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pocket full of sunshine -- open, intro
« on: September 23, 2020, 04:37:53 PM »
Most of the time if you couldn't find Alexios - and she wasn't with someone else - she was at the beach. She strangely enjoyed the sand and the water, the two things were high in her favorites but nothing got even close to the absolute love the girl had for any and all affection. The tall girl loved it. so the cult was very much the best place for her to be. 

Alexios was laying on a towel, what had turned into swimming and fun had changed into just tanning. But by now even that had changed, with her laying on her stomach, propped on her elbows just drawing in the sand with her fingers. It was nothing impressive, usually she would just draw the sun or maybe a stick figure but even such a simple thing could amuse the ginger girl. This was made previlent when a giggle came as she drew a sun with a face.

Y'know, the little things.

She would stay content until a shadow came to view on the sand, causing her to tilt her head back instead of simply moving the rest of her to look. "Hi! Water isn't too cold! It's probably warmer now though..." she informed, assuming that would of course be why someone else came to the beach.

"I can come with you if you want? 'M not doin' anything"
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Re: pocket full of sunshine -- open, intro
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2020, 06:22:59 PM »
Gentle gaze leaves the ocean to meet the lady ahead, dressed in the lovely lights as there is Them, cold and alone, yet standing perfectly still towards the presence of chaos.

They hadn’t realized how long They had been standing by the very edge, letting the waves steal parts of Themselves away into the oblivion. As the ocean sings forevermore until the Moon would move on from the World, They sometimes think there are names clung onto its lullaby notes. As if it would be calling after Them. Telling Them to come.

Come home. Come home. Come home.

But where is home?,” would Their heart cry out. There is never a response from the ocean, a something, but there can be from a someone like Alexios, with her offer that melted into kindness, a warmth filling in Them, slowly, gently. Their lips curl into a smile of a darling, starlight spilled from a lonely body. Perhaps, a home can be a person who does truly care and love, and They are looking right at it.

“I would love that a lot!,” They chirp in response, glancing back at the ocean and scratches the nape of Their neck. “I was, uh, planning to collect some shells and other pretty stuff for my art and crafts.” They face back at Alexios and Their eyes gleam at the thought of Their projects. They had been desiring to create with any shiny goods that they can find on the island. Maybe turn these artworks into wonderful gifts for Their friends. For now though, simply creating something with what Life brings will be enough to Them. “If the water is cold, then it would be nice if I have someone to suffer with me.” They chuckle afterward, Their heels bouncing on the soaked sands in eagerness to be accompanied with.
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