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“come on, james. you’ve seen him around, yeah?”

james should have known that their get-together would’ve brought this up again. of course, one conversation with the matchmaker caleb jones could never be so simple. so much for a quick catch-up over a cup of coffee, he noted to himself. he looked down at the table, huffing a short breath. lips twitched into the start of a smile, shrugging as he reluctantly said, “i- don’t know.” eyes eventually wandered towards the emt, brows raising. “i don’t think i’m ready, or-” he felt at a loss of words, shaking his head as he searched for another reason, another excuse. at this point, he felt like he was running out of them.

“you always say that.” james huffed under his breath, but otherwise didn’t speak up for himself or counter. couldn’t argue with that one. maybe it was time he looked for something more than just one-night stands or momentarily flings. he traced the rim of his cup of coffee as caleb continued, “it’s been almost two years, man. it’s time you put yourself out there again.” momentary silence. still, james couldn’t help but shoot him a look then, the kind that must have told caleb to drop it. the emt held his hands up defensively, laughing as he defended, “alright, alright! that’s it. i won’t bring it up anymore after this. promise.”

“i’ll believe it when i see it.”

caleb laughed softly, the two chuckling to themselves. the two sobered. james brought the cup to his lips, figuring that would be the last of it. but caleb leaned forward, lips twitched into a gentle smile, a soft look in his eyes. “just tell me you’ll think about it.” he pursed his lips momentarily, then added, “he seems like your kinda guy.”

“must be quite the guy.” he sounded unconvinced. james wasn’t so sure if caleb actually believed that or not. he didn’t know what could even make this firefighter guy “his kind of guy.” still, that didn’t stop the officer from reluctantly nodding, placing his cup down on the table. “i’ll think about it.”

this was james’s kind of night. drinking absently from his glass, eyes searched around the bar. some nights he wondered why he came to this bar so often. though sometimes it felt obvious. it was a chance to get away from work, stay out of the house with nothing to do. what else was there for a single man to do?

and perhaps it was only luck for eyes to wander towards mick standing across the room, alone, as the next song began to play. maybe it was something more. still, he couldn’t help but smile to himself, finishing what was left of his drink, tempted to head over towards the familiar face. mick asimov. the man that he’d seen around before -- and the man he’d heard so much about. he couldn’t say he knew much more about him other than his name and face - and that, apparently, he was quite the guy. for a moment he dismissed the idea of getting to know him, whether it was simply nerves or something else he didn’t know.

with a bit of dutch courage, though, he figured it might be worth it to shoot his shot; he had a nice smile, a welcoming face. what was the worst that could happen? he stood up from his place at the bar, lips twitching into a kind smile. “hey,” he greeted as he neared, searching the man’s features before he gestured over towards the dance floor. “do you dance?”