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i am cold [TALENT SHOW]
« on: November 29, 2019, 05:22:20 PM »
Right, they were supposed to be doing an event. After a bit of back and forth with Salem, they'd decided on doing a talent show. There was a lot less logistical planning for that than their other big consideration, a gladiator tournament. Maybe next time. So they'd cleared space in the casino (or more accurately, gotten some worms to do so), setting up a makeshift stage, table, and seating.

Right now the stage was occupied by Cat, and Salem was sitting at the table, with various other Badlanders in the seats. During the brief dress rehearsal the Boss and Councilman had, Salem had critiqued Cat for not being an interesting enough host. For not having enough pizzazz. Well, they'd come prepared this time.

"Alrightie, ladies, gentlmen, and all of you that are neither gentle nor man, welcome to the Badlands talent show. Rules are simple, you get up here, perform a talent, Salem gives you a rating, you get off so the next person can go." They made gestures as they talked, pointing at the audience, the stage, Salem, back to the audience. They might not be boring, but there wasn't very much showmanship.

"Laaameee!" Salem called, looking about ready to throw their drink at them.

A small smile curled around their lips. Just what they'd been waiting for. They'd been standing on the far end of the stage, away from the former pirate captain, and now they practically bounded over towards him, slipping a hand into their pocket, into a plastic bag inside, and coming back out with a hand full of glitter that was thrown directly at Salem. "My name's Cat and my talent is pissing everyone off!"

With that they got off the stage and took a seat in the front row, the only rating Salem offering being a middle finger.

//ok so we're doing a talent show! how it works is pretty simple, post your character going up and performing their talent (keeping that to one post so everyone will get a chance), or just spectating the event! no need to wait for me or Darky to post between acts. Also, it's important to note that Salem's ratings will be totally arbitrary

Spoiler: IF YOU DONT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW && INFO && 11/29/19 • show
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Re: i am cold [TALENT SHOW]
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2019, 07:54:33 PM »
"Motherfucker, this is gonna be impossible to wash out!" Salem spat vitriol at Cat for their display of being a giant goddamn asshole and throwing glitter directly into his face, coating him and making him look like a damn male entertainer.

He was now in a terrible mood, but he bit his lip and sputtered when he tasted glitter. When he was done coughing, he waved one hand. "Alright, Cat gets a fucking zero. Next person is up, you can't possibly do worse than that."

//Ratings will be from 0-10, based off of showmanship, effort exerted and how much Salem ICly enjoys them. Whoever has the most impressive act according to Salem will get a small in-universe prize at the end!
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