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« on: April 25, 2020, 11:25:20 AM »

was it just him, or was the sun really beating down on the prairie today? hell, if anyone thought otherwise, they probably hadn’t taken the time to be outside. they most certainly weren’t over by sweetwater farm, keeping up with the daily chores. the farm work could be tedious enough, taking care of the animals and the crops. the sun didn’t make it any easier. yet roman was still determined to make himself useful, knowing full well there were some people that didn’t seem to pull their weight. not to say any names, or anything, but…

fatigued, the second-in-command wandered over towards the water pump. sweaty and overall exhausted, he pumped water out into the bucket. “jesus,” he said to himself, dipping his hands into the bucket. splashing water on his face, the cool water more than welcome at this point. the splash drenched himself and his shirt and - honestly, he looked goddamn awful. worse for wear. though it wasn’t like he was trying to win any beauty pageant at this point.

resting a hand on the pump, he leaned against his arm and looked around at all the progress of the day.

it was beautiful .

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i'm first and fierce if i'm in sight of
sunlight, sunlight, sunlight

David had been resting since the head injury, but helped out where he could, if it proved not to be too much of a strain. He was currently helping out in the gardens, his hair pulled back into a loose bun as it was in his face. It was so thick, and sweat poured from his head like it were raining directly over top of him. He was sure that his hair was soaked. He stood up, wiped his brow, and happened to see Roman. He waved, his giant hand high in the air and a beaming smile crossing his face.

The heat didn't seem to bother the man; as neither did the cold, but it was so obvious that he was just about ready to drop. His cheeks were a deep red, either from the heat or from the sun, and his grey shirt was now a darker shade. He fanned his shirt, then meandered over to the pump, being careful where to step. He stood near Roman, but not too close, as he was afraid of both taking up people's spaces, and because he wasn't too sure if the man wanted to talk to him. He would be fine if Roman shooed him away; it wouldn't be the first.

"Kinda hot out, huh?" David's usually deep, booming voice was soft, still busying himself by fanning his shirt.

David was sure he looked like a delight, with dirt caked up his massive arms, darkened the knees of his pants, and could have been smeared on his face, but Roman looked ready to drop. He pitied the man, and wished he could do something to help cool the man down. At least the water was helping, David thought to himself, turning and looking around to idle himself in case.

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what caused the wound? how large the teeth?
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Brock’s natural sloth and complacency was only proven in times like these. He was the Chief of this town - must he really take on exhausting manual work when his job was to think so that none of his people had to? Brock was certainly quick to push responsibility onto others when he was expected to take on potentially taxing work. And so, especially on a day as hot as this one, nobody ought to expect Brock to work on the farm.

And so, stepping out of the front door of the farmhouse, Brock comfortably rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows, watching the work of a couple of ranchers working on the land before he began to wander around the porch. Leaning against the white wooden railings eventually, he began to light a cigar, lodging it between his lips as he puffed on it with contentment. Beneath the shade, sheltered from the sweltering sun.

Dark eyes landed on Roman and David talking to one another by the water pump, Brock slowly squinting with curiosity before he finally called out, ❝ Your diligent work is ever inspiring… the both of you! ❞ Lips curled into a crooked grin, watching with intense eyes before gesturing towards the pair of them with his cigar, Both of you should come in for a drink after all this! No need to be hasty 'n' all. ❞

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♘ brock van den bergh // no known nicknames
♘ male // he/him
♘ forty eight // ages real time // born third january
♘ member of bluestem prairie // formerly traveled with family and confidants
♘ led a gang with his closest confidants and colleagues before his wife died
♘ group unraveled during his grief, so he and his son soon left for BP
♘ joined BP april 2039
♘ took over as leader sept 2039

faceclaim - jeffrey dean morgan
voice claim - jeffrey dean morgan
♘ 6'0ft // strong, well-built frame
♘ dark chocolate brown eyes and salt and pepper hair
♘ physical health - 100% // current injuries: none
♘ mental health - 100% // N/A

♘ has anarchistic worldview // wants a world free from rules and regulations
♘ very well educated and therefore eloquent in his ways
♘ pro-individualist idealism forms charisma that attracts following of deviants
♘ has a kind, caring and playful disposition // very encouraging
♘ confident and sees himself as a sort of mentor
♘ shows a genuine compassion for allies // full of compliments
♘ his fearlessness often overlaps into recklessness
♘ very driven by vengeance and his own ego
♘ scarily charming and charismatic
♘ behavior has grown more aggressive, violent, and erratic recently
♘ often gaslights people to have things his way
♘ gets under people's skin using his charm to control them
♘ acts like the group's father and mentor // it's merely manipulation
♘ there is no ❝ real ❞ brock // he changes based on who he's with
♘ hypocritical // every ideal he preaches, he ends up breaking in some way
♘ he cares for himself over everyone else // driven by his own ego
♘ distances himself from conflict unless he knows he's well guarded
♘ every decision of him is for self-preservation first and foremost
♘ terribly selfish // he only genuinely cares when it's convenient
♘ he would martyr anyone for his cause and has no shame in it
♘ takes in those in need of it, but not without his own ulterior motives
♘ only helps people as he knows these people will ❝ owe ❞ him after
♘ carries himself with the vigor of a much better, and mentally stronger, man
♘ picks pretty words and weaves them together, but is shallow all the same
♘ fashioned himself into something of a robin hood-like figure in the past
♘ he still thinks of himself in this manner // a vigilante

♘ horatio van den bergh x tanya van den bergh // both deceased
♘ two sisters, one older and one younger
♘ heterosexual, heteromantic
♘ widowed when his wife, alexandra, was shot and killed
♘ father of jamie van den bergh
♘ owns a horse named prospector // adores him

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♘ physically: very hard // mentally: hard
♘ very insensitive and brutal when it comes to harming others
♘ he'd even harm/omit to help his own allies if it does not benefit him

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i'm first and fierce if i'm in sight of
sunlight, sunlight, sunlight

Roman sure had scared David plenty, the man's authority was enough to send his skin crawling, but his cold reactions to things gave the man a sense of unease, but he sure as shit did not scare him as much as Brock. The man visibly startled when the leader's voice rang out, spinning around to face Brock. He studied the man for a second before smiling and waving at Brock. He looked at Roman to see the man's expression or reaction, before turning back to Brock and putting his hands on his hips.

"Thank you! A drink sounds nice," he hummed lowly and glanced at Roman to check if it was okay.

honey, when you kill the lights and kiss my eyes
i feel like a person for a moment of my life

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> major injuries ;; head injury (healing)
> important things to note ;; david has a bad skin condition that causes his body to break out into mass acne ; his face, shoulders, and back get the worst of it

> long, brown hair ; pale brown eyes ; rather large with a strongman physique ; 7;6" ; just over 400 lbs
> no body modifications
> anything loose ; big, white shirt that's stained with dirt and sweat ; sweatpants that are also stained with dirt
> no carried items
> important things to note ;; his wisdom teeth have all grown in in clumps ; he has no back teeth ; his jaw is obviously dislocated, but he won't let anyone touch it to put it back in

> very friendly ; hesitant around strangers ; difficult to gain his trust ; general sweetheart ; likes to compliment people ; very protective of his daughter ; very self-less and usually lets people eat before he does ; awkward with forced interactions ; prefers to be the one to start conversations ; very laid back
> anxiety
> eyebrows twitch a lot

> margaret benson and charles benson ;; both parents are alive
> mary-anne (mary) benson ;; sister is alive
> demisexual ; panromantic
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credit @ kenneth
what caused the wound? how large the teeth?
i saw new eyes were watching me.

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« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2020, 10:40:14 PM »

roman couldn’t say he was the hardest worker around. he did have an incredible tendency to look like he was doing a lot without doing much at all - for example, all those trips to franklin’s home in flintlock to “talk trade” all those times - which came in handy from time to time. he could only wish that this hard labor was so easy to fake. it didn’t hurt appearances to be out and about occasionally, he supposed. his arms and legs were going to feel like jell-o tomorrow though, and he knew he was going to hate it.

”kinda hot out, huh?”
he eyed the man for a moment, licking his lips briefly in thought. he didn’t need to think long before he quickly agreed. “yeah. i’m dying out here.” roman could be a bit dramatic, but at the same time, it didn’t quite feel like it. his eyes wandered over towards brock as he called out to them, cigar and crooked grin and all. god, roman didn’t want to go over there--

but sure enough, it would have been too awkward to politely turn down the offer after david took the man up on his offer. the big guy looked over at him, as if expecting ro to give him the go-ahead. with impassive features - careful to not look as peeved and unhappy as he felt - he looked back to brock. “sounds great.” leading the way, he shoved his hands in his pockets as he went over to the porch. “it’s generous of you. you’re so kind.” plain  and monotonous as the words sounded, he was sure brock could pick up on just how ingenuine they were- borderline sarcastic, even.

it was beautiful .