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pink — private
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A quiet environment felt foreign to her. In reality, Shakti couldn't go a few seconds with her mouth shut; the very thought had her on edge. But in a situation where no one felt like fessing up, she found herself keeping unusually silent, as well.

She wouldn't consider herself violent. She did have the look, and was on the wrestling team, but she wouldn't get into a scuffle unless absolutely necessary. No, scratch that. Finding equally-minded people made her do things she regretted. Strangely enough, it made her do things she couldn't even remember doing at all.

She gnawed at her lower lip.This really wasn't the kind of brand she wanted. But Shakti had led herself into this mess, and so branded she was.

"Chester, I didn't steal your shit." she said finally. "And even if I did, why would I beat up someone from your team?" Shakti could hardly recognize Chester in a crowd, let alone the rest of his group (to be fair, she didn't think he could, either).

It baffled her, when she began to think about it. It was almost infuriating. Why did Chester automatically assume it had something to do with them? She didn't think anyone in here had something against the hockey team, but even so, they wouldn't have acted so..out of hand. Such decisions were usually discussed among themselves beforehand.

But they did tend to hold petty grudges.

" didn't, did you?"
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Re: pink — private
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When Chester spoke, Michiko usually tuned him out. It was nothing especially personal- Chester and Michiko were simply different people, and Michiko did not have much interest in people drastically different from her. But when Chester began confronting them about stealing his hockey equipment and then promptly beating up a hockey player, well, Michiko had to admit, it did peak her interest.

”Me?” Her narrow brows furrowed, and she looked at Shakti as if offended she would even think Michiko would do such a thing. But to Shakti’s point, Michi had been guilty of doing troublesome things to get a point across. Still. Hockey equipment? ”As if. You think I’d willingly go anywhere near the boys locker room?” She looked disgusted by the mere thought.

She looked back to Chester, expression falling flat as she took a breath in. ”I wouldn’t voluntarily put myself in any situation that requires me to have any sort of discussion with you, Chester. Confrontation included.” Unless he had done something specific to piss Michiko off, this rang true. She would go to great lengths to enact revenge and prove her point, but not unless someone prodded the bull. And right now, she was more preoccupied with setting Anna Wilmer right than some meathead jock like Chester. Michiko had caught Anna talking shit about Asami in third period. She had met the girl’s eyes, remained silent, and turned back around in her seat as the gears in her brain began turning to plot how to teach the blonde to keep her mouth shut.

The hockey team had nothing to do with Anna Wilmer and therefore was not the product of Michiko’s pettiness. She turned to look at the girls with her and Shakti, a brow raised. ”I think you’re asking the wrong group of people, Chester.” She shrugged half-heartedly.
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