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DETENTION / private.
« on: April 27, 2020, 05:06:01 PM »
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Rey has been in the garden all day.

He's afraid if he stays in that dorm for much longer, he may suffocate in on himself— he's still not sure what is happening. just that his own mind is on loop, displaying his brother's fucking death like a snuff film except this time it's him behind the gun and his mama's crying and he wakes up, then he's throwing up something that looks like blood, and then it starts again although he's trying to resist sleep.

Rey's had his fears, but he's usually able to tuck them away in his own head. Sure, there are moments where he thinks about 'em but it's never affected him to this degree. Rey doesn't know what to do so he does the only thing he's good at when shit like this happens to him— he shuts everyone else out. Tries to figure out where the source could have came from; was it triggered by his guilt? Or his immense anger towards Seora?

She'd ruined him on the basis of one mistake. How she found out? He had no fucking clue, but it doesn't take him long to land on a motive: Claudia. Hadn't everything began and ended when he'd became involved with Claudia? Every confrontation they ever had involved her, didn't it? He could have ruined her with his conclusions, if they turned out true, but ultimately decided against it. He may have been a bad person, but he wasn't a terrible person.

By the time he'd text her, he planned for this confrontation to be no different; to hurt her feelings, amp her up and make her cry. Anything to make him feel better about himself. He waited there in his hoodie and sweatpants, pacing back and forth as bloodshot eyes scanned his immediate area. Then, a rustle. He spun around to meet the cautious eyes of Seora.

You could just kill her right now. Dispose of the body. Paint it like an attack and- What the fuck? Rey is shocked by his— no not his thoughts, they couldn't be. But then again, he'd nearly done it before to his brother— no, not his brother. To some... one. What made him any less capable of thinking those thoughts now?

Suddenly, Rey's whole body seems to sag. His head hangs defeatedly as he reaches up, balled fists pressing into his eye sockets as he tries to conceal his tears. "God Seora." He sobs, voices raw from previous self-conflict. He wanted to tell her he almost feared for her safety; but selfishly worried what might happen to him if he ended up alone. "I'm sorry, I'm so fucked up. I'm sorry."
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Re: DETENTION / private.
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2020, 02:46:52 AM »
claire loves u!

Seora was terrified.

Her brother had called last night. He talked long and hard about nothing in particular. He mentioned his job, his new fiancée, how he visited home recently, and that he was so excited to see her again. She hadn't said a word throughout the whole thing, and after a while, she began to have the sinking feeling that he hadn't meant to call her at all. She could sense the slur in his words, the slight pauses in the middle of his sentences; she eventually understood that it wouldn't matter if she kept listening. So, while he was still droning on at the other end of the line, Seora hung up and got shitfaced drunk.

She couldn't remember when she took out her phone. She couldn't remember when she started a bloodbath. All that she knew when she woke up in Asami's dorm was that she had an awful headache.

And then she read her texts.

Seora had been aware for a while. She was also aware that Claudia and Rey were an item, no matter how much the former tried to deny it. And the very fact had made her fume, long before she broke it off with Rey, and long before she even realized she had a thing for his girl. He was her friend. She was her friend. And Seora was so, so fucking lonely. 

Seora left Asami's room with an umbrella and shut the door behind her. She lingered for a few minutes, her palms beginning to turn clammy.

She knew how to beat someone out cold. She knew how it felt when a fist collided with skin, or how the other one would wail and cry for mercy until she could taste metal and barely see. She could do it again. It didn't matter that Rey was taller, stronger, bigger..she had never seen him in action, but he hadn't, either.

She tightened her grip around her umbrella and set off with a new kind of fervor. But here she was, facing the man in question, and Seora couldn't do a thing.

He was shaking a bit, his eyes darting all over the place. He didn't seem to catch sight of her right away, but when he did, he made it clear. Rey was glowering at her like an animal about to pounce on their prey.

The blood had since drained from her face. Seora was frozen to the spot, unable to flee nor step forward. As she bit her lip to prevent from sobbing, her heart dropped as she heard a sound she would never have expected.

"God, Seora." It was a guttural cry, and she could only watch as her opponent began to stagger. "I'm sorry, I'm-"

She was walking..running. She caught his shoulders and wrapped her arms around him.

"You're not. Stop. Stop."

She would never think of anyone again. Never in a million years.

Seora pulled away from him and struck him across the face. "STOP!" She bought him hot chocolate with the last of
her change yesterday. He couldn't do this to her. He couldn't.
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