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just remember till you're home again — announcement , open .
« on: January 11, 2021, 05:36:20 PM »
Twenty six years ago, to the day, Brock Van Den Bergh married the only woman he’d ever love. It would be the eleventh year he’d spend it alone. Her name was Alexandra Scott, a woman so kind yet fervent, vulnerable yet brave. The most nurturing of mothers and the greatest of protectors. In a world where Brock made it his lifelong goal to provide for his family, Alexandra was the only one who could protect him.

Even to this day, he ached to see her, yet nothing but photographs remained. He craved her gentle touch, but only memories could try to pacify the desire to be held. When the sun would go down, he’d go to bed with her in his thoughts, and when he’d wake up when the sun would rise, there she was: still on his mind. Brock was scared to forget the sound of her voice, but every passing day proved a difficulty in remembering her raspy drawl. He tried to remember the way her eyes turned from blue to grey in the lowering winter but his memory would only fail him.

But, even whilst these little details slowly faded from his thoughts, never did the memory of their undying love. Even whilst she was gone, her words still rang in his mind. All of her words of encouragement and comfort — the very words he would live by for the rest of his days. She may have died eleven years ago, but she still stood as the reason he continued to carry on.

❝ All right, folks. Listen. Listen to me all of you, just for one moment. ❞ Brock shifted on the spot as he gathered people around in the saloon, his features devoid of his usual mechanical grin. This time, his words were serious. His words were plain, and to the point. ❝ In light of our successes, today we turn a new leaf, like the change of seasons. The birth of a community that inspired change across the prairie must be marked with a beacon of strength and hope on our very own soil. ❞

His voice cracked as he spoke, yet he persevered, unshaken. ❝ Yesterday, we called our home Graveyard. A name carried over from a time when this town could barely stand on its own two feet. Today, we call it the town of  Alexandra. ❞ People did not know of his wife's name, except for the few who had ever had the pleasure of meeting her. She wasn't a name Brock would bring up often, if at all, as it only made it scarily apparent just how vulnerable he was when he spoke of her. Even the mere mention of her was enough to set a heaviness in his chest; reminiscing would only reduce him to tears.

❝ The sign that marks the start of our town will be replaced with the name Alexandra in the next few days. Thank you, my friends, for all attending this monumental moment. ❞

Alexandra had always been Brock’s pillar of strength. Her legacy would live on to provide the very same support to each and every person in Bluestem Prairie, years after her death and many more years to come.