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❝ send the tide ― open . ❞
« on: May 19, 2020, 03:56:44 PM »
A sigh passed Green’s lips, beads of sweat trickling down his temples every once in a while as he basked in the heat of the afternoon. The sun glared down on him, the light bobbing of the moored sailboat he sat on allowing for a restful break before he would eventually return to maintaining the boat. It was something which looked like hard work but, in fact, something which was more like a hobby to him. The water rocking the boat up and down was like a comfort to him, and maintaining the integrity of the boats felt like second-nature to a man who’d been doing this for most of his life.

He stretched his arms out, gaze squinting slightly as he looked out across the harbor, before he adjusted his baseball cap and leaned down to continue working. Picking up sandpaper, he continued to sand the teak decking. Only after removing the previous coat of peeling varnish could he finally reapply a fresh, smoother coat. After he was finished here, this sailboat was going to look as good as new. Almost. Sort of. Well, Green hoped that he'd do a good job at it.

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✫ vernon jeremiah green // only known as green or greenie
✫ he doesn't introduce himself as vernon
✫ male // he/him
✫ twenty five // ages real time // born twenty first april
✫ leader of northstar district
✫ stepped up as leader - twentieth april 2039

faceclaim - taron egerton
voice claim - taron egerton
✫ family originally comes from llanfairpwllgwyngyll in wales
✫ has a mixed accent with a welsh and american twang
✫ 5'10ft // lean yet well-built from working out
✫ soft blue eyes and dirty blonde hair
✫ physical health - 100%
    ¬ current injuries: N/A
✫ mental health - 65%
    ¬ he's currently recovering after a long term traumatic incident where he was being abused.

✫ fundamentally he has a good heart // humble
✫ very assertive // does what he can to benefit northstar
✫ has a good set of morals // cares for people unconditionally
✫ very relaxed and composed with self-assurance and confidence
✫ incredibly complacent and laid back unless he's fighting for his cause
✫ massive daredevil // is very into extreme sports
✫ fearless, stupidly so // would stand up to just about anybody
✫ generally easy to get on with, it's difficult to dislike him
✫ doesn't think into the future // only thinks about the present
✫ dependable and very loyal to his friends

✫ david green x cassandra griffiths // both are deceased
✫ only child // his biological father died before he was born
✫ green was orphaned when he was nine
✫ fostered by caroline and steve miles
✫ both his foster parents died when green was eleven
✫ his chihuahua and pug, midas and ginnie, are basically his children
✫ doesn't really label his sexuality // comfortable with who he is
✫ formerly dated fallon rude
✫ formerly dated paige montgomery
✫ formerly had a brief fling with winifred maddison
✫ currently in a relationship with mickey serge
✫ has a daughter named felicity montgomery

bio // playlist // pinterest
✫ physically: medium // mentally: medium
✫ he has a bow and arrow, but tends to use it for recreation
✫ much prefers to run away // is exceptional at parkour
✫ very diplomatic and much prefers mediation rather than fighting
✫ dislikes confrontation yet will fight if need be // not a fan of close-ranged attacks
✫ foster parents taught him self-defense
✫ living on the streets turned him into a good fighter

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Re: ❝ send the tide ― open . ❞
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 04:41:06 PM »

mick sometimes didn't know what else to do except wander. and with northstar, it seemed like there was always something to observe. eyes wandered over towards the harbor, gazing towards the man seated in a moored boat at the dock. mickey knew very little about boats, and genuinely nothing about what it took to properly maintain one. although, with someone who seemed this enamored with the maintenance of it all, it seemed like nobody in northstar would have to find out. not with green there at least. mick waited a moment before taking the chance to stroll over towards the man and his boat.

he crossed his arms as he stopped nearby. “hey,” he greeted shortly, gesturing towards the boat absently, “how’s the work going?” he didn’t know if offering to help would make the job easier or more difficult; he wasn’t particularly good at this kind of job. he took in the man’s features for a moment; the concentrated stare, the subtle beads of sweat from the hot sun, his baseball cap shielding his eyes from the sun. “you’ve been working real hard on it. want to take a break for a few minutes?” how often did mick go and ask for attention from someone else?