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« on: October 16, 2019, 04:16:48 AM »
tw ; needles, stabbing, blood

the nights were getting colder now that winter was just around the corner, which meant that she had to work twice as hard. why? cold meant sickness, and sickness meant more work for the woman who already worked day and night to make sure everyone was healthy and not dying.. but even then, she still needed to sleep. she had just made sure silas was set up for the night with extra blankets and a someone to monitor him, pain medications if he needed it, extra IV bags just in case.. she was was exhausted, could hardly keep her eyes open as she walked back to the saloon where she had set up a room in, just somewhere to sleep when she wasn't working.

as she walked along the road to the saloon, her arm was grabbed, causing her to spin around to face an older man who was already grey, a look of pure hatred in his steel-grey eyes. the man was wearing a similar uniform to hers, but his was covered in dirt, and he still had his name pin.

"Doctor Kim, i thought-" she began, her free hand already in her pocket as his grip on her arm began to cut off circulation. she knew he was pissed, he had seen her lock the bunker doors, and she had watched it collapse and kill everyone inside- or so she thought, at the very least.

"you thought i was dead?" the man croaked, and lhamo slowly nodded, eyes trailing down to night that shone in the setting sunlight. her eyelashes fluttered anxiously as her gaze returned to the man, showing no real emotion- she hoped. yes, of course she had thought he was dead. she hoped he was dead, fearing the consequences of what may happen if he did live-

and those consequences were staring her right in the face, a scalpel in hand that was now pressed to the side of her stomach. she had to stay calm, make sure that when she sedated him that she hit a vein or an artery, something, because this was going to happen either way.

one swift motion from the both of them, a needle lodged into the man's neck with what could only be Midazolam, one of her more thumbs pressing down on the plunger, while the man plunged the scalpel into the right side of her stomach. the scalpel was at least short, and small, but him tearing it downwards from the shock of the needle going into his neck wasn't pleasant.

lhamo shoved him back so hard that she somehow broke one of her short heels- they were quite skinny, so it wasn't unthinkable for them to break- causing her to tumble back and fall right on her back with a pain groan. the man was so skinny and frail that the midazolam took a minute and a half to kick in, which gave her just enough time to crawl a good distance away from the man, who had been struggling to get the needle from his neck before slowly falling unconscious.

she leaned against the wall of a nearby house, a hand pressed hard over the wound that was now gushing blood, staining her nice coat and- that shouldn't be her main focus. "fuck, fuck.." she breathed, pulling her shaking hand away from the wound to find that it, too, was coated in blood. quickly putting it back over the wound, she struggled to keep tears from her eyes. this was how she was going to die, she was convinced of that.. however. the wound wasn't more then two inches deep, and the scalpel hadn't hit any organs or even an artery. that much was obvious, as the blood wasn't bright red.

she still needed help, however, and she didn't know who else to call for other then-

"brock! fuck, fuck.. brock!"
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      Violence was never the best option... But, it was an option, all right. And, he'd wreak havoc to all those who messed with him and his people.

The very moment his name was frantically being blurted out by an NPC, Brock was on guard, hands hovering over the two pistols on him. ❝ What is it? ❞ He questioned, features bunching up together in suspicion. The woman leaned over, gasping for breaths as she placed her hands on her knees. One hand raised to gesture away, eyes peering across at Brock worriedly.

❝ It's... It's Doctor Blum. She's been hurt, there's blood everywhere. ❞

Brock sucked in a sharp breath, composed as he nodded and strode passed. Blood no longer scared him, nor did it make him feel queasy anymore. Blood was on his hands day and night these days, sticky and tainted - the idea of clear palms meant very little to him anymore.

But he still worried. How did Lhamo even injure herself?

Brock found the trail of blood, followed by an unconscious man which Brock could only assume was a scientist, before he stumbled upon Lhamo leaning up against the wall. He lowered himself to his knees beside Lhamo, brows furrowing together before he raised his head to look around. ❝ Somebody, bring me the medical kit! ❞ He called out before looking towards Lhamo.

❝ Tell me how this happened. ❞ He was surprised to say the least, but managed to come across as calm as he could muster. He needed her alive and well; after all, she was helping with Silas' recovery. Was that a selfish reason to want her alive? Perhaps, but Brock knew no better.

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relief was washed over the woman as brock came into her view, and she couldn't help the little chuckle that left her. why was she laughing? this was hardly something to be laughing at, but she just found it funny how this was definitely all her fault. she was the one that locked them all in there, watched the bunker crumble, and someone had survived, and now she was hurt. "all i can tell you is that karma is a bitch, and that man- jesus, my bag, theres stuff in there- that man is karma." she stated, voice a bit strained. how was such a small wound bleeding so much?

had it been any other injury, she could've fixed this herself with some bandages, but there was no way she'd be able to sew or cauterize this on her own, not without blacking out once or twice in the process. for a woman that acted so touch and cold, she had the pain tolerance of a toddler. "i think.. cauterizing would be best."
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roman never trusted anyone in bluestem. ever since he had stepped foot in their territory and gotten to see the slimy and shady characters around him, he had found it hard to want to trust any of them. there was something about most of their character that didn’t seem genuine, or something about them that made it feel like they would screw him over at any time.

sure enough, when he wandered over to see lhamo hurt, bleeding, he couldn’t help but figure that she was just the same as the rest of them. not that his expectations of her being anything but had been that high to begin with, but the point still stood. hell, he wasn’t even surprised at this point.

the only thing that made him slightly squeamish was the sight of all the blood. he tried to come off as if he wasn’t, though, as he wandered away - coming back shortly after with the med kit. “here,” he stated simply, placing it beside brock before getting the hell away from that situation. he wasn’t going to stick around, especially not at the mention of needing stitches. seriously, screw that. 

it was beautiful .

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It was hard to ignore all the commotion going on, especially when she wasn't really even asleep in the first place. She couldn't bring herself to get more than a few hours of sleep each night, still not used to the new setting and definitely not the new people, who she had her reserves about much like Roman did. But she figured she might as well feign nonchalance. There was no need to show everyone that she didn't trust them as far as she could throw them.

Annie found herself wandering over, stopping a few feet away from where Lhamo and Brock were, silently watching as they were passed the med kit. Her brows furrowed as she considered the scene, lips a thin line. Then she looks over to the man, an unconscious heap on the ground. Karma.

She definitely didn't like the sound of that. She was curious what the doctor had done to warrant such an attack, but she doesn't ask, figuring she wouldn't tell the truth or flat-out refuse to say. Having seen all that she wanted to, the teen turns and stalks off into the dark, not interested in standing around and watching for no reason.