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bittersweet — private, sp
« on: April 26, 2020, 09:46:26 PM »
claire loves u!

Claudia’s feeling a little conflicted.

The previous night had been... a rough one, to say the least. She loved Seora more than life itself, but now Claudia wonders if maybe she would’ve been happier without knowing the secret her drunk best friend had accidentally spilled at midnight. Claudia had had her suspicions, of course. Jens and Rey had seemed so much closer ever since she had patched things up with Rey, but Claudia wasn’t one to throw accusations around without knowing the truth. Maybe hearing it for sure had theown her into a fit. She doesn’t really know what her relationship with the boy is, but some feelings are definitely there, whether she likes it or not, and it hurts a little bit to know that he might not have ever felt the same way.

Whatever her issue is with him right now, he hasn’t responded to any of her texts all day, and after he had been complaining of falling ill all day the previous day, she’s getting a little worried. Even if they’re fighting, he’s not the one who ceases to respond—that’s usually her. It’s concerning, him being this quiet, thus her current trek to his dorm room to make sure he’s okay. She still isn’t sure if she’s the one who should be doing this, but no one else seemed to offer to do so, and she’s not just going to let it go like that.

As she gets closer, she hears yelling. She brushes it off at first—it’s getting late and this school is creepy as living hell—but the closer she gets to Rey’s dorm, the more its tarts to sound like him. Her eyebrows furrow in confusion. Why would he be yelling? She hadn’t even expected him to be awake. Her steps start to hurry in pace, and before she knows it, she’s outside his door. He’s still yelling (it’s definitely him, she can now mentally confirm), and she’s a little scared to open the door. She texts the groupchat, then Declan to ask if he’s inside, but with no solid responses for ten minutes as she stands there, she sighs to herself.

There’s really nothing else she can do except venture inside alone. Whoever wants to come check up on him will show up soon enough; besides, the yelling has subsided, at least a little. Claudia opens the door—it’s unlocked, she’s surprised to notice—and glances around the room as she steps inside. She can’t see any of the three inhabitants, and she’s about to check the bathroom when she notices an unmistakable head of curls on Rey’s bed. Furrowing her eyebrows, she starts to walk over.

“Uh, Rey, it’s me. I know last night was a little crazy and you might not even want to see me right now, but I was worried about you, so just... let me know if you’re fine?” she says, placing a tentative hand on his shoulder to further let him know she’s here. She usually isn’t one for much physical touch, but he seems to be in his own head right now and she doesn’t know if just her words will snap him out of it.
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