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WORK | open, chore
« on: September 12, 2019, 05:50:15 PM »

oh he was going to kill silas. he claimed to be a rather peaceful man. he was rather peaceful. however, when silas had seemed so smug about giving him this chore, he had only seen red. the sun was beating down on him as he worked on another fence, wiping sweat from his brow as he went about digging a hole for another fence post. there was little point in making this, seeing as they would be leaving this pasture in a matter of weeks at this point. last thing the spaniard wanted was to look bad, however, so all he could do was quietly curse the man’s name while he was hard at work.

once he had dug the hole, the man wandered over towards the materials silas had so generously given him. however, instead of picking up one of them, he sat down on the wood. silas had snidely said not to get heat exhaustion- of course he would take however many breaks he wanted at this point. panting softly, he gazed at his work. he had gotten pretty far throughout the day, but even then he wasn’t sure if he would be done before the day was over. it was a tough one-man job, but perhaps it would be an even better idea to work on this while the sun was setting. cooler for sure.

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Re: WORK | open, chore
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      Silas had a lazy smile sitting on his lips, arms folding comfortably across his chest as eyes watched Mateo in the distance carefully. Perhaps it was petty of Silas, but it felt good to watch Mateo work his sorry ass off - after all, he'd pissed Silas off one too many times with his foul attitude and distaste towards Silas. And so, Silas would give the asshole a reason to hate him. Consumed by thought, lips suddenly stretched as to hold back laughter, just before he began to cackle beneath his breath. Classic. He turned to go back to his schooner, just to grab his flask of water, before wandering over to where Mateo was now sat, panting in a pool of sweat.

❝ Hot day, 'ey? ❞ He commented as he neared Mateo, looking down at him with a demeaning smile. He then took a sip of his water before holding it out for Mateo to take. ❝ Y'can finish it if you wanna. ❞ Silas said, although his kindness didn't appear genuine. It couldn't be genuine when he was looking down on him so condescendingly. He squinted momentarily, looking around the plains before kneeling down and looking across at Mateo. ❝ I bet it's hot workin' out 'ere right now. With the prairie so timber-dry and the sun so hot, y'expect shit like sun stroke 'n' wildfires around this time of the year.  ❞ Just to shove it in Mateo's face. It was fuckin' sweltering out here today, Silas knew. Maybe Mateo would get heat exhaustion or, better yet, randomly erupt into flames. Yeah, yeah, it was childish, but Silas was a childish kinda guy.

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