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hush hush hush — private, sp
« on: April 28, 2020, 12:05:07 AM »
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ever since she's been gotten here, she's had an uneasy feeling. it was beyond its creepy factor; beyond the fact that it'd once been a rehibilitation center, she kept having these dreams. or maybe they were reoccurring memories.

at first, jane dismissed it as nothing but as they became more immense, she finds herself on edge. losing sleep is the last thing she really needs but it beats seeing the face of your ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. so, essay it was. jane types away vigorously at her keyboard, eyebrows drawn in careful concentration. some kehlani songs plays in her ears.

then, out of the corner of her eye, she sees something. a shadow slinks the from the corner of her vision near where her roommate's bed was— "lily?" she unplugs her earphones, met with her roommate's gentle snoring. jane blinked, forcing her eyes to revert back to her laptop. paranoia. that's what it was.

"this school is driving me crazy," she murmurs to herself, going to type on her laptop— only its frozen. "what-" she murmurs, to herself tapping at the escape button vigorously. it responds, but not in the way she expects. articles, pictures, and social media pop off; all pertaining to sandra brooks. jane tries to click away to no avail, eyes welling with her tears.

 "stop! stop! stop!" it does, with sandra brooks last retweet with some love quote, before reverting back to her essay. jane silently stares, waiting for something else to take place, nearly jumping out of her skin when lily speaks begrudgingly, "you okay?"

"y-yeah. I'll be back. I'm going out for fresh air." wiping at her tears, jane stands on trembling legs nearly stumbling to the door in nothing but her shower shoes. she had to have imagined that whole thing, right? or was sandra brooks ghost haunting her, out of all people?
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