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« on: August 23, 2019, 04:59:34 PM »
---  & tw mentions of slight self injury & eating issues

home nonexistent to frankie. it was neither an actual place nor was it a person, like most people like to say. since she was a child she never felt like she was at home. going to camp apocalypse? didn’t find a home there. badlands? nope. she was now going to the only place she could think of where there may be a possibility of a home. maybe she could stick around here a while longer than she had the previous two groups, but frankie wasn’t sure. it was hard to feel settled down and at peace with yourself and the world when all you wanted to do was scream at the top of your lungs and rip your hair from your scalp.

the last time the woman had ever felt a semblance of comfort was her reunion with silas. her best friend. the one person she could count on and the one person she was afraid of most. ever since then, she had been feeling lost and unsure; smoking more cigarettes a day than she had before and more crescent shaped indents had appeared on her palm from her nails. she was stressed and overwhelmed. but by what? she was drowning in these thoughts, these angry and depressing thoughts clouded her mind and made her chest grow so tight she could barely breathe properly.

she needed to keep moving, keep running. running away from her problems as if it would help her any at all.

with her deaf canine companion walking beside her and her lovebird, watermelon, perched upon the top of her shoulder, she waltzed into the territory of bluestem prairie. one glance and one could tell how worn out and tired the girl was; how she dragged her feet, the bags beneath her eyes growing heavier with every sleepless night. she was pale and thinner than the last time anyone had seen her; her appetite had nearly vanished. she wasn’t okay. she felt helpless.
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home had always been with his family. the darrow’s would move all the time, always packing up and moving. he never knew what it was like to truly call a place home. even when he came to bluestem, he was hesitant to think about calling it a home. what if he decided to move around in the next couple of months? what if- he was just looking for a reason at this point. it felt hard to settle down was the main point of things. without family around, roman was simply alone and, deep down, afraid of what to do.
guess soon enough he wouldn’t be the only person in bluestem that felt that way.
he was one of the first people to notice her. glancing up from lighting a cigarette. a woman, a dog, and a bird - shuffling over. as he neared hear, it was easy to see that she wasn’t in the best of shape. the bags beneath her eyes looked so stark on her pale figure, feet dragging across the ground like even that was too much effort on her tired body. she was in the worst shape he’d seen any newcomer - and not because she had an injury on the outside, but because it looked like the woman was practically chipping away on the inside.
“what can i do for you?” he asked, slowing to a stop in front of her, cigarette held firmly between his middle and index finger.
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      Not to be cheesy or anything - because that would be humiliating as fuck - but Silas understood what it felt like to not feel at home somewhere. Years he'd ponder on the thought, wonder why nowhere felt comfortable enough to settle down. Why did he keep on running? Where was home to him? But, eventually, Silas began to understand that home was not a place, but a person. Or people, he supposed. If he had his family, regardless of how twisted and dysfunctional it was, Silas would be happy. If he had his friends, then that was an added bonus. He could run across the entire earth yet nothing would feel as much like home than being around the few people in his life who made him feel like he belonged.

Frankie Monroe. She could be his home. His best friend who knew him like his secrets were etched on the palm of her hand. She knew him, she sympathized, she understood. In a world of people who'd question Silas' unpredictable and quite frankly twisted ways, she just understood him. He'd forever adore her for it. Last he'd heard, she had settled down in the Badlands. Fair enough - he would've preferred her in Bluestem, but blue wasn't really a color for her. She preferred black, like the darkness, like the night. And so, he didn't expect to find her turn up in Bluestem, not for a long time anyway.

He'd been preoccupied with Scout, the one year old babbling away incoherently whilst Silas tried to converse with the infant as if he understood every single word of her wordless babbling. Eyes shifted from his niece over to where he saw Roman through the trees approaching a woman. A familiar face. A face which would bring a smile to Silas'. Scooping Scout up and resting her on his hip, Silas followed behind Roman until he reached Frankie. ❝ Get off my fuckin' land, you vermin. ❞ Silas growled, though words were only teasing, before he began snickering as he pulled Frankie into a one-armed hug. ❝ What the hell brings y'here?! I've missed the shit outta you. ❞ He mumbled quietly, before stepping back and gesturing towards Frankie. ❝ Roman, meet Frankie. ❞

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