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small world — intro , open .
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They were only kids; they weren't supposed to be the heroes.

❝  We know the truth of what’s out there, or- or more so what’s inside our childhood utopia. It’s been a secret for- no. That doesn’t sound right. ❞ It had been all that the group had heard for what seemed like nearly forty minutes at this point, Xavier trying to awkwardly recite some semblance of an explanation to as why a group of children would turn up to a group with news of something revolutionary.

Leaves crunched below foot as the kids tread through a densely forested area, the light barely seeping through from the tall canopies overhead in the early hours of the evening. Xavier shrugged his heavy rucksack further up onto his shoulders, craning his neck from side to side in a long stretch. An even longer sigh, and then, ❝ We know the truth of what’s out there, or more so... ❞

It had only been just under twenty four hours since the children made their escape in the night, crawling under the covered chain link fence which had guarded them from the rest of the world for their entire lives. The bad guys would certainly be after them now, and so Xavier had to keep a watchful eye over his brood to make sure no one would be captured by their newly found enemies.

Xavier was wary and ill at ease — if they were captured, what would happen to them then? Would they be killed for treason? Would they be brainwashed back to a state of compliance? He couldn’t let any of these kids go down without a fight — he’d be sure of it — and so they travelled as far away as they could, hoping that someday they could stumble upon a group or settlement willing to hear the truth.

Stepping out into an opening, Xavier slowed to a stop to observe his surroundings. This seemed like the most decent place to settle for the night. Tomorrow they could keep on moving. ❝ How about we set up camp for the night? ❞ Hands resting on his hips, Xavier turned to look at the group with slightly squinted eyes to avoid the sting of sweat from overworking himself.

Finally, he dropped his heavy rucksack onto the ground, detaching the old dusty tent that he’d stolen from the side of his bag before staring at the faded instructions on the front. ❝ Does anyone know how to set up a tent? ❞ He curled his lip before looking up at the group, ❝ Or how to start a fire? ❞

Maybe he should have read up on survival tips before deciding to brave the great unknown.