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playin' rebel is becoming a sport to me - p w/ brock
« on: September 03, 2020, 09:48:28 PM »
   Being daddy's little girl was what she was best at doing, right second to picking locks and stealing things. Roxanne had recently learned about Brock's lovingly formed gun collection, and spent absolutely no time breaking into his house. She took her time looking around for something she could take, before finally finding a pistol. It was small enough to hide, right? He wouldn't ever know. She broke open the case and took the gun, shoving it into her jacket pocket before closing the case again.
   Slipping out the door, Roxanne had fingered the lock of the door, hearing it click before she shut the door and hopped over a bush and disappeared down the backyards until she stopped at hers and David's house. She opened the door and breathed through her nose, as if she hadn't been running for quite a while to escape the leader's house. David's head rose from the couch where he was napping when he heard her stomp upstairs, but said nothing when she disappeared at the top step. She immediately began looking for places to hide the gun, finally deciding on David's drawer.
   Brock would never suspect the gun hiding in there if he was too busy looking in hers. She just had to hope he wouldn't think it was her who took it. She slipped into her room and flopped onto the air mattress she called her bed.

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