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「 i will follow you ⋆ silas 」
« on: July 28, 2020, 07:52:55 PM »
if you were to tell her over a year ago that she would be not only engaged to silas overton, but pregnant with his children ( she was making the bold assumption there was more than one ), she wouldn’t have believed you. she was once so adamant on living childless, alone, with no one but herself to rely on. a sad life, yes, but it was something she had come to accept.

that was, until silas’s near death. something in her sparked; a flame of desire and love for a man she believed was only to be a best friend. when he held her, she felt safe. when he gave her that shit eating grin or a genuine smile it made her heart skip a beat. it felt too good to be true, honestly, when he eventually proposed. to be honest, she almost didn’t say yes. it was scary — still was — but she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

when she realized she was pregnant she was terrified. that fear still grips her tightly even now, nine months in, ready to give birth. the constant nausea and headaches fed into the anxiety she felt regarding the safety and health of the lives she was carrying.

frankie shifted in the bed, trying to reposition herself into a more comfortable spot. instinctively her right hand lifted up to rest atop her belly and her eyes closed in deep thought. it was lucky for the little group that they found the little suburbs when they did, because the woman wasn’t sure she could continue wandering around much longer.. she didn’t know how much longer they had, she just really wanted a comfortable bed to lay down on. her hand moved slowly up and down, her eyebrow quirking at a kick. ❝ already giving attitude? i just want to relax, kid.

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