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« on: November 05, 2019, 04:12:03 AM »
      ❝ Here we are folks. Gather 'round and have a good look at what needs doing over the next two weeks. ❞ Brock announced as he wandered into the saloon, ripping the old sheet off the wall and replacing it with a new sheet of paper.

// sorry about turning biweekly tasks into triweekly tasks, but from now on it'll be biweekly!

Spoiler: TASKS • show
• Set up rat traps in the barn to get rid of the rat infestation.
Teach yourself a new skill (eg. fishing, knitting, navigation, guitar, building).
• Scavenge for herbs and/or flowers with any medicinal properties.
• Lead a training session to build up everybody's strength and stamina.
• Help take care of the sick and injured members of Bluestem Prairie.
Host a poker night in the saloon.

Spoiler: tags :: updated 07/18 • show
♘ brock van den bergh // no known nicknames
♘ male // he/him
♘ forty seven // ages real time // born third january
♘ member of bluestem prairie // formerly traveled with family and confidants
♘ led a gang with his closest confidants and colleagues before his wife died
♘ group unraveled during his grief, so he and his son soon left for BP
♘ joined BP april 2039
♘ promoted to marshal

faceclaim - jeffrey dean morgan
voice claim - jeffrey dean morgan [tw. violence]
♘ 6'0ft // strong, well-built frame
♘ dark chocolate brown eyes and salt and pepper hair
♘ physical health - 100% // current injuries: none
♘ mental health - 100% // N/A

♘ has anarchistic worldview // wants a world free from rules and regulations
♘ very well educated and therefore eloquent in his ways
♘ pro-individualist idealism forms charisma that attracts following of deviants
♘ has a kind, caring and playful disposition // very encouraging
♘ confident and sees himself as a sort of mentor
♘ shows a genuine compassion for allies // full of compliments
♘ his fearlessness often overlaps into recklessness
♘ very driven by vengeance and his own ego
♘ scarily charming and charismatic
♘ behavior has grown more aggressive, violent, and erratic recently
♘ often gaslights people to have things his way
♘ gets under people's skin using his charm to control them
♘ acts like the group's father and mentor // it's merely manipulation
♘ there is no ❝ real ❞ brock // he changes based on who he's with
♘ hypocritical // every ideal he preaches, he ends up breaking in some way
♘ he cares for himself over everyone else // driven by his own ego
♘ distances himself from conflict unless he knows he’s well guarded
♘ every decision of him is for self-preservation first and foremost
♘ terribly selfish // he only genuinely cares when it's convenient
♘ he would martyr anyone for his cause and has no shame in it
♘ takes in those in need of it, but not without his own ulterior motives
♘ only helps people as he knows these people will ❝ owe ❞ him after
♘ carries himself with the vigor of a much better, and mentally stronger, man
♘ picks pretty words and weaves them together, but is shallow all the same
♘ fashioned himself into something of a robin hood-like figure in the past
♘ he still thinks of himself in this manner // a vigilante

♘ horatio van den bergh x tanya van den bergh // both deceased
♘ two sisters, one older and one younger
♘ heterosexual, heteromantic
♘ widowed when his wife, alexandra, was shot and killed
♘ father of jamie van den bergh
♘ once owned a dog named baron who has since died
♘ owns a horse named prospector // adores him

bio // playlist // pinterest
♘ physically: very hard // mentally: hard
♘ very insensitive and brutal when it comes to harming others
♘ he'd even harm/omit to help his own allies if it does not benefit him
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of course, lhamo hadn’t been able to do her last weekly task, sadly. all it had been was cleaning guns but she had found it too hard to focus with the searing pain of her stab wound. of course, she was still recovering but she was doing much better. “could i take the second task? seems easy.” she offered, shifting her arms just enough to push her hair away from her face. with the wound, it had become difficult to lift her arms too much, as it pulled at the wound and cause more pain, so her hair was pretty much a frizzy, slightly tangled mess until she could find someone willing to help her brush it.
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rome wandered towards the sheet of paper on the wall, squinting as his eyes wandered the list. most of them weren't particularly up his alley. however, as his eyes landed on the last one in particular, he knew it was the one for him. "i'll host a poker night." it seemed simple enough and, among that, an easy way for roman to try and win himself a few things or two. guess he'd have to wait and see.
it was beautiful .