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WHEN STARS FALL // biweekly task
« on: October 22, 2019, 12:24:41 PM »

roman had always been rather adventurous. he supposed that was a common darrow trait; they had never been the type to stay in one place for long before heading out. before he could get used to being in one place for long, they would pack up their bags and leave. some would see it as inconvenient, the thought of leaving everything behind both stressful and heartbreaking - but it was all that roman knew.

he used to dream about actually staying in one place. and, now that it was an option, he supposed he would take any chance he could to satiate his adventurous side. that was why he had dragged a group over to the mine, staring into its dark crevice. “alright,” he sighed, pulling out a solar flashlight he had found forever ago. now it was finally useful.

“let’s check this place out. don’t go wandering around on your own.” the words were said absently, as if he didn’t remotely care about what he said. without waiting for others to follow, he began trudging further into the dark mine.

// this post sucked but aye
it was beautiful .

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Re: WHEN STARS FALL // biweekly task
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2019, 02:05:12 PM »
      Kronos was the human incarnation of a black dog. Well, a particular black dog; Roman's own Pookie number two. Like the faithful hound, Kronos would follow Roman to the ends of the earth if he had to, perhaps asking a million and one questions along the way (mostly consisting of ❝ are we there yet? ❞ and ❝ why are we going to the end of the earth? ❞) but following as loyally as always.

He supposed that was what a good best friend would do; always be around for support, even if Roman had essentially become Kronos' own backbone. That was why he stood, not far behind, with his lips pursed. All right, so Roman said that everyone should stick together. Well, Roman didn't say that, but Kronos was going to say that the implication had been there. And so, as the other man walked further into the cave, Kronos shuffled after.

❝ What are we even - Oop! That's cool! ❞ Instantly distracted by the sound of his own voice echoing, he gasped eagerly. The rest of the group were probably going to wish Kronos hadn't come along with. He cleared his throat before singing lowly in a way one could only describe as an operatic clown who got lost on the way to the circus. Then, he shriveled his features up, pleased with himself. ❝ I'm a bloody talented bitch. Check this falsetto out- ❞ He raised a finger, wagging his brows towards nobody in particular before trying to shrill as high-pitched as he could.

When silence finally ensured, he smirked crookedly before commenting lightly, patting somebody's shoulder. ❝ I bet you liked that, huh? ❞ These people were probably hoping to leave Kronos in this cave - it was easier that way.

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Re: WHEN STARS FALL // biweekly task
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2019, 10:53:40 PM »

who had let kronos come along for this exploration? oh. like roman would’ve argued with the man coming along, anyway. sometimes he felt like he was the only one who could truly handle kronos and how he was so.. kronos. even then, he couldn’t help but mentally groan as kronos got distracted by his own echo, taking it upon himself to trudge forward as if distance would make anything that followed be any better. god, he loved kronos, but that leach could be so goddamn stupid..

”check this falsetto out-”
kronos,” he tried to warn, as if he could possibly stop the inevitable from happening. he turned just in time to hear that high-pitched shrill. as if that operatic section hadn’t been bad enough. for a moment there, as kronos patted somebody’s shoulder and seemed pleased with himself - roman literally thought he was going to kill the man.

the man was lucky that roman was more bark than bite today.

he tried not to look as disgusted as he felt. or express his true desires that a rockfall would happen and just crush him to death then and there. ”i don’t know if talented is the right word,” he ended up pointing out blankly, staring at kronos before shaking his head, turning back around. “alright. let’s see if we can find anything worthwhile in here.”

it was beautiful .