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OOC Meet & Greet!
« on: September 16, 2020, 01:16:17 PM »
Hey everyone! The staff team were thinking and we all felt that it would be fun to do a meet & greet so that we can all start to get to know each other better! Feel free to introduce yourself and share a couple of fun facts about you, whatever you feel comfortable with! Of course, thank you to Hoot for initially bringing up the idea of a meet & greet.

Right. So, I'm Truce! I've been writing on and off since 2011, back when it was totally acceptable to post a five word IC response. I'm pretty much a textbook INTP and also a textbook Taurus which I think is funny. Baby pink is my favourite colour, and I think currently I am the site's token British person - I've not come across another Brit in quite some time! One of my lifelong dreams is to cuddle a tapir, and I have a list of names on my phone that I would like to name future pets.

I love travelling and spent a large chunk of my childhood flying across the globe! I have a bunch of wild stories to tell about my time growing up; give me a continent and I've probably got a story. I've visited five of seven continents but another goal of mine is to visit every continent at least once! I have no idea how I will visit Antarctica but that is a concern for another time FHGJKL

Also, I really love to cook and bake. I can't say that I'm very good at it but I do like to make meals for people! One of my favourite meals to cook is crepes with a creamy chicken, mushroom and spinach filling; I am still trying to perfect my recipe to accurately recreate the dish I used to always eat at this one independent restaurant when I lived in the UAE.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet. My nan worked at a vet clinic where I would stay after school until my parents got home from work so I got a see a lot of really cool stuff there! Except for the one time I saw the end result of a fight between two hyenas (this was Dubai; it's not a misconception when people say that every rich person owns an exotic ❛ pet ❜ GFJHGJKL). I won't go into detail but I will say this: do you know that a hyena has one of the strongest jaws in the animal world? Their bite force is stronger than a bengal tiger's!

Now, in four days time, I will finally start studying veterinary medicine and surgery so that I can actually follow that dream of mine! Honestly, I am so excited to get started; I have worked so hard to get to this point and it is a career path that I am absolutely in love with. It's early days but I know I have a passion for large animal practice like farm livestock and equine, but I'm also really interested in zoos and conservation. I have a lot to choose between in the next few years!

Lastly, I was recently appointed the role of admin on Bearbones alongside the lovely Cygnus and I am so dedicated to the site, as is the rest of the team! We have so many ideas for the site and I am really looking forward to developing ideas with the team to hopefully create the very best version of the site!
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Re: OOC Meet & Greet!
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2020, 12:11:14 PM »
howdy !

i hate talking about myself so this is going to be a super short ASDFASDF

well first off my name is elysian, but people call me inny because my user used to be insomnia for ? ? literally forever, then inny, then elysian so it's just kinda stuck with me and i don't mind it too much. honestly you can call me anything (derogatory or not) and i'd probably be like "yeah sounds about right" sO ASDF go for it

i'll list maybe
top 3 things about me ? ?

1. i'm a lover of all things science ! if anyone is a science geek ? hmu because that's where i thrive, especially in the area of medicines and illness. : ') particularly chronic illnesses that i've had drilled into my head time and time again

2.  i'm an avid binge-watcher of tv shows. it takes up most of my free time and COVID-19 only encouraged the habit. currently i'm more than halfway through re-watching adventure time, so you can say i'm a fan of the show(?) it's kind of a guilty pleasure for me- or it at least was, but i'm kinda embracing the idea of embracing what i like to do, watch, see, etc. so i'm not ashamed of saying i really like the show. it's my go-to feel-good show and usually works to help me relax or feel better after a long day.
other shows i've binge-watched this year have been how i met your mother, friends, the office, atla, the umbrella academy, and i almost finished dexter for the 123123 time but the episodes are too long for me whooPS
and i'm a big fan of watching disney too.

3. i'm running out of things to say, so i'll just say my favorite color is orange. and i used to get so discouraged because nobody else likes the color orange ? ? but when hunger games first came out i read it, and i remember a part where they talked about how peeta's favorite color was orange and i don't know i remember feeling so happy and yeah aSDF
i also used to only eat certain kinds of foods because they were orange. for example i hated carrots when i was a kid but i'd eat the whole bag and fight through the disgust because they were orange ! that still stands true today because if there's an orange drink you bet i'm gonna choose that over literally everything g o d i'm a child ASDF
and also every celebration we have my partner usually buys me something that's orange. so i have orange crocs, orange hoodies and shirts, reusable straws, orange everything. think of me as trixie mattel but swap pink with orange. that's me.

i'm living my best life i really am.

so much for this being short ASDF

hopefully this wasn't boring and was at least moderately entertaining to read ? i'm a simple guy
i'll respond to everyone else's meet and greets once there are more responses : ' )

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Re: OOC Meet & Greet!
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2020, 12:47:49 PM »
hey guys!

i'm wisteria, or wys, though i used to go by aj, ajdawny, joyjoy, and for a brief bit of time dawnybear. i've been writing since 2007, and roleplaying (starting on FF) since 2010... though, my original works are more than cringy. i still remember my atrocious spelling... ah well. my favorite color is either moss green or a dusty rose pink (they're both such fabulous colors). my favorite pattern is plaid, in fact i'm cozy in my black and white plaid blanket rn.

i'm a born and raised american, the pacific northwest to be specific. i honestly had a pretty uneventful childhood which i am grateful for. i have two sisters, both older than myself, and the love of my life, flounder, who is a cat. a very good cat who deserves wetfood. (that was flounder talking there). i've been to canada and wales (that is the extent of my traveling) though i do hope to one day travel further.

i'm working full time in the transit industry, sanitizing all those lovely buses that transport people too their destinations. i have no clue what i'm going to get my bachelors in, but i intend to one day finish it, because i love learning.

i'm an artist and crafter, i enjoy paining, drawing, inking, sketching, coloring, most mediums (though i'm not that great at watercolor and pastels) i think it's a patience thing. i also like to knit and crochet. i've been cooking since i was five, all small things for the most part, though it got more complex as it went on. i love making gourmet looking meals out of random ingredients i have laying around the house, something like a chopped episode almost.

now back to flounder. he is a good boy, and an excellent cat if not a bit broken. more times than naught he acts like a dog instead of a cat. he likes to chew cables even though he knows that he isn't supposed to. he also slips his feet under the covers in the morning and tries to grab my feet. but he's still a good boy and i love him a lot. though he only loves me when i give him wetfood.

i'm a moderator here on the site. i love bearbones as it is a wonderful place with great people. and rping here brings me a certain sense of nostalgia. feel free to message me with anything really, complaints, comments, compliments. my discord is on my profile so you can reach out to me there too.

have a fantabulous day! i'm headed to work now. c:
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Re: OOC Meet & Greet!
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2020, 12:58:43 PM »
let's ignore the fact that i've never been consistently active here lol

anyways, heya!  i'm moony, though some may know me as sinnlos or hybern from FF.  i've bee working on moving to RP here full time but i'm kinda outta touch with human RP so we'll see how that goes!  i've been on FF/started RP in 2013 so, just like you truce, i know all about the five word replies haha :,) i've actually been on this site since it was just a baby idea in a skype group chat but life caught up to me soon after it got off the ground
anyways, i guess it's good that i got my start in writing then, as i'm now a second year in uni and starting my studies as an english major.  i do love biology though and my original plan had been to pursue a degree in marine biology.  i'm still thinking of trying, though that would mean attending a different school later as my current uni (sadly) doesn't offer marine bio as an option :pensive:

outside of school, i love games and traveling!  i haven't traveled very much, but i'm hoping to change that.  i've been to london for vacation and a short term study abroad, and paris for a day.  i spend a lot more time visiting my grandparents on the west coast, so mentally i'm always in an airport i'd say.  as for games, i mainly play overwatch in my spare time as well as persona 5.  i love p4, the fire emblem series, botw, and acnh ;0 i'm trying to learn how to build my own PC so i can play more off of the ps4 and switch

i also enjoy watching movies and shows!  the untamed is currently living rent free in my head and i'm in the middle of watching kakegurui and bunny girl senpai.  we'll see what movies i watch soon as i've just joined a small film group for my english class this semester, which i'm very excited for!  ehmm i also love drawing, mainly digital art, and i play the contrabass despite it being taller than i am lol :,)

aah, myself and my lovely betta, Ambrosia, hope you have a good day! <3
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Re: OOC Meet & Greet!
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2020, 07:38:22 PM »

i'm beatles, i've been on bearbones since 2017 i believe? you may also know me from feralfront, which i have been on since 2012. i go by she/her pronouns!

hmm, let's see. i was born and raised in california and i'm a sophomore in community college; no idea what i want to major in but perhaps something in the visual arts? i toyed with the idea of graphic design but i'm still not 100% sure yet. i may take a year off and get a job so i can make some money while thinking about a career choice! i have a cat named mama (she's technically my mom's cat but whatever) and a kitten named peaches, who me and my boyfriend are raising together. they're both insane... i guess the universe didn't want me to own a calm kitty.

i honestly don't have a lot of hobbies because my main hobby is writing. i do like drawing though both traditionally and digitally! i suppose i like traveling as well? my favorite vacations have been costa rica and hawaii. my dad and i recently got back from a trip down the central californian coast (we were running from wildfires the whole time oops)

my boyfriend and i just finished watching the office and now we're onto legend of korra since we finished avatar a little while ago! i'm not really active in any fandoms though i do enjoy the star wars, star trek, and harry potter franchises a lot!

i think a notable thing about me is my music taste - i have way much more knowledge about classic rock bands than i should. anything from the 50s - modern day is my jam (there are even some oddball 20s-40s songs i enjoy too). i can owe a lot of this knowledge to my music school where i played drums for five or so years. i've been in a few bands and have played a few local gigs, but right now drumming is just a hobby!

if you ever want to chat or plot, feel free to dm me or hmu on discord!!
please don't let me down
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Re: OOC Meet & Greet!
« Reply #5 on: September 23, 2020, 09:01:14 PM »

heya uhhhh i'm timothy.

i was under multiple usernames in feralfront but i mostly avoided the warrior cats clans. i did a lot of human rps until i joined a friend group. i was friends with someone who was toxic until i found my current friend group via that person. i joined xanje because of feralfront's changes to the format that i didn't like. i stayed on xanje for quite some time until i met another friend group (kenneth and blue). i've been here since i think late november last year. i'm also on beasts of beyond. i have been roleplaying since 2014.

a lot of my work is very much inspired by bioshock. the game has been my life for a long while. it's given me a reason to keep going. it's opened up a lot of things for me and i ended up finding my best friend through it. 70% of my ocs are from bioshock ngl. i have a really strong connection with subject delta.

i don't really have anything interesting to talk about, i'm a very boring person. i just draw and make character

please don't hesitate to talk to me :'0

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Re: OOC Meet & Greet!
« Reply #6 on: October 26, 2020, 01:48:46 PM »
//wow pls excuse the fact that i am a grade A dumbass and even though i'm the one who put this in the header,,, i haven't seen this til now.

i am cygnus, aka cyg, and i'm your friendly neighborhood admin <3. my start to roleplaying started in 2011-2012 when i started middle school. i had these two friends i had classes with, and throughout the day, we would pass around stacks of notebook paper that we had been doing our writing on. we'd pass each other in the hallway and hand off the newest response to our often zelda-themed stories. it was through them i came across ff, but i never connected w them onsite?

so i joined ff in 2012. i cycled through a ton of cringey usernames until, in 2013, cygnus just happened to stick. i loved ff. it gave me a sense of community when i felt so alone. i left permanently in 2017 when none of my plots were getting any traction, and bb was just starting up. now, in 2020, my writing has done nothing but improve, and i get to work alongside the greatest team ever. stepping back and watching my evolution from someone who wasn't good at anything and didn't have many friends turn into someone who is proud of her writing and is a co-admin is something incredible. with the recent shutdown of ff, my heart hurts a bit, because i do have that site to thank for being my launching pad into this incredible time in my life.

okay, moving on- i don't really have a whole lot of hobbies? i'm kinda going through a mild identity crisis, so naturally, i am questioning literally everything about myself, down to my very core. i recently purchased a switch and some games including: animal crossing and mario kart (so if you wanna be frems, hmu), so i've found those to be pretty relaxing. ofc i enjoy writing, playing world of warcraft, caring for my fish, and loving my sweet sweet kitty, echo. i'm not a super interesting person right now, but i'd love to be your friend regardless! my pms onsite are always open, as are my dms on discord!

//didn't mean for this to be a whole ass novel, rip
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