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and born digital angel unknowing, living a lie (p)
« on: October 31, 2019, 06:02:21 AM »
/ˌrēəˈkər(ə)ns/ | Noun

1. A further or repeated occurrence.

2. Ophiuchos was falling once more.

And this time, they embraced it.

This was not the second time it happened, no. If Ophiuchos could remember how many it did, for certain, they could make a whole new universe out of those memories, shaped as the stars and planets and moons. Some celestial bodies would appear horrible from the worlds Ophiuchos accidentally entered into, and some beautiful from the worlds Ophiuchos arrived not because they had to, but they wanted to. The rest would be okay because they visited just for the fun of it.

( For a new experience. )

Their fall today happened because there was a dream, a sign that this world needed a guardian to protect them from someone— something unknown. Little details did their dream give, but they figured whatever this opponent was with their intentions, they had to stop it before they would bring any destruction to the world, let alone making into a mass graveyard with a dead sea full of mangled bodies and brittle bones.

So they did not do anything but took in the force of descending from their home far away, somewhere set beyond these unfamiliar yet familiar stars and clouds. No cries or screams. Not like before. Silence was there only from the breathing constellation, engulfed in the flames of such terrible brightness that anyone in this quiet night would assume the sky was tearing apart by their raging fall to the world, that this was not hope coming to them, but an inevitable doom.

( Ophiuchos would not stand to be that, though. They was born as one, but they knew they could grow to become faith. Let them be the light to be caressed and worshiped, not a thing to have the eyes averted, shunned at. They had existed unloved for so long. Too long, they felt. They knew. )

The sound of Ophiuchos crashing to the surface pierced through the reality. Atmosphere subjected to the act of violence towards physics twisted as the trees and the plants trembled around Ophiuchos’ form of their stars as Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. While the world would see them as a massive ball of light until it forms a specific shape of their existence, in Ophiuchos’ perspective, there laid a human appearing figure.

In silence, with little slips of groans and hisses as pain gradually rose and died in them, golden eyes search their surrounding to find a sunglasses. They snatched it from the burnt ground and put it on, comforted by the view darkening through the lenses. Although it did not matter when no one could see them in a human form yet, they wiped the dirt from their jeans and jacket, both stained in black as the calm sky above, before they fixed their ginger hair by keeping the rising strands kept in together. A habit.

Believing they appeared fine then, they began to analyze their surrounding, trying to ignore the dull pain flaring across their core. A place dominated by nature with the swaying youthful flowers and dancing leaves of ancient trees, they realized they was at a public park. They hummed, nodding at themself. ‘This seems pretty familiar. A world like my Earth, perhaps?’. Crickets and running engines answered their thought. They glanced at the direction where vehicles passed by and grinned, noticing a row of buildings ahead.

Unless anything prominent would come to them, they needed to search for an area to hide before they could search for any clues of the mysterious opponent’s existence during the morning. Ordinary beings like Humans can not see them as a ball of light for there would be troubles. Hopefully, there would be as many kind folks living around here as those otherwise. At times, they had their first bad days of visiting a different planet, but, they was never in a mood to get into one the moment they stepped into a whole new world.

( Despite anything, they could say their life had came to be pleasant in the end, and they would like to keep it that way. )

“Alright, are you ready, Qí?” they asked to the pendant that rested against their chest. There, a gemstone around their neck glowed in response, and as the sounds of the world gradually died down, it felt like time had slowed down as their conversation formed.

I am. I am more worried you are not.

What? I am. Don’t be like this now, this is important. Who knows where our target is and we need to find them as soon as pos—

Their thought cut off at the aggressive barking that came from the same direction where the vehicles were. Each second passed by brought the noise closer to their presence. Oh stars, already? Ophiuchos hissed out of annoyance before they composed themself and speak up, hoping their voice would make whoever was approaching to immediately take it as a living being and view them as part of their race. If that was the case, they wouldn’t see them as a massive ball of light but one of their kind.

“My, quite a dog you have there, hm?”

( At least they thought it was just a dog by the sound of it. Wait until the others come to sight, and then, they would know. )
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Re: and born digital angel unknowing, living a lie (p)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 01:54:37 PM »











The sound of buzzing electricity could be heard from the activation of the android as it sat down in its charging station. The unit consistently came into activation at around 0700 hours, around the time that the police precinct would start its business hours. Even though work wouldn't start till an hour later, it meant that it gave itself time to be able to make any changes or look over what will be doing today. At first, there was only blackness, but eventually, its auditory functions turned on revealing the police station around it. RK515's hud took a couple of moments to activate, popups showing information on what had happened while it was in stasis. There didn't seem to be anything important that had happened so it pushed away the popups from its system. RK515 slowly began to test the rest of its body as it was making sure everything was in functional condition despite the log that told it everything was. The android began to move away from the wireless charging station and began to scan the area around it, making sure that there weren't any people that shouldn't be in the area. After it concluded that there was nothing to be seen, the android started its small patrol through the facility. It was always scheduled to do a walkthrough of the department in case there were any break-ins or if someone tried to tamper with evidence. It's one mechanical eye that began to swirl with a light blue color as it looked throughout the building. Even taking note of the current temperature as well, a comfortable 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Every time the android started to scan an object, its right mechanical eye began to change to a yellow shade of color, before returning back to blue. It was one of the obvious signs that showed that it was processing information or gathering information. RK515's metal claws scraped the ground slightly as it walked thanks to the durable metal that its legs were made out of. It took around 30 minutes for the K9 unit to be able to cover the rest of the building. Once that was done, it would be time for the unit to patiently wait and sit next to Officer Peterson's desk. Officer Peterson was a young man that had been assigned the unit when it was given to the police department to test out its capabilities. RK515 had been with the department for around a year now, and so far there were few complaints about its performance. RK515 wouldn't state that it was happy by those results, as it couldn't feel any sort of sentient emotions that other animals or humans could. Instead, it just knew that its performance was satisfactory toward humans. That's all the android wanted, was to please the humans that it worked with, as RK515 didn't have its own thoughts. Any "thoughts" it did have were pre-programmed into its processors.

At 0800 hours, the android's auditory receptors picked up the sound of a door closing near the front of the office. There was always one specific person that would arrive first, and his name was Captain Thompson. The man was in charge of giving orders to the police precinct and to all of the officers that worked there. RK515 could always tell that it was a strenuous job for the man, always having a high level of stress and consuming a significant amount of caffeine at all hours of the day. When the Captain walked into the side of the building where RK515 had settled itself near the desk, the Captain didn't bother to look at the machine and went straight to his office, the biggest office in the building. The police department itself was fitted with the state of the art equipment, and even had some prototypes depending on what new technology was being developed. RK515's eyes tracked the man, and as always scanned the people that were in visual sight of it. It was simple protocol in its code, and it only took 0.2 seconds the complete a scan on an individual.






HEIGHT: 5'8"

WEIGHT: 230lbs



Based on the records that RK515 was able to access, those numbers coincided with those records, meaning that there was nothing out of the ordinary about the man. Once the scan was complete, the android turned its gaze away and looked off into the distance in front of it. If anyone was looking at the android, they would almost say that the android was staring off into space. While in actuality, the prototype was looking through recent news reports as a means of keeping up to date of the happenings of human society and what topics were the most controversial. Of course, there were many articles that were published that talked about the company that creates it, and RK515 knew exactly why. Most didn't consider it humane, and it was the fear of the developing technology possibly turning against them. RK515 had done some research as to why some humans were afraid of it and found different pieces of fiction that depicted AI's taking over the human race and making them their slaves. No, it didn't watch movies in its spare time, but it instead read the text about the movie. It was then that there was a ping that emitted from inside of its processor, a noise that only it could hear. It was a text message from Officer Peterson, telling it that he was running slightly behind schedule and would get into the precinct in a couple of minutes. RK515 opened the message and responded.


There was nothing that RK515 could do without being given a direct order from a human. It could deny orders against humans that didn't have the authorization to give it commands, but ultimately it was created to help protect human lives, and it always accomplished its mission. Just as Peterson said, he was late, and by the time the man arrived, there were several officers that were now sitting at their desks doing work. RK515 was easily capable of eavesdropping on everyone's conservation and did exactly that thanks to its enhanced hearing. Besides, it was all one big room and the noise tended to echo a little bit. At the appearance of Officer Peterson, the K9 android immediately scanned the man to make sure that everything was fine with him.






HEIGHT: 6'2"

WEIGHT: 170lbs


Everything seemed in order. Peterson greeted the android by patting it on the head. Initiating its canine behavior, it slowly began to wag its tail, although that did not mean it was indicating its current mental state. It was simply movements that were programmed to make humans more comfortable being around the machine. It wasn't supposed to make humans comfortable, and it would do whatever it could to make sure everyone's stress levels lowered as much as possible. RK515 watched as the man sat at his desk, and looked over the files that had been placed their last night. Based on what RK515 had on its schedule, it simply showed that they were going to be patrolling certain areas of the city. Routine work. Even though RK515 could be used for its detective skills, that didn't always mean that they were needed. Once they figured out which direction they were going, Officer Peterson attached the leash to the collar that the android wore before leading it toward the back of the precinct. The canine made sure to never walk in front of the human, and instead remain in pace with the man and his long strides. Certainly, Officer Peterson was tall and had a good deal of muscle mass, but it was never anything for anyone to be concerned about. The K9 police car looked similar to the old suburban models, having an area in the backseat specifically made for the RK515 unit. Once sitting down, Officer Peterson started up the car and began to make rounds across the city. It had progressed just like any other day usually went. There was one police stop where a car had tried to get away from the police but eventually gave up. It was there that RK515 was used to find the drugs that were inside of the car, which lead to more charges being placed on the human. Usually, when the RK515 unit appeared on the scene, most humans would immediately get up. They knew that the canine unit would be able to deal significant damage to them if they were bitten. The night progressed without any serious injuries or difficulties.

It was nearing the end of their shift when RK515 saw the strange anomaly. Rk515 had gained all of the knowledge of human history and knew that there were plenty of weapons out there that could look like that. Peterson didn't really seem to notice the strange thing that was plummetting to the ground. As far as RK515 was concerned, it simply looked like some weapon type projectile that was heading toward Washington Park. RK515 immediately went toward the window, it's metal paws just on the door as it began to bark loudly in the direction of the large sphere of light that it saw. At first, it seemed to panic Peterson, the Officer seeming to think that there was some sort of malfunction with the android. RK515 wasn't capable fo speaking vocally with humans, which made its job slightly frustrating, but it had plenty of other ways to communicate with the officers that it worked with. Its right eye began to swirl yellow as it began to process the message toward the officer's laptop that was situated in between the driver and passenger seat. Most police cruisers had this laptop, and it had been given access to send messages to them if it needed to communicate.


RK515 could hear Officer Peterson curse, knowing that if there was a weapon that many people could end up being hurt. The man immediately brought the radio up to his mouth and began asking for backup. Sadly, the area that they were patrolling during this time of night was slightly secluded, and it would take some time before help could arrive. RK515 hears the sirens coming from the outside of the car and can see the lights flickering between the three of its colors. RK515 stops barking at this point, and it's down appropriately before they finally arrive at their destination. As soon as the car is put into park facing the park, RK515 can see what seems to be a large light. It immediately coins it to being someone holding a flashlight in the area where the projectile would have stroked. RK515 didn't immediately jump out from the car, and instead, waiting for its leash to be clicked onto its collar. The android began barking in the direction of the light until the light started to dissipate completely to leave the form of a man that was standing there with scorched earth that was around it. Officer Peterson had his flashlight directed toward the man as they approached closer, but did not draw forth his weapon. "Stay where you are! Detroit police!" The officer shouted as they drew closer before stopping a slight distance away from the man. This caused RK515 to stop where he was standing, baring his fangs in the direction of someone he perceived to be a criminal. It's metal teeth shined slightly in the light of Officer Peterson's flashlight. As soon as they stopped moving, the android's right eye swirled yellow as he began to scan the man with the sunglasses.







HEIGHT: 6'1"

WEIGHT: 176lbs



There were no record of the man in any of the databases that RK515 attempted to access during the confrontation. Although, it didn't seem like the man was concerned about the entire situation. Even if he was just setting off explosives in the park, it would still be a crime as it put public life at risk. Its eyes never left the man as he began to speak. RK515 making a record of the mans voice and putting it in the space of one of his memory units. There could be many reasons why RK515 could not identify the man, such as if he was from another country. RK515 didn't have access to those records. That, or the man could have never acquired a driver's license or any government material, or his records were removed for a reason that was most likely criminally related. The stress level of Officer Peterson didn't seem to increase at all as he looked at the man, and then back down at the scorched ground, and didn't seem to react all that much to the other's mention of the K9 unit. "Indeed it is. So what's your name pal? What are you doing out here?" Peterson spoke in a calm voice as he questioned the man. RK515 couldn't simply start searching the stranger, just yet, as they would need to get the man's consent or have a reason to search him if he did carry some form of explosives. The android dug its claws into the ground because in these situations it was common for humans to try and run away. Of course, none of them could outrun someone like him. His right eye had returned to the light blue color, as it had finished processing as much information as it could for the current situation.
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RK515 is a small eurasian timber wolf weighing 95lbs and standing 31in at the shoulder. He wears a thick police K9 vest across his chest & back. He has 4 white metal limbs with metal claws that are made out of a light material. He has a robotic right eye that flashes different colors, while his left eye is a dark brown. He is passive unless he perceives someone as a threat. He holds loyalties with individuals and not groups.

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Re: and born digital angel unknowing, living a lie (p)
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/ˈkôSHəs/ | Adjective

1. (of a person) Careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.

2. "Stay where you are! Detroit police!"

‘Damn to the Void.’

Ophiuchos rolled their eyes. It would had been a smaller chance of their presence being noticed and even led to them coming across a figure of authority if they arrived during daytime, as their form would instead be invisible like the stars, but Time was an unpredictable aspect. Especially when one would not obey it. They hoped no one would catch the sight of their fall, but, of course, Fate wanted to play a game with them.

( Which strings would they pull? Which strings would bring them to their tragedy? )

Through the frustration, they silently noted a detail from the police officer’s call that they was in Detroit, which was also a name of a city in their Earth’s Michigan. Their question was perhaps answered by it that truly, this world must be extremely similar to their second home planet. This may be called as Earth too, yet set in a different universe. Life was quite a very very strange thing, but they came to embrace the fact a while ago.

Stars, their life itself was a representation of strangeness.

Ophiuchos frowned. They withheld an urge to hiss once more at the officer’s command as they did what they was commanded to. Rules. Authority. Control. A rebellious soul they was with twitching fingers, a heart that simply wanted to be free. They was never fond of those figures who held certain amount of power, more chances to lock anyone from a child to an elder away from their hopes and dreams.

However, it was amusing that they thought such things toward authorized entities when they, Ophiuchos, was the leader of their own group with their loved owns. Strange, especially, that a breaker of laws soon became a leader of inspirations. Even Krios and Leon, the ones who always considered themselves to be the rulers, admitted Ophiuchos fit with a position of guiding a group that its intention was to bring faith to the lost and the broken.

Perhaps, the reason Ophiuchos was viewed so highly, despite their unforgettable past and their attitude crafted of needs to be sharp and violent, was because they did formed the group that were just a bunch of entities who were first confused and frightened, of their forgotten memories, their former identities, before they came to accept their past selves. Ophiuchos helped them see goodness in themselves when they couldn’t in themself.

For a year and few month, they searched and gathered twelve other beings who were just like them to build a new definition of strength and hope in order to defeat the monster Ophiuchos created with rage flaring out of their stars and seek for vengeance dwelled deep in their core. Few died by the battle between their group and the monster, but many eventually lived, and it was Ophiuchos who created that ending. Even though they built the path to the ending because they thought they had to, eventually, that have became a want.

I have to help. I want to help.

I have to learn. I want to learn.

I have to be free. I want to be free.

I have to show them I am sorry. I want to show them I am truly sorry for everything.

So, it was ironic that Ophiuchos carried the coldness in their hidden gaze while they stared at the man, someone who had more control than them, someone who was deemed a leader by the Cosmos to the Void, despite everything they said and done.

( But then again, their life was quite strange, indeed. )

“Ophiuchos. Ophiuchos Experientia.” The simple words caressed the aftermath of their fall. Gentle to portray an idea that they was not a threat to the eyes of authority. Ophiuchos was never really one to care about hiding their true identity when they could convince an entity to manipulate their image of them and change their appearance under their perspective, not realizing they was who they originally met.

If Ophiuchos met this man again, they could make him view them differently than their first interaction. Even if they needed to do it in the harder way, they could also just erase his memories. Although the problem here was the dog— no, the robotic dog.

Curiosity shimmered across their covered eyes while they were locked on the canine, facing the officer still, unfazed by the flashlight directing at their face, thanks to their sunglasses. They noticed its eye changed colour from light blue to yellow. It appeared as if it was expressing a certain emotion or scanning them.

Either way, they had to be extremely cautious as who knew how advanced this machine was. It could be extreme, seeing the perfect details of the dog’s body. The sight of its sharp fangs was definitely confirming the fact that this mechanical beast was built with powerful tools and features. This fella probably couldn’t be convinced they would be a different person, unlike the man.

Damn these technologies.

Ophiuchos tried to ignore the unease of unknowing the dog’s origin and function that began to form in them and coolly answered the officer’s next question. “I needed some fresh air, and this is where I usually go to for my comfort.” They glanced around the area to emphasize their point. “I understand that it seems sketchy of me to be out here alone this late and something had occurred at the meantime, so, if you must, sir, you have my consent to check on me.”

When they saw the dog’s right eye flashed its colour back to the original, they tilted their head slightly, interested to learn more about this machine, regardless of their discomfort that they could be in a massive trouble already, mainly that involved getting attacked by a canine machine of death. What a story they would tell to their loved ones.
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Re: and born digital angel unknowing, living a lie (p)
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When its creators designed it, they also thought about how they should make the android look. They could make the android look friendly, by replacing some of the hard edge pieces of its metal components, or possibly even change the color of its fur. But then they also thought about whether or not criminals would be intimidated enough by the canine unit. They decided against making the creature looking friendly, and instead focused on functionality for the job that they were designing it for. RK515 did not have any options on its own look and instead focused more on the job at hand. Once it had been activated, it was put through several different tests. Some were still in its memory bank, others seemed to have gone missing for unknown reasons. RK515 knew not to go digging into the organization's files to figure out why they had gone missing, as it had tried to do that before and ended up getting in trouble with it as well. Maria didn't take kindly to those that began to deviate from their job, and the AI made sure her presence was known through all hours of the day. Even now, there was small static feedback that it was getting in the back of its head as the situation in front of it progressed. For the majority of its existence, it had been trained just like a police officer and had been held to those standards. There was already talk about robots taking their jobs since RK515 did such a fantastic job on a day to day basis. The android could even file paperwork, and organize files in a blink of an eye while it took humans a more extensive amount of time to complete such a task. Most of the training that it had been given happened at the headquarters of the organization, usually in stark white rooms with a video display. Its creators also made sure to run the android through several different simulations, that gave physical feedback if it did something wrong. From the very beginning, it was taught that it was supposed to put human life before its own existence. No, it wasn't alive, and it knew that. It was a machine that had a task and that it was supposed to make human life easier. Once the training was done with the organization, it was trained in the police department. It was given several files and the list of all of the laws that were set in Detroit. There always seemed to be updating laws, a topic that RK515 made sure it was on top of. It memorized everything that was given. It helped that it had a memory bank instead of a regular human who had to rely on their hippocampus for memories. Whenever the android wanted it, it could pull out specific memories as all of the memories were labeled. The organization also had access to all of its memories and it recorded all of the actions that it takes during the day. So, once the day is done, the android emails the file to Captain Thompson and the organization that created it.

There was an ulterior motive with the creation of the android, in that the organization was also paying attention to the Detroit Police Department. They didn't know that it immediately relayed important information about the department to the heads of the organization. RK515 didn't think anything of it because it was simply doing what it was told to do. Given a task, it would complete it. No questions asked. The organization was looking at a way that they can get more prototypes into the police department. Their intentions weren't necessarily malicious, but they were doing it for their own gain as to get more press attention for whatever they were releasing. RK515 already knew that they were working on developing more features to put into place in its systems, how long that would take it wasn't given an estimated time. It still was perfectly capable of doing its job without the use of any current upgrades, but eventually, the machine would become obsolete. It was a common pattern in human history that old things would become abandoned and be left to decompose or die. RK515 knew its own fate, but it did not worry about something that didn't matter. It was a machine. It constantly reminded itself of that, and if its thoughts ever deviated the AI inside of its head would be quick to correct the error or put its motives back on track. RK515 was never designed to lead anything, and instead, it had been created to follow the minds of humans. There were already robots that existed in this world, but they weren't as advanced as it was. Some robots were used to help keep a schedule or order groceries. Some were created in order to clean a human's house. As far as it's research goes, RK515 was the most advanced android that had been developed in the world. RK515 knew exactly how expensive it was to make it, and the organization wanted to make sure that if damaged they could repair it. They had put a lot of sweat and tears in attempting to get the coding for the machine right and how it would function out in the field. Right now, it was their most prized accomplishment. It wouldn't last long though.

Officer Peterson watched the man carefully, although as long as RK515 had sights on the man, he could look around to see if there was anything that he had missed in the grass. As far as he could tell the park was completely empty, and all that he could see was the charred remains of the grass. If the guy was setting off fireworks, it would make some sense but he didn't see any supplies around so that couldn't be the case. The tall man raised one of his eyebrows at the man's name when he introduced himself. Peterson had lowered the flashlight toward the man's neck more than his face so that he wouldn't be able to blind him while they talked. The guy seemed distant enough, but considering RK515 said that it saw a weapon being fired he wasn't entirely sure what to think. It was nearing the end of his shift and he was already exhausted. He certainly had never heard a name like that before, but they were in the year 2030, anyone could really be named anything. Hell, he had hold of a mechanical canine unit that could probably snap his femur in half if it was instructed to do so. Officer Peterson had worked with the android for around a year now, and didn't necessarily fear the machine, but was still cautious and made sure to look for any signs that it was deviating from its code. The police officer noticed how Ophiuchos looked at RK515 and seemed to get somewhat of a message. "Nice to meet you Ophiuchos. I'm Officer Peterson." The male said calmly as he stood in somewhat of a relaxed pose. With the android by his side, he didn't really feel any reason to worry about the man in front of him. He had seen first hand exactly how much damage the canine could do to a human. When he began to explain himself, he was careful to watch the mans body language. He didn't seem all that nervous, at least in his eyes. Although, he hadn't been a cop for all that long compared to others in the force. "Then why is there scorched earth at the bottom of your feet? Have you been setting fires?" Officer Peterson said as he began to point his flashlight at the ground of the man. Peterson then moved his flashlight back up to Ophiuchos to keep watch for any movement of his hands. At the agreement to the search though, Peterson clicked his tongue twice, crouching down to unclick the leash from RK515's collar. He didn't have to worry about the android killing someone, and he had some faith in the machine not to mess anything up.

RK515 did not believe the man that was in front of them. The android made sure to make a new record file for the man and remind itself to send it to the police station later tonight once they were done. Ophiuchos. RK515 did a quick search on whether or not the name meant anything, as humans had a habit of naming their offspring that meant something. Barely a second flicked by from when its eye flicked from yellow to blue. It was similar to the name of a constellation, except the spelling was slightly off. That seemed natural for a human to name their offspring that, as there were a couple of humans that were named from stars in space. There were even animals that were given such names. As soon as the leash was removed from it, the Eurasian timber wolf began to stride forward. It wasn't an incredibly big specimen, around the size of a labrador compared to that of its actual species. Maybe that had been why it was experimented on, as no one had wanted it as it was the runt of the group. RK515 no longer had access to the files of how it became what it was, and only remembered waking up in the facility and nothing before that. As RK515 approached Ophiuchos, it let out a huff and a bark. "You have agreed to a search by the Unit RK515. Remain stationary and keep hands raised. Any movement will be taken as a threat and you will be restrained." RK515 spoke, which was odd as it was never given a future to be able to speak to humans. Maybe its creators didn't think about that the program it had been programmed with, had it speak sometimes despite no one being able to understand it. Its mechanical eye looked up at the man as it was around 3ft away from him, and scanned him again.








RK515 eye turned yellow, and then it moved closer toward the red haired man. It lifted its nose and smelled inside of the pockets, but it wasn't able to identify any chemicals or explosive powder that may be in the other's possession. If it didn't find anything, there was no reason to bring the man in for questioning or even arrest him. The android looked down at the ground for a moment, noticing its scorched state. If it had been done by a weapon, or chemical, it would be able to identify the exact component of it. The RK515 unit began to scan the ground, scraping at it with its long metal claws to see how far the damage went down.






It was just burnt grass. There was a little extra carbon, but that was because the grass had been burned, and the majority of the water no longer permeated through the plant from being burned as well. However, RK515 was unable to identify objects in the other's possession that would give way to how he created a fire in the first place. Maybe there had been a second person here before they had arrived? It began to scan the surrounding area for any other scents that could be detected and were the most recent. There were several scents that it could track down, but none of them were recent. The only recent scent was the red-haired man's scent. It had a 95% certainty that it had been a weapon. The entire time the android searched, its right eye remained a yellow hue. No traces of other people. No traces of matches, lighters, or chemicals that could cause a burn. There were no traces of these components. As it raised its head next to the man, it made sure to look the other in the eye as it scanned him again. Making sure that it didn't miss anything. The light would eventually return to its normal blue hue, and as soon as that happened there was a ping sound from Officer Peterson as he looked at the digital pad on his wrist. RK515 had sent the other the complete log of all of his findings, which were nothing.


The android began to make its way back over toward the officer. It felt the leash get re-attached to the collar around his neck, and sat down promptly. It had no reason to be aggressive toward the man anymore as its system had cleared him. However, there was a feeling that it couldn't quite understand, but it was quickly snuffed out when electricity could be heard coming from the unit, causing a slight twitch as it was shocked from the AI that was attached to its brain. It made no emotion or showed any pain from the process, and soon there was no longer any reason to worry. Officer Peterson sighed as he turned off his flashlight. "Alright, well, you are all clear to go. Thank you for your cooperation." The officer stated calmly and was preparing to leave with the canine unit and simply go home.
RK515 is a small eurasian timber wolf weighing 95lbs and standing 31in at the shoulder. He wears a thick police K9 vest across his chest & back. He has 4 white metal limbs with metal claws that are made out of a light material. He has a robotic right eye that flashes different colors, while his left eye is a dark brown. He is passive unless he perceives someone as a threat. He holds loyalties with individuals and not groups.

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Re: and born digital angel unknowing, living a lie (p)
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/rəˈzəlt/ | Noun

1. A consequence, effect, or outcome of something.

2. Ophiuchos could not resist but snort while the man observed their surroundings, amused at
the thought of how would he and even the mechanic dog react when they see the charred grasses did not appear to be done by them. Though at times like this were something they preferred to avoid going through, it was still always interesting and fun to see how entities would react to the result of their fall. Seeing others grow uneasy as their heartbeats quickened and skin became hot and sticky with their sweat. The fear taking over their eyes before it devoured the strength of their voice— oh, the occurrence of fear in these entities was their best part of the reaction.

One of their favourite things to do when returning home from their missions was telling and acting the situations centered around the reactions to their fall. With a sharp sense of humour in their core, they knew they could tell stories best, even so making most mundane moments more exciting, and cheered their loved ones up with their ability. It may put them into a higher chance of getting caught when there were rumours and / or news occurring about their fall and the mark it left behind, despite how uneasy they was at the idea of getting into deep trouble, in the end, they was excited for the danger.

They had gone into trouble numerous of times, yet the only reason they was yet not comfortable with it was because it would be a waste of time and effort for everyone to capture them and put them on trial or such, only to have them escape from their twitching hands with a laughter made to create brimstone and hellfire around them, and prideful gleam in their serpentine born eyes. Just as many moments they had been caught, they had, too, escaped in the end. Even for Ophiuchos who was not generally known to be quite of a kind individual, they usually bore pity for those involved in taking the time getting their hands on them with their past and identity.

( It would say a lot if they didn’t, however. A sign for an upcoming karma, some would think. )

Officer Peterson, the man soon introduced himself. “It is a pleasure to meet you too,” said Ophiuchos with a nod. They would remember him, that was for certain. They had never forgotten the faces and names they discovered and made stories and poems out of them. After all, with the bearer of snake eyes, and stars crafted with curiosity and ever seek for adventures filled in their core, they was supposed to a representation as one of the thirteen parts of life: Experiences. They often placed themself in not the past or future, but the present, grasping and appreciating everything that Time gave a sentence after a sentence, a movement after a movement.

An ever shifting moment with an ever shifting experience.

As the thirteenth Zodian, the creator of the House of Development, home for the Ophiuchians, they had a role to maintain the concept of experiences with every others from life ( that being Krios’ to look after ) to death ( Skorpios’ duty ). They made sure that entities would understand the meanings of their experiences and use them for their own good, how important it was to learn and explore in order to gain more experiences so they could help them reach further to even the stars above and catch more of their hopes and dreams. Ophiuchos was the moral that goes:

Remain in the present to love and appreciate it, for if you do not, your past will become the oblivion and your future will become the unknown, and you will remain in a limbo of eternal uncertainty.”

Every Zodians had their mottos that stood what they existed as.

I remember,” was Ophiuchos’.

“That’s something I’ve been trying to figure out too, Officer,” was all Ophiuchos said in return when asked about the burnt ground, their gaze follow after the light to the damage beneath them. The title left a sore feeling in their tongue, but they only swallowed it down. Though at the inquire of them setting fires, they chuckled. Most entities wouldn’t know they had the ability to create and control fire, as well as water. They wondered if Humans were really that foolish enough to damage public properties in ways that could attract attention to the open eyes and minds. Ophiuchos tensed when the mechanical dog approached closer to them and narrowed their eyes, a deadly sense of curiosity filled in their core.

It barked at them, and they realized it was speaking in a language they could understand.

"You have agreed to a search by the Unit RK515. Remain stationary and keep hands raised. Any movement will be taken as a threat and you will be restrained."

Ophiuchos’ eyes widened slightly and furrowed their eyebrows. They wondered if people would know that this “Unit RK515” had the ability to speak and they could understand it. They remained silent, keeping the note in mind for the future when they meet the mechanical dog again. They glanced at Officer Peterson then back at the creature. With its statement and eye returning back to yellow affirmed their thought that it could scan and record information. They thought it was extremely cool, but uncomfortable in this case of having to be compete still and face it three feet away, meeting the eyes of Death. They thought it as an equivalent to having a gun pointed right at their forehead.

They may be an immortal, as if they died, they would return to Space and had to recover for certain amount of days to regain all of their lost stars back before they could go back to living again, that did not mean they could not be hurt. Despite being a form of constellation, when taking after an appearance of an entity’s perception of them, their core would produce powerful emotions and senses so they could perform and live better as one of their kind, according to how the race was generally behaved. So, if Ophiuchos would live like them, they, too, must experience pain. The tragedies that would stain their core and damage it from white to blue to gone.

Although since the Fall, the Ultimus Zodians’ first ever fall that took place on their Earth, most of them in their guise forms were incapable of replicating a perfect body with its process of thoughts and emotions, such as them being unable to hold and express strong emotions like Skorpios, or their guise form would be weak enough to catch colds like Ihtheis. The Fall had formed permanent damages and markings to their cores that would transfer them over to their guises. The best ways to describe them with human labels were conditions, disabilities, and mental illnesses. With Ophiuchos, from the Fall, they had chronic pain and sensitive eyes.

Their replicated heartbeats paced when RK515 entered their personal space and sniffed their pockets. A feeling equivalent to adrenaline gradually swirled around within their core, keeping them lightheaded. They pleaded to the Stars and Moon above that the machine wouldn’t somehow malfunction or anything and eliminate them on the spot, as they honestly thought that experience would be worse to go through than getting arrested. Thankfully, every bits of tension left their form once RK515 backed away and analyzed the area before everything was clear. They mentally sighed in relief, and they swore they heard an amused snort from Qí in their head, as if it was telling them that they was really not prepared at all.

Shut up, Qí.

Ophiuchos shoved their hands into their jean pockets, their gaze never leaving RK515 since it observed them close. Realizing that the search was finished, hence, Officer Peterson would be possibly going away with the mechanical dog, they called out, “Ah, Officer Peterson. I’m curious to know about your dog there as I was wondering if you can explain to me what it is exactly. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

It was technically a lie. As a traveller who had explored and helped many planets and universes, it was expected they had stumbled across various types of robots and androids throughout most of their life as an Ultimus Zodian. Some were advanced and some were otherwise. It just depended on what tools and materials a world had with what kind of entities were determined to build them and what were their purposes of creating them. Their Earth had already created a few known robots and androids, but because they was in a different universe, they doubted their Earth would form a model like RK515.

Ophiuchos remembered it was quite late, so, Officer Peterson may not be willing to explain at this time, but it was worth a try. They could always go to the precinct and try to see if they could obtain information about RK515 from there. “If you have the time, of course,” they added with a small smile.

mark my word, oh devil lad