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too close - private, sp
« on: April 20, 2020, 09:56:29 PM »
claire loves u!

She was headed to the field, deciding to practice for soccer a bit since she had some time between social life and class life. But there on the gym floor was a familiar face and Jens being Jens, it didn't register right away something was wrong. She thought her teammate was simply laying there between maybe running or something but as she got closer she realized she was wrong.

The scream that came from Jens she'd later not remember giving, nor would she remember running from the gym and not stop until she ran into someone outside. Now, Jens was basically like a little meme full of stupid things to say and always hungry. Right now, she was what was considered (for her) shut down. She wouldn't talk and shaking. Luckily, her screaming was enough for attention to go to the body and not her.

Jens didn't say anything to whoever she ran into, just glanced towards the gym. She had a slight grip on the person, likely from being scared and also because she recognized whoever she ran into. However, she wouldn't be talking to anyone unless Jane or Claudia. You could get her to nod or shake her head but that's about all. Though the fear in her eyes and tears coming to them definitely said something.

She always tried to make light of these situations, but she couldn't. This was a teammate, it hit too close to home this time.     
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Re: too close - private, sp
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2020, 02:48:02 AM »
claire loves u!

Claudia hasn’t spoken to Jens in a little while. It’s not like the other girl has done anything wrong, though. Sure, she had slept with Claudia’s... whatever he is, but there’s no way she could have known. Even so, Claudia’s found herself ignoring the other girl more often than not, fearing her own short temper will snap when she sees Jens. It’s not like she’s the most jealous person, and she really doesn’t want to seem like an absolute bitch, but she can’t help but feel a little frustrated that the whole thing had been to make her... well, jealous. And honestly, she’s even more frustrated at the fact that it worked. It’s useless now, of course, considering her and Rey have since made up, but she’s trying to be cool about it however she can; and if that requires steering clear of Jens, so be it.

However, when Jens runs into her, she can’t exactly ignore her. Claudia’s leaving the gym, a little sweaty and completely out of uniform (only wearing a t-shirt and running shorts; she had just run laps to clear her head) when Jens hurdles right into her, clutching into her arms and crying, tears streaming down her face. No matter what little fake feud Claudia has going on inside her head with Jens, she’s not going to ignore this.

”Jens, are you okay?” Claudia asks, voice tinted with concern and eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She grabs the other girl’s shoulders in an attempt to get rid of her clutch on Claudia’s arms, which are starting to ache. ”Hey, calm down, it’s just me. What happened?” she frets. She’s never seen Jens like this, and it’s scaring her the longer she stares at her.
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