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Ex Suburbia is the name given to a group of children, teenagers and young adults who escaped from the highly reinforced suburbs of Amberly Grove. The suburbs was a seemingly picture-perfect replication of what the modern world looked like pre-blackout. Manicured lawns and nearly indistinguishable homes dotted one after the next. Within Amberly Grove subtly confined the closest thing to civilisation one may find in The New World. The use of the American Dollar, a barely-there law enforcement team to keep the peace and even access to limited electricity in their homes.

This was the closest thing to normality that any youngster in the post-blackout generation could experience, a place where they could ride their bikes up and down the street without the fear of harm. Where they could go to ❛ school ❜, all crammed into the town hall where their neighbour would teach them their ABC's. Where they could have cookouts on the front lawn with their families and climb up the tallest of tree with their friends. Baseball would be played every weekend on the community commons, and the evenings would be spent watching old films together on the rickety TV in the neighbour's living room.

In a world where the children were encouraged to have the greatest of childhoods, there was only one rule drilled into their heads from a very young age: do not leave the safety of the suburbs.

Little did they know, the world outside was indeed a vast yet dangerous place, a world that their parents tried to relentlessly protect them from. This quaint Amberly Grove in fact housed the very last remaining government officials who all agreed to work together to create a picturesque safe haven for their families to live in for years to come, despite the blackout. This was an agreement that was made following the riots which destroyed the last of the electrical grid, these very government officials targeted directly for their alleged involvement in the blackout.

But, as the children began to grow, so did their curiosity. A group began to sleuth around in order to figure out the realities beyond of the walls of Amberly Grove, eventually learning the truth about their families. Under false pretences, the children were lead to believe that their families were the greedy and destructive government officials that many people thought they were on the outside, selfishly concealing the secret of working electricity away from the rest of the world.

Biting off far more than they could chew, the children confronted their families before escaping the town together in the night so that they could spread awareness of the functioning electricity. But, they quickly began to realise that the outside world was a dangerous place for a group of sheltered children, and they were forced to learn vital survival skills on their own. Even now, these children are naïve to the world around them, having never been exposed to any of the outside world up until now.

Whilst the children believe that they are on the run from the ❛ bad guys ❜, in reality the people after them are only the adults of the town who want to bring the children home before they make people aware of Amberly Grove. If the outside world were to discover that Amberly Grove is home to government officials, they fear that people would burn the group to the ground with vengeance. The children believe that their attempt to spread awareness is heroic, but they don't realise that they have got it all wrong. The limited electricity in the suburbs is solar powered and the ❛ bad guys ❜ just want the children to return home safely so that neither they nor their families get hurt.

The name Ex Suburbia is the name of the mission to bring the children home, and also a badge the children wear proudly as the kids who would do anything to change the world.

The children of Ex Suburbia never stay in one place. They travel across the loner lands in search of larger groups so that they can make them aware of Amberly Grove. But, there are often times where they will pay other, hopefully charitable groups and settlements a visit in order to try their luck at receiving supplies and provisions from them.

There are no official ranks in this group as all the children work together as equals to survive. Within the group, though, there are natural hierarchies developed socially — louder voices tend to be heard above the rest, and stronger personalities tend to get their way more frequently. Additionally, the older children tend to call the shots over younger members in the group, and age plays a big factor in who decides the group's next move.

There are no official internal laws that are governed by members in the group. Instead, there is a moral code that the children try to uphold so that they can be helpful rather than discourteous.

• Everyone is to be treated equally, regardless of any differential factor. Bullying will not be tolerated.

• Do not lie, steal or be greedy. Everyone needs to work together in order for the group to function smoothly.

• If a newcomer that is not originally from Amberly Grove wishes to join the group, they must be a youngster. An adult may be part of the group of ❛ bad guys ❜ who want to stop the children's heroic efforts.

The children love board games. It's something that they often play to pass the time. They also play baseball to pass the time as it was quite a popular sport in Amberly Grove. The older children often try to organise frequent cookouts so that the children can feel comfort in its familiarity.

Ex Suburbia holds no loyalty to any group, but they show no hostility to groups either. In fact, they are actually unaware of most bigger groups as they were never taught about the outside world.





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