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in cold blood — truce .
« on: December 30, 2020, 11:33:43 AM »
luka fox
fingertips skimmed over the blade of a knife with a seemingly adoring, careful touch. blood dripped from the knife as water spilled from the sink and over the gleaming weapon. all the while, the bleach-blonde slowly hummed a familiar and haunting tune to himself; the same tune that had echoed throughout deran benson’s halls moments before his brutal murder. pale lips upturned the slightest into a content, borderline-sinister smile as the overwhelming adrenaline washed over him, much like the water over the blood-soaked knife. the satisfaction of a job well done.

luka couldn't help but look back on that night fondly.

what should’ve been any normal night for deran benson, lounging on his couch after a long day of work at the radio station, quickly turned into his worst nightmare. all because of one song request. luka was never one to entertain himself with the glamorized idea of destiny or fate. however, the blond couldn’t help but find great joy in the way one seemingly small decision could make one’s house of cards come falling down. one wrong step, and deran benson’s life quickly unraveled. how pitiful was it that his crew at the station hardly thought anything about his disappearance the day after. how remarkable it must be for the police to soon stumble upon the most beautiful crime scene within deran’s home not too long after. no traces of who could’ve possibly done it.

the memory sat in luka’s head like a pleasant daydream, envisioning the last few terrifying, brutal last moments of the radio host’s life. it was a vision that he couldn’t get out of his head, the beautiful scene playing out nearly every time he closed his eyes. every time he laid his eyes on the darling knife of his, itching to chase a feeling like that all over again. he thought it would’ve killed him, having to stay inside of silas’s home for a while. having to lay low.

grabbing the tv remote away from silas, he wandered over and plopped carelessly down onto the couch, throwing his legs across silas’s lap while the man had previously been sitting peacefully and unbothered. it wasn’t killing luka at all - more so, being in silas’s presence could very well be driving him insane more than anything else. the annoying shitstain of a man beside him ought to consider himself lucky that luka wasn’t particularly a person with the most intact psyche already.

and yet, even as he spoke so ill about the man next to him, as if silas was the last person on earth that he could possibly care about, there was an unfamiliar feeling within his chest whenever he was around him. a feeling that he found particularly unwelcome at times. was it insanity, to feel such a lightness in his chest? was he ever  meant to feel such a heavy, yet simultaneously lightweight emotion? the very feeling - feeling at all - was what was driving him mad. it was sickening, stuck in this limbo of wishing for a feeling to go away while also wanting it to stick around.

“how is your brain not rotting from watching this shitshow?” he pointed out matter-of-factly - pausing for quote-unquote “comedic effect” as he turned his gaze to look at silas - as if realizing that silas’s brain was already completely rotted. he then stared back over at the screen, pointing the clicker at the tv as he started to flip quickly through channels. though, he quickly grew bored with looking for something. with a short sigh, he gave up. tossing the remote silas’s way, he grumbled, “find something better.”

if only luka had been more aware that what they would soon stumble upon would be something far, far worse.