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survivor — private
« on: April 24, 2020, 04:20:30 AM »
claire loves u!

There are many things Claudia is scared of, whether she cares to admit them or not. Bugs, spiders, most of the times heights. But above most else, Claudia is terrified of ghosts. Of the undead; spirits come back from the afterlife to haunt those who haven’t passed yet. She’s grown up on stories of demons and spirits from Brazilian folklore thanks to her mother, and every time she’s out alone in the forest (which seems to be way too often nowadays), her mind drifts back to them.

In all honesty, maybe she would be less scared if she had someone here with her. Someone she likes, maybe even trusts. Seora, Violetta, Rey, literally anyone except for who she’s gotten stuck with. Thinking of her now, Claudia turns around to look at Bryn, heart still sinking every time she catches sight of the other girl she’s gotten lost with. They had been with the whole group—never go out on your own and try to stay with everyone else, they had all agreed—but Claudia and Bryn always seem to be the last of the group. Always struggling to keep up, straggling by at the end of the group because their fear of the paranormal trumped their curiosity. This time they seemed to have loitered a little too far behind, and now they’re on their own and can’t find anyone. That’s just great.

It’s not like Claudia absolutely despises Bryn. She wants to like the other girl, she really and truly does. But how can she do that when she gets accused of theft every time she speaks to her? In all fairness, if the positions were switched, Claudia would probably assume she had stolen the ring, too. But with everything going on recently, she truly doesn’t understand how Bryn can completely erase the idea of ghosts trying to mess with their heads from her mind.

”Oh my god, I literally don’t even know where we are,” Claudia mumbles only half to herself, honestly trying to keep her nerves under control. She still has yet to cry in front of anyone in their little group besides Seora (and that was on accident without Claudia knowing), and she really doesn’t want Bryn of all people to be the first. She checks behind her shoulder every couple paces, wrinkling her nose. alittle at Bryn’s footing—if she keeps it up, she’s gonna twist her ankle.

It’s then when she catches sight of it. Probably forty feet away from them, in the darkness, stands a tall, shadowy figure, eyes glowing blinding white in the dark. It stands beside an aging, rotting ash tree, but as Claudia notices it, she notices it move its legs, start to come toward them. Claudia’s throat seems to drop into her stomach. “Bryn?” she asks, voice shaky. “Do you see that?” she points at the figure, slowly but surely making its way towards the pair of them, and even as she says it, she knows that Bryn can see it, too. “We have to hurry up and get the hell out of here,” she states, moving to take Bryn’s arm to urge her forward but deciding against it and just ushering her along as they start to quicken their pace.

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Re: survivor — private
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2020, 07:25:19 PM »
claire loves u!

there’s been a pout etched into bryn’s face since they’d gotten lost. her arms are crossed tightly around her torso, eyes watching claudia’s feet as they try and navigate this hellish forest. the two easily could have maybe seen eye to eye in their fears, both having similar ones and coming from lore they were told as children, but bryn’s pride is a bit too big for that. a part of the reason she’s pouting, the other being from the fear and to help her not start to tear up and cry; her jaw’s clenched tightly to hold the face. she clutched her phone and precious family ring in a tight fist, her knuckles turning an almost sickly shade of white, not only is she scared of whatever demons seem to frolic here, but claudia already stole her things, so what’s stopping her from doing it again?

”this is fucking stupid,” bryn mutters to herself, shaking her head with a dramatic sigh. her already small steps turning into drags of her feet, her dread of this situation even evident from simply looking at her. when she catches claudia look back to check on her, bryn rolls her eyes, letting out a huff.

even though claudia has denied being the one who took the ring every single time bryn has brought it up, bryn is blind to any other possibility. sure, there seems to be ghosts or whatever here, but what would they want with her ring? no monetary value for them, let alone anything sentimental. but claudia. she seems to have the motive, already not liking bryn and having made comments about being poor before. sure, she was with violetta at the time, but maybe they stopped by and claudia propped the door open or stayed behind, trashing the room and making off with the ring. how the fuck else can it be explained that it ended up in their room? the others in their little group made bryn feel crazy about this, but it’s the sole logical explanation, she’s sure any investigators would come to the same conclusion. it may have been unfounded and unfair to then jump to claudia being the murderer, bryn knows this but won’t admit the fault; once again, her pride’s in the way.

”ugh,” she exclaims, stopping in her tracks and stomping her foot slightly, ”wondering is useless. we should just go back to the dorms and yell at them for leaving us later,” bryn would love to walk away with that, but there is one thing worse than being stuck out here with claud; being stuck out here alone.

 just then, a rustle in the undergrowth and a snap of a branch somewhere off to her left. her eyes go wide, clenching her jaw tighter than ever. bryn’s frozen, locked eye contact with claud, scared to even look for what that could be. she can’t even bring herself to breathe, let alone ask if she heard it too or what it was. she tries her best not to begin shaking but her head slowly shakes at claudia, praying to whatever’s watching them for this to be nothing.

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