Author Topic: the kid would like coffee, black // open, joining  (Read 182 times)

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the kid would like coffee, black // open, joining
« on: February 09, 2020, 02:10:26 AM »
It was snowy as hell on this mountain. If she wasn't wearing so much black she was sure nobody would be able to find her with how pale she was. She had nothing but a bag of her things on her, the bag was across her body and under her coat. The most dangerous thing on her was candles in her bag unless the fact she was basically possessed was considered dangerous.

Dessa noticed the lodge up ahead, so with her hands in her pockets she trudged through the snow and over to the large building. She was fucking cold but also didn't want to get her ass kicked by whoever called that place home. She walked up the steps, knocking on the door as she stood there waiting for someone to open the door and hopefully not kill her. God, that'd be ironic, wouldn't it? Making it this far and the snow wouldn't kill her but someone living here did? Shit. 

When the door opened, she jumped. She had started to think nobody was gonna open it "Um, hey. Do you guys have any coffee?" she tried to ignore the visible shivering she was doing since she definitely had some close calls with other groups in the past. She just wanted something to warm her up and keep her awake and she'd be out of their hair - not knowing that this place would become home.

"I'm not part of a group or anything and um...I don't have anything like...weapon wise. At most I have candles in my bag that's under my coat" she explained nervously, she had traveled with people before so she knew what to expect to be asked. She decided to just get it out of the way so she could be rejected quicker. Where would she go from here? She had no idea. Was there even another place close by?

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Re: the kid would like coffee, black // open, joining
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2020, 02:10:32 PM »
Ed wanted to think that the Lodge was well guarded, but sometimes a few stragglers could slip passed. And, it appeared that in this instance, a newcomer had managed to creep past the guards’ peripheral vision. A knock at the front door had Ed perplexed, frowning gaze shifting over towards his older brother as the two men stared at each other with confusion. It wasn’t every day they heard a knock at the front door.

❝ I’ll get it- ❞ Tommy pointed out gruffly, rising from where he was lounging before trudging to the front door. This could only go horribly, knowing the grit of his brother. Tom swung the door open, features shriveled up grouchily as he stared down at the girl. Ed tipped his chin up, watching over carefully. He could hear the voice; evidently a young girl from the sounds of it. She asked for… wait- Did she just ask for coffee?

Tommy visibly looked as perplexed as Ed was, but the only clear difference between the brothers was that Tommy wasn’t able to conceal his expressions. ❝ Do we have any fuckin’ coffee? ❞ Tom questioned, voice squeaking with sheer disbelief as he gawked before he began cackling hysterically. ❝ You climbed all the way up this fuckin’ mountain for coffee? ❞

❝ Tommy- ❞ Eddie warned lowly, standing up and beginning to make his way over. Tommy theatrically gestured towards the girl, continuing on regardless with a fit of incredulous laughter, ❝ Nah, listen- ❞ Tom waved his hand, ❝ I feel like I’m livin’ some fuckin’ fever dream. Honestly! ❞ Ed sighed, nudging Tommy aside before looking towards the newcomer. ❝ What’s your name? ❞ He asked, features stoic before taking a step back. ❝ Come on inside. It’s cold out there. ❞

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Re: the kid would like coffee, black // open, joining
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2020, 05:05:19 PM »
  "Yes I want some fucking coffee, did you not hear me? You need hearing aids, old man?" She sassed back, raising an eyebrow in clear unamusement. She asked a simple question, who knew it was so difficult to answer. She kept an emotionless face and he laughed, fitting with her rather goth appearance as far as stereotypes go. She then rolled her eyes when he spoke again, christ he really needed some fuckin' hearing aids. "No I came all the way up here to sell you some fuckin' girl scout cookies. Jesus man, how dumb are you?" This was taking a lot longer than she had hoped. She really just wanted some coffee and she'd fuck off, but this guy seemed to think she was hilarious.

When asked her name, she just glared at "Tommy" before looking back at Eddie "Odessa. Though bit of advice? Get a better welcome wagon, Tommy here needs to retire." When she was invited in, Dessa clearly hesitated before stepping inside, awkwardly standing near the door but out of the way so it could be shut. She didn't really know what they expected or where they wanted her to go so near the door seemed like the safest option.

"He never really answered me, do you guys have coffee? I swear I'll be out of your hair after I just don't want to like...pass the fuck out on the way down."