Author Topic: AN ENDLESS ROAD [ meeting, 11/11]  (Read 121 times)

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AN ENDLESS ROAD [ meeting, 11/11]
« on: November 10, 2019, 09:02:24 PM »
well, this was it. his first mission without selena, and boy was it nerve wrecking. he had paced for a good hour trying to figure out his words, not wanting to somehow mess up, but he guessed that it would just be easier to do it. so, there he was, stood in the hotel and biting his nails for a good minute before sighing and folding his hands together.

"alright, meeting time!" he called, waiting for people to gather before continuing.

"first off, selena is on a vacation. she needed some time off, and i agree with her. she does, with the baby coming and all. stress is bad. secondly, we hosted some halloween events! with halloween gone and past, i guess its time to start.. you know, planning for whatever holidays come next, maybe? hannukah or christmas, whatever you celebrate during december! so uh.. i guess thats.. really all?" he had been reading off of a note card, not really looking up at the crowd too much before finally the end of the meeting came. "so uh.. dismissed, unless anyone has something to say?"

alright so! im flying solo while bryne is on hiatus due to irl reasons, which is why selena is on a vaca right now!
if you guys have any ideas for holiday events, then pm me (@cosmyn) and ill bring it up with some of the other leaders c:
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