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it hadn’t been richard’s ideal way to spend the morning. he had remembered strolling by the village amid the renovations, looking at a fenced area that multiple people had been working on. when he had asked what that place was going to be home to, the answer had been short and simple. caribou. rich knew next to nothing about those animals - and, at the moment, chose to try and avoid getting himself involved with that task.

still, he somehow found himself roped into it. he felt like tommy had more or less forced him into helping bring the animals to the village. eyes wandered towards the reindeer that they led into their new enclosure. brushing his hands and closing the gate, he leaned against the gate. this was a lot more effort than he had expected to put in for the day. with a sigh, he slowly started to nod his head. “alright. that seems like the last of them.”

thank god. he observed the reindeer closely. he couldn’t say he had seen any this close-up before. though, they seemed like a perfect addition to the village. people would love to come and see these animals up close, right? “they sure are beautiful, i’ll give you that.”

//all of my posts today have been so shit
but the village now has caribou !

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After weeks of negotiations, it finally seemed like the right time to take the plunge and invest in a herd of caribou. They’d start with only a couple, and add more to the herd as time went by, granted it had taken more than enough effort to acquire the creatures in the first place. Once the paddock was constructed, Edmund had left Tommy in charge of finding a herd, whether they be captured from the wild or given to Flintlock Lodge as part of a trade - even now, Eddie didn’t quite know how Tommy managed to source the herd. 

❝ Yeah, yeah; right over ‘ere now. Yes- ❞ Tom grumbled whilst tugging a caribou with a lead rope, ignoring the way a crowd of excited onlookers began to gather. Volunteers (or people Tommy had essentially enlisted to help him) followed suit, the caribou one by one entering the confinement of their new home before volunteers began to leave once more. Eddie stood nearby as he observed, eyes flitting around at the eager chatter among the people, and then he approached the fence itself to take a closer look.

These creatures would become a great asset to the group in no time, Eddie noted to himself silently. Richard leaned against the fence nearby, Ed glancing at him briefly before looking back towards the herd. ❝ I don’t know much about ‘em, but I do know that you’re right in saying that. ❞ He could admire their natural beauty. It wasn’t often he could get this up and close with the species, the animals often too flighty to get too close to them. ❝ My brother dragged you into this, yeah? ❞ He pointed out bluntly, quiet before looking over towards Richard. ❝ He tends to do that to people. ❞ Ed wasn't good at small talk - that much was obvious - but he'd make the effort. After all, Tommy seemed fond of Richard.

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the growing crowd is what has caught his attention, then the odd sounds... some kind of creature? he squints, head neck craning to try and get a glimpse beyond the people gather closely together. no avail, so bowie decides to make his way over, chin up to see over the heads; he didn’t need too much of a leg up, being six foot one. the antlers are the first thing aspen sees and it kind of throws him, he’s never seen these things before, but after a few moments of processing he figures they’re reindeer, spacing on their actual, more formal name. he’s intrigued, the gears in his head beginning to turn; truly, they only turn when he sees something that could turn into a good time.

once people clear out and he’s able to reach the edge of the fence, beside edmund, he rest his hands on the edge and leans forward some. he catches the tail end of his and richard’s conversation. he doesn’t have much to add, not totally sure who they’re even talking about “ tends to do that to people. “ aspen purses his lips, glancing back to the caribou. his eyes shift to tom then back to the animals, the man seems to be the one who knows most about them, so the idea forming would probably be best asked to him. reaching out to point at the one nearest to him, hand then extending to try and greet it, “ think we can ride these things? “ he questions, hand still out as he looks at tom, then down at eddie and eyes going to richard as well as if to open the discussion up to everyone. “ could be fun for your kids, “ bowie adds, trying to persuade them as well as deflect. he just wants to hear a ‘yes,’ after that, he’s turning them out so he doesn’t hear any buts and he has technically been granted permission, “ there’s a few, and they’ve probably gotten bored of everything here already,

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“i don’t know much about ‘em, but i do know that you’re right in saying that.” rich turned his head and watched as eddie stood nearby. richard couldn’t say he knew much about eddie. if he thought tom was a tough one to crack then surely eddie was an even tougher case - as if that were even truly possible. the family of brothers were quiet and reserved. try and dig as far as one could go and you’d still feel like you knew next to nothing about the family at all. to some, that might have been worrying to realize. for richard, it felt almost relieving. he would never know the family’s history, but he could feel almost comforted by that fact. his family wasn’t the only one that kept secrets.

reserved as the family could be, he somehow managed to strike up a friendship with tom of all the brothers. much as he hated to admit it, he saw a good friend in the man. he had his ways that could leave even the most assured man feeling caught off guard. surely that was something to admire, rich figured.

had tommy dragged richard into this? he couldn’t help but huff a short breath, nodding his head absently as he watched tommy get the new additions settled in. “of course. he’s- something, isn’t he?” there wasn’t exactly a word for what kind of a man tom was, though he was sure eddie understood what he meant, if not more so. he observed as bowie struck up conversation with tommy, talking about possibly riding the caribou. he didn’t know much about caribou himself, so with furrowed brows he slowly said, “yeah, maybe.” with that, though, his gaze wandered towards tommy as if to see what the man had to say about it, himself. surely he was more knowledgeable about these animals than all three of the other men combined.