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« on: July 14, 2019, 08:40:07 PM »
C  A  T  A  L  Y  S  T
//tw for death and violence
//also ya girl's memory is bad so if I forgot any events or developments in the war or got them out of order I'm sorry

It had started out as a simple rescue mission. Get Creed's brother out of this goddamn place, but he had died and a fight broke out. The two of them had barely made it out with their lives, and had suffered from their injuries for some time after. Then came the attacks, Mike was shot, Cat was nearly shot. Had those thugs that attacked Gavril been from the Insurrection? They weren't sure, but they needed to channel that anger somewhere.

But that wasn't the end of it. Harper had tried to infiltrate, then her friends had tried to blow up the casino. Then there was the sniper, the one that had tried to take Cat out but shot Creed instead and then kidnapped her. Then there was the return raid, rescuing her and delivering the corpses of the teenage bombers and turning the sniper into one. After that things were quiet, but that ended now.

They were done with this, done constantly looking over their back, paranoia building in the back of their mind while waiting for Brian's retaliation. He wanted them dead, and they doubted he'd stop until one of them was underground. And what could they say? They would not go quietly or easily into that good night, but they didn't think that they would be doing that anytime. They had a (perhaps misplaced) belief that Fate would not have them die yet. That, and that Brian wasn't the bastard that would finally get to take them down.

That didn't mean they felt like continuing some sort of perpetual war, no, absolutely not. Too many other people had gotten hurt in this that wouldn't have if it weren't for them, and they weren't going to risk anyone else getting hurt past this point. They knew that by coming here, it was possible that they wouldn't get out as cleanly as they had gone in.

At least they'd have a fighting chance and the element of surprise.

"Everyone ready?" They asked quietly, glancing back at their raiding party. "The goal is to end this, so don't take any prisoners. Take whatever you want, destroy whatever you don't." They faced front again, at the camp a few hundred yards ahead. "Alright. Let's go." And then the Badlanders pushed forward.

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GENERAL   welcome to the end of eras, ice has melted back to life
⇥ Given name is Scott Mathew Darrow ⇥ Goes only by Catalyst or Cat
⇥ Assigned male at birth ⇥ Agender ⇥ They/Them pronouns only
Twenty-one ⇥ Born 11/27/17 ⇥ Sagittarius ⇥ Real time aging
Boss (leader) of the Badlands ⇥ Ex prisoner of the Badlands
⇥ Ex cultist (Mourningstar) ⇥ Ex member of the Young Rogues

RECENT EVENTS   done my time and served my sentence
⇥ 06/26/39 ⇥ Led a raid on the Insurrection
⇥ 06/29/39 ⇥ Reunited with Louie
⇥ 06/26/39 ⇥ Had a talk with their father

APPEARANCE   dress me up and watch me die
⇥ Catalyst is 6'2" tall; they possess a lean and muscular body, one that has a variety of old scars adorning it. One of the easiest to notice is one that stretches down their right cheek. While not a scar, one very notable marking on their chest is the "BL" brand. They have two piercings, one in their tongue and the other in the cartilage of their left ear. They typically dress in dark colors (favoring jackets with some sort of writing on the back), and their hair is black. They're not all dark, however, as they have pale blue eyes that peer out from beneath medium-sized eyebrows.

PERSONALITY   if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine
⇥ Catalyst is ambitious, with the cunning and ruthlessness to reach their goals by any means necessary. They can be brutal when they feel it is needed, however when it's not they won't bother. They tend to be rather aloof and apathetic to most things and people, with some very rare exceptions. Provided those around them don't cross a few specific lines, they're content to leave them be, though they've been known to take an interest in some people, which seldom has a positive end for whoever their interest is in. They can be manipulative, and will often encourage people to make bad decisions. Those that stick by them will be rewarded, but those that do not will be cast out, as they've been outcast for their entire life and have learned to appreciate loyalty wherever they can find it. Even during the most stressful of situations, they usually keep a firm grip on their temper and keep their calm, though when they do snap and lose their temper, it is uncontrollable. They're remarkably observant, often able to deign much from subtle clues in what people say, how they say it and how they act.

RELATIONS   dynasty decapitated, you just might see a ghost tonight
⇥ Molly Darrow x Austin Darrow ⇥ No siblings
⇥ Adopted parent of Molly Valentina Darrow-Lupei (Mo)
Pansexual/Panromantic ⇥ Very much taken ⇥ One Crush
⇥ Not looking but it happened ⇥ Rarely forms romantic attachment
⇥ Holds most people at arms length and doesn't get close

INTERACTION   i'm taking back the c r o w n
Hard physicallyHard mentally ⇥ Doesn't let their guard down
⇥ Is most comfortable with close ranged-weapons ⇥ Dislikes guns
Brass knuckles ⇥ A variety of knives ⇥ Carries a handgun
⇥ Will kill/capture/maim in certain circumstances
⇥ Will leave things be in others ⇥ Will start & finish fights
⇥ No kill/capture/maim without permission
⇥ Attack in bold #0d0d0d and tag @/Bryne
⇥ Peaceful powerplay allowed but they may react negatively
⇥ Dislikes almost any sort of touch unless they initiate or agree to it

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— addy was used to always being at war. hell, he was used to never being able to rest easy because there were neighboring gangs trying to take over all the damn time. he was used to never being able to rest his feet because he was always on the run from trouble that followed him wherever he went. and this time, it looked like he was done with running. no more shrugging off all this war. it was time to finally chase it down and confront it.
as all of the badlands pushed forward, that was when he took the plunge right in. might as well prove his worth by fighting - might as well try and find some cool shit to take back to the badlands. maybe grab something for lucerne, a little souvenir for the man who would never fight a day in his life.
so while he was there to destroy lives, he was also there majorly to steal some things for back home. if he had to do one to do the other, then it looked like he wasn’t going to struggle too much to do it.
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Violence was second nature to Salem; it had been for over ten years, and the motions came to him easily. Surrounded by the surging wave of Badlanders, all focused on the same goal of fighting and winning- it made him feel like he was finally home. Not in a strange place with strange social norms and crass people.

He drew his scimitar, unwilling to be the one to take the first shot. He wove through the military fort effortlessly, the location new but the rest of it was routine. He didn't usually try to kill, when he'd raided with his crew; they left people alive, because dead people were of no use and once you started the slaughter you couldn't stop until there were none left.

He tightened his grip on the handle as he noticed people wandering around; Insurrection members, evidently. He'd wait to engage until he had some sort of sign that the rest of the crew- er, raiding party, were in position.
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