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a good time, not a long time - private, sp
« on: April 28, 2020, 03:54:58 AM »
claire loves u!

the buzzing of her phone lifts bryn’s head, sniffing. everything slows for a moment, a surge going through the girl, a lopsided grin coming onto her face and she sat in the feeling for as long as she could, her phone pulling her out of it again. one hand wipes her nose while the other grabs her phone, checking for whatever fucking paranormal shit has gone on now. bryn won’t be much help, she probably won’t even respond in all honesty, she’s trying to escape. messages are rolling in, everyone asking when people are heading to the basement and if they could go with one another. the brunette broke into a giggle, shaking her head. fuck. she can’t skip the sleepover, it’s been in the books for like.. a week now, bryn always reaffirming that she would be there. she’d forgot until this very moment, if she remembered, she wouldn’t have gotten high, bryn always feels judged by the others for her vice of choice since she’s been pretty open with her usage. too late now, she doesn’t want to miss out on the sleepover; her bigger motivator being not wanting to be the only one in their dorms in things start to happen.

while sitting there, her hand starts to shake slightly, a wave of paranoia about what the others would think creeps in from the back of her mind; creep is an understatement, like all her thoughts, it’s more running at her full speed. bryn shakes her head, probably more aggressively than would be advised, then literally hops to her feet. she moves like a whirlwind around her room, snatching a bag and the few things she needs for any overnight stay, the whole packing taking under two minutes, but misses some things and leaves a trail of rubble behind her. bryn hardly notices, releasing the newfound high of energy out feeling all too good. she swings the door open, finally responding to the group chat as they’re all updating their whereabouts.

on ym aay!

she hits send, the message riddled with errors, something rather out of character, because her fingers are trying to keep up with her head; and failing... miserably. unintentionally, her pace is at more of a speed walk, a small skip eventually making its way into her step. she knows her pupils are huge, the blues of her eyes next to nonexistent. her euphoria battles it out with the worry of blowing her cover in one half of her mind while the other rambles about something she isn’t able to even consciously comprehend.

before she reaches the basement, bryn has moved into a full on skip, giggles and grins on her lips. she overshoots the basement hatch, stumbling as she tries to stop herself, a bigger laugh escaping her and a hand covering her mouth only half heartedly. she pulls the usually heavy, for her at least, door open with ease but little elegance. ”i maade it,” bryn announces, ignoring the ladder they use to get down and simply leaping into the basement. she looks between them, each one of her friends looking a bit thrown off, ”what!?!” she questions, a tinge of panic with her tone in spite of her continued giggles.

”i think we should dance,” she announces, dropping her things. bryn can’t just sit down right now. maybe highs could be a tornado, but they only last for about an hour, maybe bryn could play if off long enough.
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Re: a good time, not a long time - private, sp
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2020, 07:37:50 PM »
claire loves u!

The basement had never been a good idea. Seora thought this was settled when they all saw a TV crash through the ceiling, but it was clear that their group was driven on mob mentality. Here they all were, again, because of..a slumber party.

Seora saw it being planned out around a week ago. On any other occasion, she would've swiped away the notification without much thought. But since she was concerned about a particular attendee or two (Rey, specifically), she felt obligated to attend.

Ever since their confrontation, she had caught on to something different. It wasn't just him being weirdly ill, either.

And she wanted to ignore it at first. She was partially convinced that it was just her imagination, that it was merely her trying to shift the blame onto an unknown entity. She also knew that he had plenty of others to fawn over him - Declan, Claudia, the like - but reminded herself that that number had dwindled drastically after the stunt she pulled a few nights before.

So Seora decided to go. When she arrived, she tried to act aloof by sticking around the corners and stealing glances every now and then. After half an hour or so, she gathered up her wits and took the seat next to him.

"Hey," she elbowed him gently. "You good?"

She didn't really want to hear the answer. Seora shifted her gaze to her feet, then leaned back into the wall and sighed.

Everyone was here. She invited Asami, too, but doubted she would come. She didn't really care for this stuff, and neither did she.

”I maade it,” Bryn declared after practically having collapsed on the floor. Seora's mouth hung open in shock.

"I think we should dance,”

"Bryn, what the hell?" Seora rose to her feet, ignoring her suggestion. "Are you okay?!"
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