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❝ the ultracheese — introduction , open . ❞
« on: July 10, 2020, 05:52:59 PM »
When you realize that your Saturday night is really a Monday afternoon, then you just know something isn’t quite right.

Theodore Knope was known to the world as Teddy, that ambitious boy child introduced to traditional jazz and organized crime from a young age. He had to be ambitious in order to survive in this world of thugs and thieves, killers and criminals in his hometown of New Orleans. There’d once been a time where his family could barely make ends meet, the struggle in the ever-shifting, crumbling world around them leading them astray from good morals and honest work. After all, it never was the honest ones who died happy. This New World was no survival of the fittest, but the survival of the richest.

One venture led to the next in his lifetime and, as years passed him by and he grew taller, that young boy Teddy Knope evolved into a cutthroat man who wanted money, power and glory. Hell, he wanted it all. In his mid-twenties, he found the distance between him and his brother grew increasingly farther from one another whilst they got on their own projects, their own daydream lives. Whilst Micah went on to settle down with a beautiful french belle, Teddy appreciated beauty in his very own ways.

White lines and liquor, schmoozing with the most notable names in a world the closest to some sense of civilization, Teddy found that the happiest people were the people who came from money - unlike the rip-off they allowed into their inner circle - with their opulence and debonair arrogance; whilst it ought to make many sick that they could still comfortably relish in their own little bubbles, Teddy’s eyes dazzled, inspired by their nonchalance. That invulnerability that they possessed - being successful would be where he’d find comfort in himself, just like all the snobs he’d surrounded himself with. It was almost too easy to get carried away in this life of partying and desperation to be seen as anything more than just a face in the crowd. As a man who once had nothing.

He slowly climbed that ladder, closer to the top. He’d earn his fortune and then that would be a well-deserved success. In his desperation to be seen, he first made himself heard. He was being noticed, these Saturday nights of socializing and schmoozing so thrilling and exhilarating until he’d wake up and find that it was not Saturday but in fact the middle of the next week. Days passed by - months passed by - where he felt so lost in this world that he’d indulged himself in. But, one could never be successful whilst wasting his days away. He soon realized that he had to be the host, not the party goer, in order to die happy.

Listen- ❞ It was time to pitch his ideas. Upon promptly exiting his past life (and for good reason - he knew where he was no longer welcome. Whoops.), he soon stumbled upon what he’d soon dub as his next greatest project. A quaint seaside casino that he’d made his home for the past couple of weeks. It hadn’t taken long to find the whereabouts of Micah and Juliette, meeting his two little nephews before sharing the news of his own sweet new baby: The Badlands. Whilst the name was perhaps somewhat daunting, Teddy knew that Micah preferred it that way.

This was their chance to make it big. They’d never have to sleep on an empty stomach again.

❝ I’ve been ‘ere for weeks now. No leader willing to step up, just a whole buncha clowns who need some direction. ❞ He held his arms out as he showed Micah and Juliette around the territory; their prospective home. Teddy paused to glance towards his brother, brow quirking knowingly at him for good measure, ❝ You wouldn’t have to kiss anybody’s ass ever again if we took this place on - apart from Juli’s, of course, but you agreed to that the day you settled down with her. ❞

Lips curled into a grin, Teddy crinkling his nose before tipping his head to gesture towards the entrance to the hotel. ❝ Let me show you the casino. I’ve already been thinkin’; we find some guys who can play the trumpets nearly as well as the guys from home and then we got a perfect ambiance for a casino night. ❞ He pursed his lips as he comfortably sauntered through the casino before adding in a sing-song voice, ❝ And you know what they say about casinos... ❞

He stopped to swivel around to face his brother and his partner. ❝ The house always wins. ❞ Then, voice softer yet more enterprising, ❝ That could be us; every night we get fortune rolling in just by people being here. They think it’s bad luck when they lose, but we just call it business, right? ❞

Teddy Knope did bad things and he did them very well before slapping ❛ business ❜ at the end of it. But, as he’d been raised to know, it never was the honest ones who died happy.

Long introduction, sorry !! But yeah feel free to skip up until the dialogue !!
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Re: ❝ the ultracheese — introduction , open . ❞
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2020, 01:11:52 AM »
it’s been quiet few months, some may label is “domestic bliss” with the birth of twins in a secure and stable place. however, the calm is wearing on micah, paranoia is setting in. he’s catching himself looking over his shoulder more and more, just waiting for the storm to come. he was foraged in hurricanes and tropical storms, so it’s only his nature to be anticipating a storm. he’s learned that getting comfortable isn’t an option, that’s how people lose everything; micah’s worked way too hard for the few things he has to call his own. and now, it more than just him he‘s to worry over.

the lack of control has worn on him as well. he can’t continue to sit around and twiddle his thumbs, the antsy-ness is eating him away. maybe some of it is a parental panic of sorts, what the fuck kind of parent is an experienced killer gonna make? taking lives, micah gets that, he can handle that, but bringing them into this world? it seems like some cruel twist; at least they have juliette.

his younger brother has some sixth sense, just when micah is having a mild crisis, teddy appears; and for once, micah welcomes him.

the town is dead, the occasional person taking refuge in the otherwise empty buildings. creepy vines threatens to overtake the streets, it's quiet, too. " leader willing to step up.. gets micah to turn his attention to teddy, brow raising to alert that he is already interested. teddy's "joke" earns a scoff from micah as he adjusts how he's holing milo, is it that obvious that he bows to her? for a different day, he supposes. the rest? his brother knows him all too well, they've wanted this since they were boys. being so close to the life, but never quite grasping it. here's the start of an empire... it almost seems too good to be true.

" so... it's just here for the taking? " he questions, hand cradling his son's head and neck against his shoulder, glancing to juliette. he can't risk what he has to try and take this throne, " i got shit to lose now, teddy, "

of course. there it is, teddy's true motivation is revealed. a casino, to be his own personal playground. he sighs, shaking his head, he should know better, " better start learnin' then, " micah mutters, reaching his hand out to grab juli's to begin heading back to los santos.

somehow, theodore gets his attention once again.

" okay, okay, micah concedes, a rare glint in his eye, " keep the money for ourselves, but why stop there, " maybe their childhood wasn't all for nothing, " stockpile as much as we can: guns, drugs, alcohol, they gotta come to us. " an eerie grin accompanying his plans. he's getting ahead of himself, though, and has to reel it in. he does a subtle shake of his head, turning his attention to juliette and his second infant(has she ever seen him like this? he isn't sure, which hits a nerve he didn't know he has), clearing his throat,

" what do you say? "


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Re: ❝ the ultracheese — introduction , open . ❞
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2020, 08:41:55 PM »
♛ — Richie t. Xellbrat-Tozier
Twisting the picture of his daughter between lanky pale fingers, the rat-like man squinted against his challenged eyesight. Sweat pouring from his forehead, he wiped his brow with a dramatic sigh. The badlands had welcomed him only a few months ago, and he had made an old tackle shop his home. Surrounded by aquariums, fishing lures, and other nautical decorations, nothing of interest but all of value he supposed. He leans forward on the bench, resting his cheek against his palm as he ponders.

Much like his future aquatint, his ambitions tugged him to the idea of fortune, but where the other would seek fame and status, Richie had always thrived in obscurity. His performance in the military was a testament to that, like a weasel on the battlefield. Setting up camp, taking out his mark, and leaving. In the civilian world he was cunning, having slid his slimy foot into the medical field, it seemed that once the heart gets a taste for darkness it becomes an unstoppable craving.

Richie wrapped his traveling pack straps over his shoulders, checking the clamps on his tactical belt he slips from the main quarters of his little shop. Flinching as the front door bell chimes above him on queue. He keeps forgetting to take the damn thing down. “ Shhh, bastard” he grunts to the inanimate object before sauntering down the street. His long lanky legs taking him toward the Casino. ‘headquarters’, he needed to speak to someone, anyone. The territory was quiet, there were hardly anymore patrols. Richie wondered if Micheal was around as well, he hadn’t seen him since he joined.

Nearing grounds that breached the Casino’s entrance, voices chimed against the almost deafening silence. Unfamiliar, always a factor that made his skin crawl. Instinctively, his fingers loop down to his throwing knives, coiling into the handle as he shuffles forward. Rounding the corner, brows furrowed and jaws tight. He soaks in the words, a takeover. Richie slows, eyes narrowing with interest but he pulls his hand from his knives, opting for rubbing them together in a display of peace.

“ Hey- , what’s going on? … where’s Micheal? ” he speaks, eyes of arctic eyes sliding from one stranger’s face to the next.
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Re: ❝ the ultracheese — introduction , open . ❞
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2020, 05:29:23 AM »
the woman strolled along after the two men as teddy gave them a tour. truth be told, juliette didn’t exactly need to be shown around the badlands since she was previously a member of the group awhile back. after seeing the spark in teddy’s eyes about his idea, she couldn’t find it in her heart to say anything, so she decided to let him have his moment. instead, while she briefly listened to him explain the area, her focus was on matthew who was in her arms, lightly talking to him when he woke up from his nap, his big eyes looking up towards her.

though she had always been quite opinionated, the years of being told to sit pretty and be quiet were burned into her mind. when her focus was fully back onto the brothers, she just nodded along, forgetting that she was actually allowed to have her own thoughts for once. she had always preferred going with the flow anyways, so she didn’t have much to say as the brothers discussed the details.

juliette had always been good at wearing masks. just with a few looks at her, people often had a tendency to overlook and underestimate her. with the way she carried herself, she looked like nothing more than a high maintenance woman who wouldn’t bother to lift her own finger to do something. it wasn’t an entirely false statement, she was high maintenance, but she was willing to do the dirty work. she was willing to play the bad guy and get blood on her hands if that helped achieve what she wanted. hidden behind the years of being pushed by her misogynistic family to look and act a certain way, juliette craved some type of power just like the knope brothers, even if that power had to be obtained with a little violence along the way.

her eyes met micah’s as he turned to her for her thoughts on the matter. she was quiet for a brief moment even though her mind was pretty much already set. her lips curled into a small smile.

"let’s do it."

she adjusted matthew more protectively in her arms when she heard a voice approach them, her eyes quickly shifting to the stranger as she examined him. "we’re just taking a look around this lovely casino." she wasn’t quite sure how the boys wanted to go about the whole takeover and didn’t know how much the newcomer has heard already, so she spoke up once again. "my name is juliette, i use to be a member here. michael isn’t someone i am familiar with, though. you’re actually the first person we have come across since being here. " she didn't quite know where she was going with the conversation, but tried to come of as friendly and welcoming as she could to see if she could get any type of information.
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