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talk is cheap - joining, o.
« on: November 16, 2020, 05:59:32 AM »
She couldn't quite believe she was here, doing this. Her given mission; 'find a home, stay there'. What sort of things was that haunt planning...well, most certaintly, Drulaema couldn't find a home. Home was a place she had walked away from a long time ago. And she was told she couldn't be in the same place as her boss, so she went to the next place over. The slender woman stared at the cracked pavement beneath her heels with a disappointed frown. She wasn't sure of the rules of this place, but hopefully she could find her way to bending some for her own gain. She pursed her pale lips in contemplation, raising her striking yellow eyes to the horizon. Well, there were plenty of people walking around in the distance. There was even the distance sound of waves, she'd not been to a beach in a while.

She would go there. Taking a step across the invisible boundary she set for herself, Drulaema made her way past fences, gates, walls, houses, and ruined, salvaged machinery. Anything that just so happened to cross her path and may have made her pause, she made the decisive move to ignore it and find people to chat to, her heels clicking all the way, and her fingernails dug into the waist of her dress to hike it up. She hadn't the time to wait for anyone to let her in when she was fully capable of doing so herself.


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Re: talk is cheap - joining, o.
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2020, 05:26:05 PM »
juliette could relate to walking away from home. well, it more so was home and she didn't just walk away, she ran away. for awhile she hopped from group to group, unintentionally searching for a new place for her to make into a comfortable home. nothing seemed to be the right fit she would come to realize, until micah came into the picture and the two started their life together. he and the twins were her home, as long as her boys were by her side, she would be content practically anywhere at this point in her life. of course, the power and lavish lifestyle the badlands had to offer helped.

the petite blonde was walking around the territory, taking in the warm weather while the twins were napping. she gave small smiles to the familiar faces she passed before her eyes landed on a new one. without much though, she walked over to the stranger. even with the casino and extraordinary parties, almost everyone was always accounted for if they were in the badlands territory, so it was odd that she didn't know this one. "and who might you be, love?" she asked the soon-to-be grunt. "you're in the badlands, i would also appreciate you telling me your intentions too."

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