ways of the world. He merely lived one day at a time, only waiting around for trouble to arise, by which he'd then address any issues and solve them before they could become too... life-threatening. He didn't have time for the finer things in life, the simple joys and mystified wonders that curiosity would offer him.

A cat was a cat to Ed. Nothing to write home about.

As Ed walked into the room, he was met with a cat meowing at a man and the man meowing back at the cat. As if they were having their very own conversation. Ed blinked, eyes shifting across the room, before wandering in, shoving his hands in his pockets. ❝  Have you ever met a cat before? ❞ Ed asked, gaze turning to look towards the feline, trying to make conversation despite his general quietness. ❝ They're not so common around here... Not compared to the warmer parts of the land, anyway. ❞

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