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« on: September 02, 2019, 08:56:40 PM »

Lately, some plots revolving around wars in TNW have kinda been falling flat. Not to diss anyone involved in those plots, but I believe that this guide could potentially help spice up those conflicts and make them even more juicier! (Keep in mind that my opinion isn’t 10/10 the answer, and this guide shouldn’t be worshipped as such because everyone has different tastes.)

If you guys have any ideas to add on to this guide, let me know! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading this <3

Not every war has to have people killing one another! Sometimes, wars may be "cold," aka not actual legit 10/10 fighting. According to Google, a cold war is "a state of political hostility between countries characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare."

Basically, remember learning about the Soviet Union and the United States in history class? The race to the moon? The development of nuclear weapons that they never used? Cold War! TNW can’t have a race to the moon or nuclear weapons, but what it can have is a race to conquer more territories, a race to get technology back, a race to have a stronger group...the possibilities are endless, friends!

So, what’s a hot war? Google explains it short and sweet: "a war with active military hostilities." Groups fighting each other, death, destruction, raids...basically, a majority of the wars that have happened in TNW fall under this category. That isn’t a bad thing by any means, but sometimes it can tire a roleplayer out if they’ve been through a lot of them.

Why does the difference matter? Well, think about the personality of your group. Is it the type of group to go out and kick some butt, or stay to the side? Now, what about the conflict at hand? Does it revolve around an enemy threatening to kill your members, or is your group competitive and worried about the future? If the enemy is threatening (or has already) to kill members, that fits a hot war. If the enemy is growing in strength and it’s worrying your group, I’d resort to a cold war.

Of course, you don’t have to have a hot/cold war for either of those conflicts, but it’s just an idea to get you thinking!

Let me reiterate: not every war has to have death or violence, so if you don’t like that kind of start, then good news! Sometimes, wars can happen over more domestic stuff, which evolves into...well, a war.

Here are some examples of potential war starters that can be either hot or cold:

• Territorial disputes. Group A wants a beach, but group B also wants it. Think Sunningrocks from Warriors, if you’ve ever read it.

• Disagreements over trading!! Group A wants 50 pounds of wood, group B refuses to give any of the wood (maybe group B owes A?), A gets upset.

• A more violent approach of the one above, but Group B has resources Group A wants, and Group A won’t take "no" for an answer (economic gain, maybe?).

• Moral debates definitely. If Group A and B have opposing morals, and they try to talk things out, it probably won’t end all sunshine perfect.

• Group B is rapidly growing in strength and becoming a threat, Group A is worried.

• Border skirmishes that get worse over time.

• Revenge, plain and simple.

• Group A wants to prevent Group B from becoming or doing something. Think about how the US was with communism in the mid-to-kinda-late 1900’s.

• A civil war! Some people disagree with the leader, but others agree.

• Billy is a member of two opposing groups, and the leaders aren’t happy about his bi-loyalties.

• Helen of Troy: starting a war because she’s too beautiful, and both sides want her. (I’d be careful with this one, it can become cliquey very fast since it’s focused around one person!)

See how they’re all decently different from one another, and bring fresh, new ideas to the table? I think that’s something TNW has been lacking when it comes to war plots: a good reason. Yes, a group killing (or kidnapping, hurting, etc.) a member of another group is definitely a war starter, but it can get old.

Another issue I see happening a lot. Sometimes, wars don’t end with just one quick raid; they can take years upon years. For example, the Anglo-Zanzibar War (aka the shortest war in history) lasted 38-45 minutes, however the Dutch-Scilly War (longest war in history) lasted 335 years. Wars in TNW can’t last as long as that, obviously, but it shows how different wars can be!

Honestly, the length of the war is entirely up to the groups at hand. Personally, I prefer longer wars that have drawn out problems and develop over time:

For hot wars: the first offense is a border skirmish, second is a border skirmish but even more violent, third is someone attempting to poison the group, etcetera.

For cold wars: group notices enemy is getting stronger, group panics and decides what to do, they try to reason with enemy but fail, group decides to build militia just in case, etcetera.

Once again, that’s just my preference; I wouldn’t base all of TNW’s future war plots off of one opinion. In fact, I super duper strongly encourage leaders to ask members what length they’d prefer, because that’ll make the war more enjoyable for everyone! I just prefer the longer ones because it creates room for more member involvement, more development, and room for more side-plots to the war.

This is more of a warning for leaders than anything else. Basically, be sure that your war is as inclusive as it can get. Nothing sucks more than having to sit out of a war because there aren’t enough "slots" open.

An easy way to combat this would be to just ask members what they want from the war! Ask for advice, feedback, input. Make sure their voices are heard and put into play. A leader is important to a group, but a group isn’t a group without its members.

Well, that’s all I have to say on the matter for now! I’d like to remind y’all that this is my opinion—I don’t want this to be the "rule" for TNW war plots. If anything, I hope this guide influences peeps when it comes to potential conflicts!

Big mcthankies from mcspankies, nerds!!
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