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home — plot with leo
« on: March 20, 2020, 04:20:19 PM »
heyo! kaleo is my new boy, his tags are here. in a shellnut, he's a medic who does no harm but takes no shit. he's an introvert, but he's a good friend who will offer you advice when you need it but will also provide a shoulder for you to lean on. leo is steadfast, and i consider him to be an "old soul in a young body"; he is self-assured and definitely no pushover. he's a pleasant person to be around, and even reveals his more goofy side when he gets close to someone.

open to:
— friends ; depends on the chemistry but generally if you're a decent person then you can make friends with him
— frenemies ; maybe someone that annoys him or always picks arguments with him but he'll still save their ass if they're in trouble... u feel
— enemies ; not very likely tbh? unless you're a total douche and / or hurt someone he cares about . he will prob be passive-aggressive rather than straight-up aggressive , he's not the type to instigate .
— crushes ( on him )
— mutual crushes / long-term relationships ; a lil picky abt this , as i am with all of my character's relationships lol . i'd like for this to come more naturally through ic development and chemistry as he's not a person to fall in love very easily .
— him treating your character's injuries
— teaching your character first-aid
— taking someone younger under his wing / apprentice ??

closed to:
— children / adopting children
— maim / kill
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Re: home — plot with leo
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2020, 04:33:14 PM »
*snatches* he's mine now beach i claim him

okay so fred is outwardly nice just so long as nobody gets on his bad side type thing
i think it's kind of frederick's Things to be buddy-buddy and friends with everyone. so i don't think kaleo would be an exception to that
also fred can be one Messy Bitch that gets himself into fights from time to time so there's always time for him to come crawling over to kaleo like "i think this needs stitches- don't ask" and just being an idiot trying to make kaleo like him or laugh while the poor guy is just trying to focus on stitching up his Injury