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[ don't dream it's over - open, invite ]
« on: September 13, 2019, 08:24:32 AM »

when he had been told about a place like bluestem, he almost found it hard to believe. people lived in schooners for the summer, and then a trailer park? he had never even seen a schooner with his own eyes before. it made him wonder what kind of people could possibly live that sort of lifestyle. rednecks, hicks? he wasn’t sure, but he was definitely about to find out. it had taken him a while to find the group, but sure enough he had gotten there. he could see the schooners in the distance.

and with that, he chose to slow to a stop and wait for someone to come - carefully eyeing the schooners in the distance as he waited.

[ hello hello!
this is a short post but this is an invite to saint louis’s horse racing event. it’s set for the 15th. your characters can bring their horse or just be there to socialize!]

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Re: [ don't dream it's over - open, invite ]
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      Fun fact about Silas: he loved his horses. Sure, it took a long time to get used to riding, and yes he'd fallen off one too many times, but he thought it was pretty badasss regardless. But, God forbid anyone find him mingling at some fancy shmancy horse race of all places. That sounded like utter bullshit in his books. Yet again, he knew jack-shit about racing, so hey - maybe he'd actually find it cool...

Upon seeing someone stood in the distance, Silas sneered, feeling for his pistol in his holster just in case before beginning to stride towards the man who was still nothing more than a silhouette. Brows furrowed together as he neared the stranger, stopping a short distance away. Silence. And then- ❝ Yeh? ❞ Was all he said, curling his lip.

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