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« on: August 22, 2019, 07:04:01 AM »
hey hey! welcome to the hp tryouts for traditional thunderclan! the current open positions are DEPUTY, MEDICINE CAT and MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE. all positions will be chosen after a week of ic activity and announced in the following meeting.

LEADER: the head of the clan, granted nine lives by starclan. their word is law, as deemed by the warrior code. their name will end in 'star, as deemed by starclan.
— cloudstar, played by @nasa

DEPUTY: the second in command of the clan. chosen by the leader to succeed them when they die. they have regular warrior names and are in charge of organizing patrols and keeping order in the clan.
— n/a, played by n/a

MEDICINE CAT: a healer and the main contact with starclan. the medicine cat is one of the most respected members of the clan. they receive prophecies and interpret signs.
— n/a, played by n/a

MEDICINE CAT APPRENTICE: usually chosen by a sign from starclan, the medicine cat apprentice is in training to become a medicine cat.
— n/a, played by n/a

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