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[ sinners come down - returning ]
« on: September 15, 2019, 11:01:03 AM »

roman would be honest. he hadn’t necessarily missed bluestem as much as everyone would like to believe. there was no need to explain why he hadn’t though; it seemed the answer was obvious. wandering out of bluestem territory meant getting to see people who meant so much to him. there was a certain feeling, like dragging his feet through the mud as he trudged back to bluestem - while he had been so eager to head out and see the new world for all it was worth. or at least, see all the new world had that was priceless to him.

first he had gotten to head over towards flintlock. having a lodge on top of a snowy mountain definitely made for a long and arduous journey. however, reaching the top and seeing the lodge - seeing frank... it made the miles-long walk feel worth it all. not that he would openly admit that. there was a certain danger to his original plan if he openly admitted that to himself. still. it had been nice to see the man. it made it hard to leave.

then when he had gone to northstar, he had gotten to see green again. his beloved friend, brother... how could he compare the casual calm he felt at bluestem to the overwhelming pride he had felt when seeing what green had done for himself? the man had gone from rags - literal rags - to riches. he couldn’t help but feel proud for green… and maybe that was why he had stayed at northstar for a bit longer than he had expected. leaving green again hadn’t been the easiest either, especially given the last time they had said goodbye to each other was thought to have been the last..

how could it be easy to come walking back to bluestem?

he trudged further into the territory and once he neared the popular campfire, dropped his rucksack onto the ground. easy. because there was always the chance of getting to head out again. besides, maybe he had missed the place more than he’d like to admit. he breathed a deep sigh and sat down, feet grateful for the rest.

[ guess who's back
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roman's back
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it was beautiful .

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Re: [ sinners come down - returning ]
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2019, 04:34:14 PM »
      Ah. So Roman was back - at first, Silas hadn't quite noticed, not particularly looking out for the other guy as he hadn't exactly notified Silas of when he'd be back. But, regardless, it was a pleasant surprise to see Roman trudging back into camp before plopping down to the ground. After all, things had gotten pretty quiet around here as of recently and, although he and Roman didn't necessarily get along together like carrots 'n' peas... Silas' honest opinion? He was the closest thing to a friend that Silas had in the present, so yeah. Sure. Silas was glad to see he hadn't ditched the group.

❝ Y'just missed lunch. ❞ Silas spoke plainly as he approached Roman, pursing his lips as he glanced away before asking, subtle curiosity lacing his voice, ❝ The trip go dandy? ❞

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Re: [ sinners come down - returning ]
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2019, 09:41:48 AM »

of course silas would be the first one to visit him. a small part of him had wished kronos had been the first person he’d see. his best friend - and a bit more than that. however, silas wasn’t the worst person to be around. as much as he liked to pull the leader’s leg, maybe even make fun of him in a not-so-subtle way at times, silas seemed to be one of the more genuine people around these parts. it was hard to find genuity anywhere nowadays. it was nice to know he had that in silas, even if there were bits and parts of him that roman found shrouded in mystery, almost shifty…

“someone looks happy to see me,” he responded just as plainly, teetering on a subtle hint of sarcasm. even then, the curiosity in sy’s voice at least caught his attention. “it went great. met with a few groups, got our name out there,” he answered simply, glancing at the leader before looking back at the campfire. “i think i should do it more often.” for bluestem, not so much. but for himself? it would be everything.
it was beautiful .