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« on: November 04, 2020, 02:44:14 PM »
Hey everyone! As promised in this thread, here is the plotting thread for the new redeveloped animal game that we would like to introduce to Bearbones! We would be very grateful for support and suggestions from everyone as this will ultimately be a member-lead game on the site, so we want a game that you will all enjoy.

The basis of the animal game is explained briefly in the first post in the thread that I linked above but, other than that, the world is very open for development. We are currently looking to develop three new groups with your help:

• one peaceful, ❛ good ❜ group;
• one neutral group; and
• one antagonistic, ❛ bad ❜ group.

Following the development of these three groups, we will then move on to develop the world's lore.

Additionally, we are searching for leaders and high positions for these groups. If you are interested in taking up one of these positions, or you know someone who would be, then let me know!

So, have you got any ideas for any of these groups?
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« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2020, 06:28:26 PM »

Also, I may have a few suggestions for the neutral or peaceful group?
one. They believe in one or a number of deities and that these deities are tied with various aspects of their world. One common trait shared among the deities they believe in is that they are tied to water, which - in their perspective - is the substance for all life. Whether or not these deities are actually real is, obviously, up for debate.
two. Those born into the clan are expected to believe in these gods and may be looked down upon for not believing in them. However, they are to be given just as much opportunity to be welcomed and integrated among the more believing ranks of the clan. The same is true for outsiders who, while they are to be introduced to the belief, shouldn't have any pressure on their shoulders to believe in their gods. This is due to the fact that, by not giving others equal opportunity or being oppressive towards others goes against what they believe of their gods.
three. Due to the strange tint of various bodies of water in their territory, they believe the water in these pools/lakes/rivers/etc is actually their deity/deities ichor.
four. Only high ranking members of their clan are allowed to drink from and bathe in these bodies of water; however, even then, it is only for specific events or ceremonies. Some of these events or ceremonies are only to be accompanied by other higher ranking members. It is considered blasphemy to drink or bathe in these waters at other times or for lower ranking members to do so. Therefore, such acts of blasphemy should be punished.
five. Drinking from these tinted lakes is known to induce mutations (though, it'd obviously be up to the roleplayer whether or not the mutations would actually be induced) in those who drink it. Worshipers of the gods within the clan believe that these mutations are actually the marks of divinity and those who obtain them should be treated with respect and should be protected.

I hope these suggestions are ok!
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