Author Topic: though she be little she is fierce - open  (Read 104 times)

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though she be little she is fierce - open
« on: January 11, 2021, 01:18:37 AM »
Her brother's didn't keep their mouth shut and it was always something she knew would get them into trouble. But this is why she grew among the siblings hierarchy, she fixed them up or yelled at them and helped to stop fights. Even if it was between all of them...but it was usually more likely to be between Luca and Carlo. They had the biggest anger issues are were more likely to fight one another. So when she was grabbed by an NPC and being told "they said to get you and not your grandmother".

So when she ran into the casino to see her brothers holding the two hotheads back. ”Which one?!” she demanded, Gio - her oldest brother - nodded towards Luca. So Penny walked over, grabbed Luca's shirt to pull him down to her height all was heard was a loud smack as her hand connected to his face. "You're damn lucky they didn't get Nonna! What did she tell you two about fighting?" "Nonna would be more merciful" Carlo muttered only causing her to turn and look at him. He was right but that was only because Nonna couldn't move that she could.

It was quiet for a moment...then there was just a lot of angry Italian shouting coming from the smallest of the Rossi kids. Eventually, the other boys let go, but she kept yelling and shoving them until they both looked like little children who just got told they were grounded. "Marti, Vinny get them out of here." she instructed, waiting for her four brothers to leave before collapsing onto a seat.

"Clean up the mess, I don't want to see anyone else help you. I know you boys too well to know you watched it for a bit." She fit very well into the role of the baby girl becomes the princess and that her dad and brothers bent to her whim the second she was born and it was the same even now.
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Re: though she be little she is fierce - open
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2021, 07:27:34 AM »

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Re: though she be little she is fierce - open
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2021, 03:05:49 PM »
trigger warnings alcohol, death, lots of blood, profanity, heavy violence, religion.

tags  45 years old, difficult/hard opponent, nonviolent interactions are open, pm or ask for violent interactions.
"speech" 'thought' text

Without the anonymity his shack provided him, Michael felt rather out of place, and yet, he sat in the background, a bottle in his good hand, he took a swig, and watched as Penny yelled at the two men who had fought and made a mess. Bored, he turned his attention back to the drink. Penny was a firecracker, and seemed to have a good grip over her family... seemed like a good arrangement all around, though not one he'd like by any means.

The older former soldier let his arm rest on the table as he watched the boys meekly obey her. He couldn't help himself, sour as he was he let out a chuckle. Though his features schooled back into their gruff expression of bare tolerance of the Badlands after that one display of emotion. He leaned back and shook his head absently. His hand was all but healed now, though he didn't want to stress the fracture more.

He'd start playing the piano again in a bit. The instrument was a way for him to... relax, think, be as happy as it was possible for him to be. Though the sound of the piano would probably always remind him of Jenny. He stayed as inconspicuous as he could, didn't want Penny to order him around, though he felt as though he had no obligation to stop the fight, why would he? They weren't his family, he wasn't the leader or an enforcer. Let them fight, let them break shit.
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Re: though she be little she is fierce - open
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2021, 05:20:04 PM »
the sound of scuffling has habituated for kiki, they know the big three aren’t fond of fighting between members, especially in the casino. they get it, it ain’t a good look to visitors and allows for cracks to spread and break the ties that they want strong. so, kiki keeps his hands clean from association; plus, they’re not one to get into other people’s family disputes. they focus on the cards the deal, making the mental note of the cards that have been shown.

their focus is broken, though, by the start of yelling. eyebrows scrunch a bit, making eye contact with the dealer before turning to look at what’s going on. oh shit. they slowly get to their feet, a small and mischievous grin spreads across his lips. he welcomed the chaos; especially not being the one to face consequences for it. it’s also like watching animals in a zoo, this family interacting. they don’t have siblings, or any resemblance of family, that’s why they are such a try hard around and for the administration. as well, he likes the power penny seems to have over them.

they wander closer like a moth drawn to a flame, watching it like a trainwreck, an all to comfortable smirk on his face. ” they ain’t gon be happy, “ kipp mentions to penny. he feels like they’re heading towards a friendship and figures alerting her would be nice, putting his somewhat pettiness aside.
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Re: though she be little she is fierce - open
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"I know. Trust me, I know. But it's not like I can keep them from fighting - especially when there's so many of them" She replied to Kipp, rubbing her temples as she watched the remainder of her brothers cleaning up the mess the other two made. The mess luckily wasn't big, but it was still there. "Hey, can you make us food after this?" Penny looked over towards Lorenzo, rolling her eyes with an irritated look "No, you idiots can't keep them from fighting so I have to handle Teddy, Micah, and/or Juliette." Lore opened his mouth to speak but when Penny gave him a look and he shut up.

She didn't know if this was what her father felt like, or the boys' mother - or even her own - but she sure as hell felt like she was being the parent to her older brothers. Or at least like their boss which she supposed was right since, well, she was. She looked at Mike, who was just watching and then to Kipp. "They aren't going to be happy, but, I don't think they've ever seen he get angry at these boys either" she told him with a small smirk. The boys would be punished, they already got chewed out but between her and Nonna they'd be making up for this for a while.
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Re: though she be little she is fierce - open
« Reply #5 on: January 16, 2021, 04:32:58 AM »
the growing clicks of stilettos could be heard approaching the casino as juliette entered from a different part of the hotel. understandably, the news that a fight had broken out in the casino had pissed off the mother of twins trying so hard to get them to nap, telling micah to stay with them as she went to go deal with whatever shit some members had started. "i really do not appreciate being interrupted when i am trying to put my babies down for a nap for shit like this." there was a certain aggravated tone that could be heard in the words she spoke as she turned the corner to look at the scene. it was something all mothers had to deal with, finally almost getting a chance to catch their breath from long nights of restless babies who won't let you sleep. it was stressful, but she knew the sacrifices that she had to make when she found out about her pregnancy.

she stopped alongside the growing group, eyes scanning over the men cleaning up the mess. "you should have gotten one of us." she muttered to penny. she was well aware that it was her brothers' doings, but family or not, there was still a hierarchy in the badlands that the big three wanted to keep control of. "i want to know what was broken, and who started it." with the popularity their casino has gotten from the beginning of their rule, they couldn't have the risk of people being driven away because members were making a mess of things, so she simply waited for her answer before she deciding on what plan of action to take next. she crossed her arms, looking from penny to the brothers cleaning of their mess.

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