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[ in the water - open, fishing ]
« on: September 15, 2019, 12:55:02 PM »

guess he had opted to trade flat rocks to throw for a line to cast out across the lake. the true purpose of the lake had been for people to catch fish, after all. roman might as well use it for its actual purpose rather than whatever source of entertainment he could find. he never claimed to be the best at fishing, but he at least knew the basics. at least he could do the required bare minimum to catch a fish. the man had been standing there for a while, casually tapping his foot.

patience was a virtue he was lucky to have in that moment.

only a while longer and he was rewarded for his patience with something biting at the line. instinctively he lifted the fishing pole up a bit, a slight bend in the rod. then began the process of reeling the fish in. lucky for ro it wasn’t too hard of a task. not much later and he pulled the line out of the water, a decently-sized fish on the end. it was by no means the best catch in the world, but he figured bluestem could get by with whatever he could get. he didn’t want to be the one to filet it, however.

after taking care of the fish, he hummed and tossed it into a worn bucket he’d brought along with him. and then he began the process all over again, casting the line out.

//wow this post sucked but it’s fine it’s fine

it was beautiful .

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Re: [ in the water - open, fishing ]
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2019, 06:43:31 AM »
      Silas had a bad history with fishing... That sounded far more sinister than it really was but, in reality, Silas simply knew nothing about fishing. He could still remember the humiliation of being corrected one time about his preconception about fish. Yeah... So apparently they didn't piss through their gills, but Silas wasn't yet convinced. And so, upon noticing Roman fishing by the lake whilst he was filling up a bucket of water to take back to the campsite, Silas' lips parted as he watched curiously.

❝ Y'caught a fish, there? ❞ He questioned, pointing over at the bucket which seemed to occasionally wobble as if there was something in there weakly thrashing about. And then, his feet lead him towards Roman, pursing his lips gently as he peeked into the bucket. ❝ Fish always smell so damn nasty. Bleugh. ❞ He made a melodramatic gagging sound, turning his nose up before looking at the lake. ❝ Don't y'think its fuckin' weird how they can't breathe air? Like... I bet the air is probably really toxic for 'em or somethin'. ❞

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Re: [ in the water - open, fishing ]
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2019, 09:31:31 AM »

this man never failed to amaze him. one would figure a leader would be intelligent and seemingly all-knowing, all-powerful - only turning his nose up in disgust at an enemy. today, though, it appeared the leader would be turning his nose up at the sight of a fish. he guessed silas wouldn’t be someone quick to volunteer to filet the thing. he gazed at the man as he dramatically gagged, then turned his gaze back towards his line. ”you won’t be complaining later when it’s for supper.” then again, silas was full of surprises - it’d be wrong to assume something along those lines.

and he was full of surprises yet again as, in a not-too shocking turn of events, silas brandished his lack of knowledge in an amazing display. roman turned his gaze and glanced at the fish in the bucket, then flitted his gaze over towards silas. and stared in a way that almost spoke exactly what he was thinking: "you're kidding, right?" but he wished he could say the man was kidding. still, there was something so amusing about it. even for someone as straight-faced as roman, the man couldn’t help but huff a short, quiet note of almost-suppressed laughter. the sound came out more like a soft hum. “yeah, it sure is weird. it must be all the oxygen in the air.” now he was pulling the man’s leg. perhaps it was rude of him to do that - but if it was enough for his lips to twitch the slightest into an amused smile, it was a worthwhile moment for roman. "have you ever fished, before?"

it was beautiful .