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[ when the birds get back - open, intro ]
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adrien had a bit of a soft spot for the promenade. usually he could find himself wandering towards that part of town when he had nothing else better to do. it was a source of peace and relief, there - friendly faces, live music, a beautiful riverside view. a better question would be why anyone didn’t like this boardwalk. he strolled along the popular place, hands in his pockets. there was a small smile on his lips, greeting people occasionally as they passed. it was basically second-nature at this point to greet everyone he met, a trait definitely passed down and learned from his dad. it definitely wasn’t a bad habit to have.

he slowed once he got a good view of the river, stopping to simply enjoy the view. it had been a busy week, a hectic one. it was nice to finally get to take a breath and look out at the river, enjoy the simplicities of life. there were too many times where it was too easy to forget about the small things. he stood there, listening to the music and simply seeming at peace within that moment.

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Re: [ when the birds get back - open, intro ]
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      Piers was a socialite. Evident in his charming persona and elegant sense of fashion, he loved nothing more than to mingle with the people of Saint Louis. He was good at heart, a man who'd inspired many in his lifetime. Climbing the ladder from a man who grew up with nothing to a man who spent his days giving inspirational speeches and ensuring that the city of Saint Louis would always remain civil and enjoyable, Piers was generally well liked and respected in the city. Humble to say the least, he cared about this place and the people who all occupied it. Even after he was gone, Piers had no doubt that his son would keep this place thriving for more people to enjoy.

A clicking noise sounded across the promenade as Piers hobbled, clasping comfortably on his walking stick as people moved aside for him to walk. A gentle smile sat on his lips, greeting those who smiled in his direction. Ever since he'd fallen ill, he'd found himself walking the promenade far more frequently than he ever did before, just so that he could keep himself active. Sure, he was beginning to slow down as the months went by, but he was fortunate that he was still blessed with the capability to walk around independently.

His soft hues caught sight of his son, stood looking out across the river. He wasn't surprised to see Adrien here, however - the boy always did seem to enjoy the simpler things in life. The brief sight of something so natural and beautiful in a city so built up. Slowly, Piers made his way over quietly, only slowing to a stop once he stood beside Adrien, also looking out across the river. ❝ Before the electricity went out for good here, they used to bring barges up the river all the time. It was always so beautiful, but I do think leaving the river free of vehicles is even more beautiful... If that makes much sense. ❞

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Re: [ when the birds get back - open, intro ]
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I put myself back in the narrative
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  She had been helping her mother take care of the horses all day, both theirs and those that had been entrusted to her mother's care. Juliet also had taken some time to run around with the few babies they had while May worked with the adults. Now she was sent to take a break, let her have some personal time. Juliet helped her mom around the house a lot, for anyone looking in it honestly could give off that old timey vibe cause she definitely was being trained to be a good housekeeper. But that was just because she wanted to help May, her father had recently passed, so her mom needed all the help.

As she arrived at the river, she noticed she wasn't the only one with the idea to come there. So, she decided to not awkwardly stand alone and walk over to Piers and Adrien. "Do you mind if I join you guys? I don't...want to stand by myself" She was in a better state than her mother, currently. In a few more days, her mom would be alright. She probably had dirt on her from helping May, but hopefully, they didn't mind.
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