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[ CLIMBING A WALL || open, invitation ]
« on: August 17, 2019, 11:05:15 PM »

— it had been a while since addy had been on his own. it felt like it had been years - almost seven years, to be exact - since he had actually walked around without a companion, or being part of some group. besides, this was a temporary solitude. after delivering this invitation, he’d been lugging himself back to the badlands. might as well appreciate the peace and quiet while he had it. he took out a box of smokes from one of his pockets, brandishing a lighter soon after to light the end of the smoke with. this invitation was for molly and austin’s wedding… maybe he should be making a better impression than showing up blowing smoke in their faces.

molly and austin couldn’t be choosy at this point, alright?

not like it would take much to impress bluestem, he supposed. their leader had the fucking worst taste in music from what he remembered. silas. part of him briefly contemplated putting this cigarette out using silas, burn that little shit with it - but he supposed he’d draw the line there only for molly and austin. it was a rather nice gesture from him, he supposed. that’d be his wedding gift; not killing, burning, or maiming silas whenever he ran into him.

slowing to a stop once he had neared bluestem territory, the redhead glanced around at the territory and waited for someone to confront him for being there.

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Re: [ CLIMBING A WALL || open, invitation ]
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2019, 04:19:13 PM »
      Silas hadn’t even known what it was like to be alone to begin with. Growing up in a house full of siblings, and then travelling with his younger sister, and then travelling with friends (the very few friends he had), brother and boyfriend at the time until he reached... well... here; he truly didn’t know life without others to flock towards. He had a desperate reliance on people, spending time in the company of his own mind was suffocating and quite frankly dangerous waters to tread. Silas never had to wonder what being alone felt like, yet even loneliness was a feeling so familiar to him. Even with all those around him, only a rare few had the patience to tolerate a man so tumultuous and unsteady.

And so, Silas expected very little when spotting somebody waltzing into Bluestem territory. That red headed bastard from the Badlands, Silas could vaguely recall. Not that Silas could give much of a shit, though; this guy’s loss if he wanted to dislike Silas or whatever. ❝ Howdy, bitch. ❞ Silas announced nonchalantly as he sauntered up to Addy.  ❝ Now, I can’t help but be wonderin’, what could my Scotty’s glorified stooge be doin’ ‘ere frolicking through my turf? Y’ain’t here to summon the Prairie now, hey? ❞ He raised a brow condescendingly before a sly smile began to curl at his lips. No wonder people hated him, with an attitude like that. Did Silas care though?... Well, did it look like he cares?

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Re: [ CLIMBING A WALL || open, invitation ]
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— how silas had managed to constantly be in someone’s company, addy would never know. he couldn’t understand why anyone would ever want to be in that dumbass’s company (but he was the one leading a group, so guess he couldn’t throw that much of a fuckin’ fit over it). as he sauntered closer, he couldn’t help but sneer at the sight of none other than silas himself waltzing on over. “aw, fuck,” he muttered to himself, not necessarily over the fuckin’ moon about being stuck extending the invite to him of all people.

he took a long puff of his cigarette, holding it out in one hand so he could blow the smoke in silas’s face once the man was close enough. howdy, bitch. “the fuck did you just call me?” and addy was going to knock silas’s lights out, right then and there. he really was. nobody called addy a bitch and got away with it. the only thing keeping him back was that he didn’t want to ruin shit between bluestem only days before the wedding. damn, molly really owed him - really fucking owed him. “i’m only here because i have to be,” he grumbled. he shook his head, and then turned his gaze away from silas. he couldn’t make eye contact with the man as he muttered, “austin and molly are getting married wednesday. they’ve decided they want bluestem to come along - for some fucking reason.” that was the best invite silas would get.