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mutual destruction - p
« on: April 23, 2020, 02:47:09 AM »
you're amazing!
u rock !
the euphoria only lasts for an hour or so and the come down can be a crash. the duo spent their high giggling and talking a mile a minute, often times their brain working much faster than their mouths can form words, but neither of them cared or noticed, really. sobering up usually hits bryn pretty hard, becoming exhausted and feeling worse about herself than usual; so sleeping  is her preference when she’s done.

bryn woke up in a bit of a sweat, but manages to sit up out of her boyfriend’s bed, arms stretching out straight along her sides before she stands. she shakes her shoulders and upper body, trying to snap out of the grogginess. adam’s still asleep, she’s just checking, it had been their first time doing cocaine together. who knew the two would find one another in a fucking catholic boarding school. subconsciously, seeing him peaceful brings a soft smile to her face. she looks to his mirror and is somewhat startled by her own reflection, a small tail of dried blood comes from her nose. she should be accustomed to it, it happens once in awhile, but it had been awhile since she’d gotten high. bryn swallows, moving closer to the mirror, licking her thumb and doing her best to wipe it away, not wanting to head to the bathroom simply for this. when her face is finally clean, she pouts at herself with her arms crossed and a sigh; she’s disappointed by what she sees.

the noise of adam stirring in bed from behind her brings her back to the present; in all honesty, she’s unsure how long she had even been standing at the mirror. bryn thinks he’s awake, so forces a smile onto her face and greets him. but she doesn’t get a response. her eyebrows knit together and head tilts a bit, turning on her heels to see what’s going on. oh, he’s not awake. she can’t make it out, but he’s mumbling something and twitching, more twitching than the normal male sleep twitch. bryn feels a little panic bubble up in her stomach and she makes her way over, sitting on one of her feet on the edge of the bed. he’s distressed and it really unsettles bryn, making a shiver go through her; with all the shit going on recently, she doesn’t like this at all. ”hey, adam, her voice quivers, something quite out of character for her, ”adam, hey, wake up,” bryn clears her throat and shaking him, eyes darting between his face and where she’s shaking him, moving from his shoulder to his arm then to his side.

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