Author Topic: The Stables and the devil threw roses --- open, horse race  (Read 18 times)

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and the devil threw roses --- open, horse race
« on: March 25, 2020, 08:40:53 PM »
It was perhaps the most traditional non-traditional thing he'd seen in the Badlands yet; and he hadn't even organized the event, he'd just set up the betting ring!

Four horses, four experienced jockeys, an endurance race starting at the stables, looping around the hills on the outskirts of Badlands territory before shooting off into the city and heading to the beach for the finish line. He wasn't sure if this was animal cruelty or not, but it sounded like fun and he didn't mind lounging on a pilfered lawn chair outside the stables as people milled about and placed their final bets as the jockeys got their horses ready.

He took a sip out of a half-full gallon jug of clean water and set it on the grass, for once in his life not purposefully drawing attention to himself. But, all good things come to an end eventually, and as he noticed two of the jockeys start climbing onto their saddles he stood up and held up a small, white and red piece of fabric.

"Last call on bets. Only place bets with unspent ammunition, and you can only pick one pony," Salem called, grabbing his small ledger from where he'd set it on the grass and casually flipping through it. He wasn't even taking a percentage of the bets, he just liked seeing people lose valuable things.

//As a separate ooc thing, you can actually have your character icly "bet" on any of the horses and if the horse wins I'll send you 5k bones! There's no fee for entry and you don't lose anything if you pick a losing horse, this isn't actually betting.
//The horses are:
1: Sky's Lament
2: Marching Legion
3: Adaigo
4: Whispered Song
All have equal odds of winning, since I'll be using a random number generator from 1-4 to pick.
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